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Intelligent Indoor Garden

Harvest Elite Slim
No sunlight, no problem. The Harvest Elite Slim makes in-home gardening simple with 20-watt LED lights that keep your herb garden thriving no matter how dark your kitchen is.

Freshly picked herbs add a pop of unbeatable freshness to your culinary creations, and the AeroGarden Harvest Elite Slim allows you to easily grow your own all year long, no green thumb required. With room enough for six different varieties of herbs, flowers or vegetables, the 4.5-inch wide garden needs no sun or soil to keep your plants thriving.

Designed to look great next to your kitchen appliances, the sleek garden is available in stainless steel, white or platinum-stainless. The compact size makes it easy to fit on your windowsill or keep it directly on the kitchen counter to have fresh herbs at your fingertips as you cook. The front digital display reminds you when it’s time to add water and plant food, so that even the most novice gardener can have success in growing herbs


They have more than 70 varieties of seeds to choose from—including varieties of peppers, tomatoes, kale, lettuce, basil and sage.

Starting the garden is simple, just add the included seed pods, plant food and water to the Harvest Elite, plug it in and wait for your seeds to sprout. The light hood allows for 12 inches of growth height and illuminates your plants with a full spectrum of light using white, red and blue LEDs on an automatic timer. AeroGarden says that using their method allows plants to grow five times more quickly than your traditional garden that’s grown outside.

The brand offers a germination guarantee, so if a seed pod doesn’t grow, you’ll get a replacement sent directly to your door. They have more than 70 varieties of seeds to choose from—including varieties of peppers, tomatoes, kale, lettuce, basil and sage. If you want to skip the herbs and produce and add a pop of color to your kitchen instead, you can also choose from a selection of flowers like petunias, marigolds and gazanias blooms.

The Harvest Elite also acts as a plant sitter when you need to go out of town, simply set it to vacation mode and rest assured that your plants will be healthy when you return.

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