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Luxury Home Gym Equipment | Getting Fit at Home

Luxury Fitness guide by ICONIC LIFE


We rounded up some of our favorite fitness gear for your luxury home gym that will have you feeling excited to get active, in style and at home.

Working out at home was always a luxury, but today it’s the right thing to do. Having a daily routine, getting yourself moving every day and the endorphin rush of exercise all contribute to reducing stress and elevating your mood. And during these times, you can achieve all that and in high, luxury-fitness style as well!

Mirror in luxury fitness room


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fittest of them all? We are guessing anyone who has MIRROR in their luxury fitness room at home. This mirror is the future of at home fitness; allowing you to take class with experts, work out with friends, track your progress and have personalized training all from your home. Plus, the design is sleek, modern and seamlessly fits into your home.

Hydration is key when it comes to healthy living.

Asobu water bootle luxury fitness gear


Hydration is key when it comes to healthy living, but we get that plain old water can get pretty boring. We love the Asobu Flavor U See Fruit Infuser Water Bottle for enhancing the hydration experience. This durable, insulated, stainless steel bottle is bpa free and contains a center section that suspends fruit, mint or any other infusion between two filters. No pulp, just deliciously infused water!

Fashionable athletic wear is nothing new, but the Jimmy Choo VOYAGER takes fashionable luxury fitness to a whole new level. Bringing together luxurious design and technical expertise to create a boot that looks fashionable, tracks your activity and has a heated in-sole, controlled wirelessly by an app on your phone!

Luxury Fitness gear by Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo

luxury fitness gear by Peloton


Boasting the most popular instructors in the country with a fully immersive experience, Peloton has lead the way in at-home cycling joy with interactivity second to none. A superb cycle, branded accessories and the best classes we’ve ever experienced, Peloton just made cycling at home the most effective, exciting and decadent experiences.


TRX is an intense full body workout complete with endless workouts via the TRX app.

TRX2 in luxury fitness room


When the heavy at-home luxury fitness room equipment is a bit too much, but a yoga mat living room workout is not enough, the TRX Home2 System is just right. TRX is an intense full body workout complete with endless workouts via the TRX app. We love that it is lightweight and portable for the on the go, jet setting, fitness lover.

A great yoga mat can be a real game changer; it’s hard to find the perfect combo of lightweight yet perfectly cushioned. The PROlite Yoga Mat is the perfect combo, we love this luxe espresso and gold color in our luxury fitness room.

luxury fitness room with yoga mat by PROlite


Pentfitness in a luxury fitness room


At home luxury fitness equipment means convenience and no excuses, which is exactly what we need to stay on top of our healthy lifestyle goals. If you’re like us, you love to be healthy but you also appreciate aesthetic and beautiful design; we found the perfect at home gym equipment that is both functional and chic, PENT Luxury Fitness Equipment!

This luxury fitness room accessory takes something so simple and makes it one of the most luxurious, innovative and futuristic feeling items on this list.

Moma Smart Jump Rope is luxury fitness


This luxury fitness room accessory takes something so simple and makes it one of the most luxurious, innovative and futuristic feeling items on this list. It’s the award winning, Smart Jump Rope, with built in LEDs that display your jump count in midair while you jump. Combining one of the most efficient and effective workouts with technology that allows you to set goals, track statistics and compete with friends through a Smart Gym mobile app. This sleek and luxurious fitness accessory comes in two color options and includes a travel pouch for workouts on the go.

Whether you’re off to yoga or Pilates, or to have a good sweat in the sauna, you need a great pair of athletic slides. It is much more convenient than taking off and putting back on a pair of running shoes. We love these True Religion Crystal Slide Shoes, because you should never have to sacrifice fashion for function.

True Religion luxury fitness gear

True Religion

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