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Dressing With Style & Chrissy Sayare

Chrissy Sayare’s distinctive personal style sets her apart in a crowded fashion narrative. The Scottsdale-based tastemaker has a significant following of discerning women who value her perspective on curating their own personal look.

Part of her unique style perspective is due to her background: the globe-trotter studied in both New York and Paris and completed her MBA in Boston. Now, she’s using her nearly two decades in tech as a headhunter, and her passion for fashion, to create impactful, high-style for the women who come to her.

Never a shop girl, Sayare can’t ring you out at one of her three TBC luxury consignment boutiques, but she’s globally on-the-go and enjoys studying online trends, the street style of a city and peeking in to the international runways.

Today, she curates some of the best closets from around the world to make fabulous finds available to her clients. With her finger on the pulse of the next “it” thing, she shares her take on fashion-forward, savvy style here each month.

Seven Ways to Channel Your Signature Style

I’m excited to be part of this conversation each month with all of you, and I’m committed to really sharing myself here. My inspirations, my insights, my intrigues, my ideas—all in service of you and your desire to step into a greater expression of personal style. I’ll tell you up front now, I go with my gut, I pay attention to what I see on the world stage, and I am real. Let’s up the conversation together.

#1 Find Inspiration
You’ve got me talking about my favorite topic—how to cultivate your signature style! I love to “be” in Paris and New York and take in what people are wearing to find inspiration. I’m enthralled by people’s courage to not conform to a certain idea of beauty.

I love the street style of a city; the diversity of it challenges me to interpret that look for my clients. The expressions of different ethnic backgrounds to me is really beautiful and takes my imagination to the next level from a fashion standpoint.

#2 Get In On the Digital Conversation
When I have a quiet minute, my eyes are on Pinterest and fashion blogs. I look at the runway only to understand a designer’s perspective for that season and maybe identify a few “it” items that will be part of the fashion conversation, but that’s it. I don’t prioritize it anymore because the runway is just what the designer wants you to wear head-to-toe. Mixing the most expensive piece you can afford from Dior’s collection and putting it with your favorite pair of jeans and sneakers is really inspiring to see—that’s personal style.

I always encourage a woman to tap into what’s truly unique about her that nobody else can copy.

#3 Embrace Your Individuality
Many people have access to a lot of designer brands and with fast fashion, it’s easy to knock off designer clothes. The result is that people can look like each other very easily. They can be in head-to-toe Gucci and to me, that is not style.

I always encourage a woman to tap into what’s truly unique about her that nobody else can copy. I’m a Greek girl from the Northeast; at this point in my life, I really tap into that in terms of creating my look. I don’t try to be something I’m not. I am Mediterranean, and I embrace that and I celebrate my own look. Women are beautiful when they are real.

#4 Find Your Signature Style
I love rings and jewelry from Greek designers that have the evil eye on them. It’s my signature look to wear almost all of them at the same time because no one can copy my rings. I acquire them from around the world, and they represent me—places I love, people I love and experiences that were very memorable to me. How I put them together is unique to me, and it feels really good to wear my rings and express that.

#5 Be YOU
Whether it’s rings, other kinds of jewelry or a certain way of wearing your hair, self expression is the key to being truly stylish in a one-of-a-kind way. It’s embracing what’s unique about who you are. There is real beauty in individuality and expressing that truth. What do people most comment on about you and how can you celebrate that through your personal style? How can you amplify your assets to be you?

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Self expression is the key to being truly stylish

#6 Don’t, Don’t and Don’t
Just say no to wearing one designer head-to-toe. I don’t mix designers either. So I would never wear a Chanel bag with an Hermès belt; I don’t want to be a walking poster for a designer. I don’t want people to comment on a great Chanel outfit. I want them to say, “You look amazing,” and just look at me and my whole look that I’ve curated.

#7 Go Beyond the Brands
Wearing pieces that are meaningful and not necessarily expensive is important. It might be a set of wooden beads from India that really have no monetary value but are rich culturally. Putting those beads with diamonds is real style. Usually the woman wearing that has a story about the beads that reflects who she is; it’s presenting yourself in a way that’s authentic. It’s a form of your self-expression and not the designer’s expression. This is what I want to inspire women to do.

Chrissy Sayare is the founder and owner of To Be Continued…A Consignment Boutique with locations in Scottsdale, Dallas and Beverly Hills coming soon. You can also shop TBC online.

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