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La Maison Interiors

ICONIC HAUS Master Retreat by La Maison

Paul Moore

La Maison Interiors invites you to retreat to your modern master bedroom suite. Relax in comfortable leather chairs as you view the spectacular sunset highlighting the iconic “Praying Monk” on Camelback Mountain. Retire in comfort on a modern-day, uniquely tufted tuxedo sofa of the finest imported linen. Up-to-date horizontal metal buttons add that architectural element of your home—designed and crafted in Quito, Ecuador bringing you romance from around the world. Sit back and enjoy your favorite movie surrounded by soft textured pillows. When it comes time to fully unwind and enjoy the wonderful highlights of your day, relax in a leather bed handcrafted from the finest Italian leathers in a soothing shade of gray. Lay back as the Ralph Lauren chandelier glows as if it is your own constellation in the desert skies.

Speaking of luxury, your feet are pampered by soft New Zealand wool and silk carpets hand woven in India. The bold abstract patterns mimicking our desert skies. The morning sunrise finds you comfortably seated on the latest on-trend

La Maison Interiors in ICONIC HAUS

Chris Loomis

Established in 2011, La Maison Interiors is a creative, full-service interior design studio specializing in upscale residential interiors, high rises, model homes and hospitality projects. La Maison’s design team is experienced, creative, knowledgeable and most importantly, approachable. Creating beautiful interiors is the team’s passion. Each project deserves and receives individual attention. The firm is committed to doing it right and providing the highest level of attention to detail, always remembering the client. La Maison Interiors is a full-service interior design studio. The experienced team is here to help update your interior, a remodel or new build, working with clients directly or through their architect or builder on everything from design, space planning, materials and lighting specification, window coverings, millwork and red-carpet delivery.

La Maison is a design studio with a great showroom. We believe in helping our designers and clients by giving them the opportunity to see, touch, feel, sit on and experience fine furnishings. La Maison Interiors is known for its unique assortment, curated from small factories and talented craftsman from around the world, where clients are invited to discover their style.

“Create the unimaginable.” – Walt Disney


Alan Reinken

Davinder Chawla

Coco Franklin

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La Maison Interiors

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