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Indochino custom affordable suits online
We talked with CEO Drew Green about his meteoric rise to the top, how they deliver high-quality affordable tailored suits online, and why men are suiting up for work again.

There was a time when custom, tailored suits and apparel were available only to a demographic without sensitivity to pricing, and it could take several weeks or even months to create and deliver a perfectly tailored suit. Indochino has made custom apparel accessible to the masses by making it easy and affordable for men to order affordable suits online, along with shirts, blazers, pants, outerwear and more with high-quality construction and fast delivery.

“We want to make custom apparel accessible, available and affordable with a great fit that is delivered quickly.”

CEO Drew Green Indochino tailored suits

“We want to make custom apparel accessible, available and affordable with a great fit that is delivered quickly,” said Indochino’s CEO Drew Green, an award-winning entrepreneur and retail and e-commerce expert and speaker. “With this concept, we have become one of the fastest growing apparel companies in the world by creating a loyal base of customers. Nearly 60 percent of customers come back as repeat business.”

Customers can go to the Indochino website or visit one of the company’s showrooms to get measured, select and customize a garment, and it will arrive in less than three weeks. Indochino offers a wide variety of apparel that can be customized, from tuxedos to casual and dress pants and shirts. Customers can personalize their apparel with a variety of options, including fabrics, colors, designs, lapels, pockets, buttons, linings and monograms. Suit prices start at $299, and shirts and pants start at $79. Once your suit arrives, make sure to wear it with the hottest looks in men’s shoes, curated by our ICONIC LIFE stylist.

Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Indochino has 48 showrooms and more than 800 employees across North America. Indochino has 1,700 employees at its manufacturing facility in Dalian, China.


Indochino affordable suits online for men

Indochino’s supply chain and operations allow the business to process and deliver thousands of orders every week, and the company plans to grow its flourishing business.

“We’ve set the company up from a supply chain standpoint to serve customers internationally,” said Green. “One of our areas of focus is efficient expansion with more showrooms, more international business and more products based on our customers’ needs.”

"I think one of the major crises that we need to solve as corporate leaders is figuring out how to make this world a better place for the next generation, and creating less waste is critical.”

As the company grows, Indochino maintains a strong commitment to sustainability, and its facility in China is held to the highest global production standards. “What we do naturally creates less waste,” said Green. “Our return rate for all of our garments is less than one percent. We don’t have inventory as every garment we sell is made after it is ordered. That helps ensure that our footprint is not only industry leading, but that we create less waste for the future. I think one of the major crises that we need to solve as corporate leaders is figuring out how to make this world a better place for the next generation, and creating less waste is critical.”

Indochino affordable suits online

In addition to helping the environment, Indochino is meeting a need in men’s apparel. “Whether they have one or a hundred, a man at any age needs a suit as part of his wardrobe, and we don’t believe that’s going to change. Suits are so versatile. They can be used for work, weddings, dates and so many events and occasions,” said Green.

Green’s everyday style is a blazer, T-shirt and jeans, but he wears suits often. “Even as casual Friday is moving into casual all week long, blazers and suits are always going to be a part of business and part of life,” he said.

Indochino tailored suits online

One of Indochino’s core values is focusing on the customer experience. In recent years, the company has expanded its product offerings to include custom shirts, pants, coats and other items to meet the needs of its customer base. “I’m a big believer if you’re going to do something, you’ve got to do it right,” said Green. “Pick your niche, pick your focus and be the best at it. And don’t try to be everything to everybody. That is the secret to success.”

Indochino is well-positioned to continue its leadership in the custom apparel business. “We really believe that personalization is going to be at the heart of all of apparel in the future,” said Green. “We’ve always set out to create a brand that can live for generations. I truly believe that we’ve influenced the way our generation, specifically millennials, are dressing.”

Indochino custom tailored suits online

Green takes time to appreciate Indochino’s success. “I’m very proud that we are leading a movement to mass customization, personalization and fit, and we are at the forefront of an important evolution. One thing I talk about with my kids often is keeping perspective and taking a minute to be proud of what you’ve done.”

This story produced in partnership with our friends at Scottsdale Fashion Square and Indochino. For more information, click here.

Toca Madera Restaurant Scottsdale Arizona

ICONIC LIFE has partnered with Scottsdale Fashion Square, Indochina Suits and Toca Madera for a fabulous night of fun, food and fabric, as Indochina presents its fashionable custom suit line and Toca Madera debuts its new restaurant with a modern, upscale approach to Mexican cuisine, all to benefit Phoenix Children’s Hospital on November 6.

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