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Luxury Home Furniture by the Luxury Motor Company | Bentley Home

Bentley furniture
From the esteemed car brand Bentley Motors, Bentley Home recently premiered two new luxury home furniture collections at Milan Design Week.

To enjoy the same sought-after thrill felt behind the wheel of a luxury car in the comfort of your own home, look no further than Bentley’s furniture collection. Bentley Home is the luxury motor company’s signature furniture brand, defined as “a space where luxury and customization take shape, amidst the finest materials.”

Collaboration between Bentley Home designers and the design team at Bentley Motors ensures a cohesiveness between their cars and luxury home furniture collections. As a result, similar materials, motifs and shapes inherent to Bentley cars are ingrained in their unique furniture pieces.

Bentley Home Atelier recently introduced two new luxury home furniture collections during Design Week in Milan—Solstice and 2022. 

Solstice is Bentley Home’s first outdoor furniture collection, designed to celebrate open-air outdoor living. Bentley Home designer Carlo Colombo spearheaded the design of the collection, placing an importance on incorporating “Bentley design DNA” into each piece. 


The trademark front matrix grille found on Bentley’s modern car lineup inspired a key furniture detail. The stainless steel that wraps around the Solstice Sofa, Armchair and Loveseat is “super-mirror”—a highly polished steel created by the highly skilled craftspeople at Bentley Home.

Outdoor furniture must withstand the outdoor environment—the weather-proof velvet, chenille and satin fabrics available in the Solstice collection are all treated for outdoor use. Achieving such durability required sophisticated research into each of the premiere textiles. A sustainable fabric option is also available—the exclusive MARM \ MORE® fabric, which is made from waste marble powder. The final fabric option is made from hemp and is also resistant to outdoor elements.


Other key pieces of the Solstice collection include the Solstice Coffee Table and Side Table, which also feature a “super-mirror” steel finish, and the Solstice Sunbed, a comfortable poolside relaxation piece.

Bentley Home Solstice

2022 is a collection of indoor furniture—a new collection of indoor furniture pieces are introduced at Milan Design Week each year. 2022 finds the perfect balance between nature and futuristic architecture—an ode to what is and what will be.

The Galloway Sofa and Chaise Lounge take inspiration from the beauty of the Irish Sea and surrounding landscape. A curve from the legs to the armrests, a frame made from three layers of wood veneers and a warm leather upholstery mimic the thick forests and peaceful hills of the mountainside.

The Helston Coffee Table is available in two sizes—each holds its own independently or nests together as a pair—and can be customized with a marble, leather or wood top. The first of its kind offered by Bentley Home, the Ryde Ottoman Pouf is engulfed in a wood veneer and also sports a customizable top.


The collection’s signature wood veneer and leather upholstery also meet the Havergate Cabinet and Sideboard. Bentley designers used both volume and voids to create a balance in these storage and display pieces. The wood veneer is achieved through an intricate process of varnishing and airbrushing, only repeatable thanks to the highly-refined technical skills of Bentley Home’s craftspeople. 


Notable accents in the collection include new Ramsey lighting pieces and the Stirling Mirror. The new Ramsey light fixtures join past works in the Bentley Home Ramsey line. They feature diamond motif engravings inspired by the quilting in Bentley cars. The pieces are available with either gun-metal grey finished steel with black marquina marble bases or champagne finished steel with Calacatta marble bases. 

The Stirling Mirror was developed in part with designer Francesco Forcellini. The sculpture-like composition ties in elements used throughout the 2022 collection: signature curves, diamond patterns, and softened corners. Silver alloy is one of the available finish options which requires a hand-done glasswork process popularized in the mid-20th century yet scarce today.

Bentley Home

These collections are showcased at the recently opened Bentley Home Atelier—Bentley’s first luxury home furniture showroom, located within the colonnaded courtyard of the late 19th century Palazzo Chiesa and complete with a view of the Milan skyline. The unique space features a contemporary feel with stone, mirrors, and leather that complement Bentley Home’s one-of-a-kind furniture collections.

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