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IMI Design headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, is an authority on luxury residential and commercial interior design. Led by principal Anita Lang, IMI offers award-winning, concierge level design and interior architectural services throughout the United States. Since 1992, focus on impactful and client-focused design lead to IMI’s recognition and respect within the Southwest’s top tier of interior design firms. IMI believes that each project deserves passion for excellence, a unique approach for innovative solutions, and commitment to design integrity.

IMI Design’s philosophy begins with the bias of authenticity to the architectural framework of a project. Thoughtful design planning includes the architectural detailing of the structure, the use of truthful materials and evocative textures. The design continuity of carried through to the curation of the furniture, art, and accessories to ensure each detail has honest resonation with the whole.

With broad experience, continental travel and global design exposures, the IMI Design team, led by Anita, offers a depth of knowledge and resources to craft interiors for clients with discerning taste. Often described as smart design as well as beautiful, IMI Design is based in practical and innovative lifestyle solutions, believing luxury is based in ease and comfort.

"Beauty has always had a profound effect on the human spirit. The spaces in which we live and work should affect us in a positive and uplifting way." – Anita Lang


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