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ICONIC LIFE Magazine Turns Five!

Join us as we celebrate our fifth anniversary ICONIC LIFE.

Today marks our fifth anniversary of launching ICONIC LIFE Magazine, and I am so grateful for my amazing team and the support of all of you! Without each of you, this dream could have never been realized—thank you for giving me the opportunity to do what I love!

This year also marks 30 years for me in luxury media in Arizona. (Wow, that happened fast!) I still remember the very first day I set foot in Phoenix. Moving here was one of the best decisions I could make for my career and ultimately, my life. 

As so many of you know, iconiclife.com started as a digital luxury lifestyle platform with fresh content daily and a high-end national audience in March 2018. Two years later, we were publishing our return-to-print issue with a beautiful magazine that would reflect all that I love and inspire Living Beautifully. 

What this last five years back in publishing has taught me is this…if you can dream it, you can do it; and every challenge has a solution. Those philosophies have gotten me through the early start-up days, a global pandemic and changing times.


Today, we are right where I want us to be, in a leadership position with a magazine that takes my breath away each issue. Getting back into print has been the source of unending inspiration and a super exciting creative outlet that brings me so much joy. We shoot every cover ourselves with a ten-person, on-set team in stunning locations, and I so love the collaborative, creative process on what I call “publisher’s favorite days.”

Print remains an extraordinary way to reach a targeted, high-end audience, and I’m noticing younger generations leaning into print, as they have renewed interest in vinyl and film cameras, as a reprieve from the unending digital world. 

Our mission to tell the stories of the designers, artists, chefs, architects, builders, winemakers, stylists, fashion mavens, jewelry designers, sustainability experts, travel leaders, mixologists, innovators, trendsetters and thought leaders has been a labor of love, and I am so grateful to have met so many amazing people on this journey.

And so many have become friends. In this world, where we see each other less these days, it’s my hope that these stories bring us closer. And, we’ve cultivated new ways to be storytellers on social media, via my podcast and our video series.

What matters the most is that we love what we do, and we are so grateful to each of you who has joined us on this journey. We are beyond committed to inspiring you and us to Live Beautifully and make the most of each day. 


What’s next? We’re exploring new venues to get our ICONIC message out to more luxury-loving content consumers…stay tuned for some cool projects in the works. We feel our ICONIC Design Awards will lead the way in awards with integrity, and we expect to grow that in other markets, too.

If you are loving what we are doing, I ask that you please spread the word!

Celebrating an anniversary two days after St. Patrick’s Day reminds me how lucky I am to do what I do, how lucky I am to work with all of you and how grateful I am for the amazing support of my team and this community. 

It truly takes a village, and I’m so glad you are in mine.

With Gratitude,

Renee M. Dee

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