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Isabel Dellinger-Candelaria

Earth and Images

ICONIC HAUS Master Bath by Earth & Images

Paul Moore

Our master bathroom inspiration began with original artwork by Ken Tate. His pieces are perfect for the vibrancy and punch of color we wanted to add to the neutral palette of the room. We centered the artwork on each water closet entry and offset sculptural pieces from Alexander Sinclair for balance on the floating cabinetry. The colors in the artwork allowed us to be playful with other accessories in the space. LUSH provided us with unique bath products to create a cohesive color scheme in various areas. The bathtub side table from Bellini also served as a vehicle for the color scheme. Another Bellini piece is a teak side table located in the shower, hosting LUSH soap and Waterworks accessories. Simple white towels with a subtle geometric shape and ink-injected resin bath accessories float seamlessly in a translucent acrylic encasing ground the bright colors as they layer the room. Clear crystals from Aviva Stanoff located on the makeup vanity create repetition of forms found on the towels and the Gabby Home bench underneath echoes the clear theme in this vignette.

Earth and Images interior design team

Chris Loomis

Established in 1992, Earth and Images is a full-service interior design studio and home furnishings retail store located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Premier projects are located across the Southwest and span nationally. Earth and Images specializes in creative design integrating interior space planning, material selection, as well as furniture and accessory procurement to create a personalized design package.

The studio’s mission is to provide elegant, yet comfortable living spaces that represent clients’ needs and desires in a beautifully livable way. They are devoted to collaborative design that is highly interactive. Every project is defined by its uniqueness, reflecting the personality, aspirations and dreams of their clients. Clients inspire the design team to create a memorable experience while designing aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces.

The designers are committed to the creative process, project management, and attentive client service. Their documentation and methodology are often praised by previous clients and contractors, and they are constantly improving their procedures to produce quality designs.

Every project is defined by its uniqueness often through the combination of contemporary ideals with elements reminiscent of the past. As a team, they collectively strive for each space to embody “the comfort of the past and the thrill of the future.”

“Design is intelligence made visible.” – Alina Wheeler


Isabel Dellinger-Candelaria

Nikka Bochniak

Amanda Little

Chris Fulinara

Abby Temple

Angelina Ponce


Shower Glass

Roadrunner Glass

Gold Counter Stool

Gabby Home

Shower Soap and Bombs


Side Table

Bellini Modern Living

Bath Accessories


Bath Furnishings





Ken Tate Paintings


West Elm




Alexander Sinclair

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