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ICONIC HAUS Powder Room by Janet Brooks Design

Paul Moore

Powder rooms have always been especially fun to design, because they represent three things to me. First, a place where a person usually spends time alone(!), and is likely to take the opportunity to closely examine their surroundings. Second, a room in the house that is not a part of the homeowner’s everyday living environment and can therefore be a little more extreme in its design without becoming tiresome. And three, it’s a small enough space that we can use high-end, custom materials without incurring huge costs. A powder room can also veer off on its own, unique design direction and present an exciting and unexpected experience that leaves a lasting impression. For the powder room in this Iconic Show Haus, I was inspired by the minimalist nature of the architecture, with its simple massing and clean lines. We followed the black and white direction taken in other areas of the house with the continuation of the integral colored concrete floor. In this type of design, simple shapes take precedent over little details, and the impression is an overall clean and fresh experience.

Interior Design Firm Janet Brooks Design

Chris Loomis

Lead by Janet Brooks, ASID, the luxury interior design firm of Janet Brooks Design is known for unique, livable design in the most desirable locations. Style is always a first and foremost consideration but is carefully balanced with an awareness of practicality and purpose. And underlying all, there must be a respect for the architectural design foundation for each project.

As a native of the Chicago area, Janet’s Midwestern roots are the driving force for her Arizona-based design aesthetics. Inspiration comes from her love of everything nature. An acute awareness that the most minimal designs are actually comprised of a perfect balance of many complex elements frames the direction of her work. She believes in interior design that gives a simple, fresh and comfortable first look. Only upon further examination does the eye land on those details that successfully combine many components to create one powerful effect.

Janet’s skills are a natural fit for our Arizona lifestyle, having come to Scottsdale after practicing high-end design in ski resorts in Colorado for 11 years. There, luxury mountain homes offer a similar lifestyle to the indoor-outdoor living we enjoy in the desert, and are successful because they blend: a home that compliments its natural environment, a design style that is unique and fresh and luxury finishes and furnishings that live well… in other words, leave clients with the time to do what they love. Janet Brooks and her team of talented designers offer full-service interior design, including architectural interior detailing, unique designs fabricated by local craftsmen and artisans, furnishings and art curation.

“Trendy is the last stage before tacky.” – Karl Lagerfeld


Janet Brooks

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