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The landscape architecture design of the ICONIC HAUS 2020 is inspired by the modern minimalist architecture of the home. The main focus of the design is to not overpower the sophisticated architecture, but rather to compliment with striking broad strokes of massing plant material.

The developer requested a lush non-desert plant palette for the Cameldale community, so vibrant bushes and grasses were selected. Accents of Aloes and Hesperaloes are used for their striking architectural form. Low-growing trees were carefully selected so that coveted views from the community are unobstructed. Sour orange hedges surround each lot and will grow 10 to 12 feet and provide privacy and security while also offering a lush green backdrop to the outdoor living.

The landscape design optimizes the indoor/outdoor living that is so beloved in the Valley. White porcelain concrete pavers seamlessly extend from the glass sliding doors to the exterior living areas. A large outdoor lounge and fireplace is the perfect space for outdoor entertaining. A state-of-the-art outdoor kitchen is surrounded by multiple seating options including the expansive fire table.

Russell Greey of Greey Pickett Az

We are “thinkers” first with an established track record supported by dozens of successful feature projects created over decades, each one an experience that solved unique problems, provided specific solutions and pushed the boundaries of the typical expectations from planners and landscape architects.

Ours is a fast-paced world, where we operate as solution-based leaders and collaborative peers alongside the top visionaries in their respective fields. We desire and enjoy the complexity of problem solving, are not intimidated when the heat is on, and take a healthy pride in facing challenges that make the project better. We’re 100-percent in it; delivering smart, nuanced, logical and artistic design concepts and solutions that exceed everyone’s expectations and lead to success for our clients and enjoyment by the end-user.

Russ Greey has more than 30 years of national and international experience designing world class landscapes for clients across the globe. He approaches any project—large or small—by gathering insight from clients and inspiration from nature to bring outstanding designs to life.

For Greey, landscape architecture is not just a business—it’s an opportunity to do what he loves best bring top-notch expertise to clients, forge a collaborative working relationship and provide outstanding design solutions.

When he’s not creating a sense of place, Greey likes to stay visual by discovering the beauty of new places. “Beauty is hiding everywhere,” he says. “All one needs is a blank slate and a free spirit.”

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Leonardo da Vinci


Russell Greey

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“Bentley” White Porcelain Concrete Tiles 12 x 24


Sand-Blasted Grey and Charcoal Concrete Pavers


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