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Mara Green featured in ICONIC HAUS

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Inspired by Mid-Century interior architect Phoenix Luis Barragan’s belief in vibrant color and shapes, Drewett Works’ minimalistic architecture, paired with our own modern aesthetic, we wanted the space to reflect a modern, clean and natural feel with a hint of playfulness and neutrality. By using clean lines and gentle organic curves, we fused different materials and shapes to achieve a timeless modern bedroom.

We incorporated white and pale neutrals with bold, colorful accents adding depth and contrast while inviting natural light to filter through sheer window treatments. Our color palette derived from the vintage canvas art—pulling these bold colors and shapes into the neutral palette. Elements reminiscent of the Mid-Century Modern characteristics, including nontraditional materials such as mixed wood and metal elements were incorporated to warm up the pale neutral walls. Simple lines in the furnishings compliment the subtle geometric patterns, while keeping with a mostly muted color palette allowing the vibrant accents to add personality.

We designed the bed and nightstands to interlock and create a sense of a form-meets-function feel, while adding pops of vibrant colors, a fun desk chair and whimsical yet bold light fixtures to add an element of playfulness. The modern furniture complimented by an iconic Warren Planter-style lounge chair symbolizes chic sophistication from this era. Aiming to have a sense of structure with geometric elements and introducing personality through art, lighting, bedding and accessories, we anchored the space while fusing the overall design.

MARA Design featured in ICONIC HAUS

Chris Loomis

MARA Green Interior Design Studio began as a boutique residential and commercial interior design studio, providing a diverse range of project scope and genre. Focusing primarily in luxury residential new construction design, remodeling and re-imagination of existing spaces. Both passion for inspiring design and professionalism from blueprints through installation, allows for fulfilling all aspects of each client’s goals.

The studio is devoted to creating understated, elegant design tailored to the individuality of each client bringing their dreams to reality regardless of project scope. Timeless allure and design awareness of every home should be a true reflection of its occupants creating luxury living and trend-resistant design. Whether clean and minimalistic, lively and stated, eclectic and traveled, or formal and elegant, a well-executed design achieved through creativity and expertise will reflect life’s moments while making a true statement of the client’s identity.

As the principal designer, Mara believes a fusion of understated, rich aesthetics begins with a clean, minimal and natural approach allowing the evolution of unique design tailored to the client’s sensibilities and lifestyle. Attention to the subtle yet defining details that draw you in while carefully blending the architecture, environment, client’s individual style and Mara’s vision into one overall cohesive interior.

“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.” – Leonardo Da Vinci


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