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The powder room should be a show-stopping moment in every home. You want guests to think “WOW!” when they enter. Materials and finishes need to be unusual. Ideally, they should be things that visitors haven’t seen before or used in an unexpected way.

Keeping that in mind, we chose fish-tail tile in black, gray and white hues, using an ombre installation. It’s very dramatic rising from the dark floor and creeping up the wall. The ceilings are high, so we had a custom mirror made for above the super-cool cement floating vanity. It reflects a lot of light back into the space since there is no natural source. The wall-mounted faucet is an unexpected style and finish. The fabulous sconces are another attention-getting moment-very architectural. The Llama framed canvas is intentionally oversized and makes you smile.

The powder room design should make your guests comment when they rejoin the party. You want them to be inspired to go home and re-do their own powder rooms!

Paige Lewis featured in ICONIC HAUS

Paige Lewis has lived in Phoenix for the last thirty years, but she hails from the south. While raising her two sons with her husband, Thom, she always had her eye on design. She used her own homes as inspiration and, because of those successes, was often asked by friends and friends of friends to help improve their homes. Paige’s career in design was born.

Paige received her bachelor’s degree in marketing from Florida State University, and, after years of working in the design industry, formalized her education by graduating with her degree in design from the Interior Designers Institute in Newport Beach, California. When asked what her personal style is, Paige reaches back to her southern roots and describes her vibe as “Southern Santa Barbara,” a relaxed, uncluttered and welcoming sensibility.

Award-winning Paige Lewis Designs concentrates on residential and light commercial projects. She works with great intention to transform her clients’ visions for their spaces into a reality. Paige is an Allied ASID member and the editor of Desert Design Magazine, a publication of the Arizona North ASID chapter.

“Great design is more than creating beautiful surroundings. It’s understanding how our clients want to live or work in the space and blending that with an aesthetic that reflects who they are. Great design is when functionality and beauty are equal partners.”


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