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Roam Generation | Business on Deck of a 47-Foot Yacht

Roam Generation
Erin Carey, business owner and founder of Roam Generation agency, truly lives the lifestyle that she represents.

As the business owner of a travel-industry PR agency, Erin Carey is no stranger to the joys of experiencing a new destination first-hand. In fact, her desire to see the world with her husband and three children is what led to the family setting sail, living and working aboard a 47-foot yacht for the last four years.

Roam Generation

“I believe I’m the only PR agency in the world being run from a yacht,” Carey says. “I’ve not yet come across anyone else doing it and I’ve been in a fair few publications now.”

Her business, Roam Generation, focuses on helping travel, leisure and luxury brands share their message with the world. Carey has more than 20 years of experience in communications, and she loves sharing stories that inspire people to step out of their comfort zone. She acts as the breadwinner of the family while her husband maintains their yacht and homeschools the kids.

“I believe I'm the only PR agency in the world being run from a yacht,” Carey says. “I've not yet come across anyone else doing it and I've been in a fair few publications now.”

Carey’s family were not sailors when they came up with the idea to sail away on a yacht—but they did not let that stop them from pursuing their travel dreams. She and her husband purchased a yacht on the other side of the world, and crossed the Atlantic Ocean a mere 18 months later. 

Since then, Carey has run Room Generation from aboard the yacht, traveling slowly, concentrating on one part of the world before moving to the next via the power of the wind


Roam Generation Yacht

“We’ve been to a lot of the places, some are smaller, like villages, but my favorite place so far has been Grenada in the Caribbean,” Carey says. “That was actually the very first place we went, which is funny that it’s probably still my favorite but it’s just a beautiful island with beautiful people, really tropical, the beaches are lovely.”

“They’ve got a really good music culture so there’s always music playing. Everyone just seemed really happy and had a really nice vibe.”


Her incredible journeys have led to her meeting many interesting people and visiting awe-inspiring destinations. And it’s these incredible places that Carey visits with her family that she wants to represent and help promote. She created Roam Generation as a means to help others live out their dreams, all while she lives out hers every day aboard her family’s yacht.

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