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Isabel Dellinger-Candelaria

Earth and Images

ICONIC HAUS 2020 butler's pantry by Earth and Images

Paul Moore

We were honored to design two spaces in ICONIC HAUS. We wanted to create “galleries,” where one can enjoy their stroll to each room. The word gallery inspired us to source fine art. We can display artistry of so many trades and crafts, where the gallery can weave other rooms through the house together exploiting European tones with accompanying modern touches inspired by the Mod-iterranean architecture. Materials mimic the textures of the antique pots at the front door.

The floors feature hand-woven textile rugs, passed down the ages with new modernized patterns. Iron lighting itself combines old world technique with modern style. The inspiration of the space is much like the Earth and Images motto: comfort of the past and thrill of the future.

Our inspiration for the butler’s pantry was to complement the main kitchen while mixing Old-World sensibility and a modern twist. Herringbone violet and gold tile, unique to this space, adds a modern flair yet is keenly parallel with Mediterranean colors of royalty. White clay pots from local artists pay homage to silhouettes that have carried on through eras of European history while Rorschach-like paintings are a nod to modern-day use of abstract art.

Earth and Images featured in ICONIC HAUS 2020

Established in 1992, Earth and Images is a full-service interior design studio and home furnishings retail store located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Premier projects are located across the Southwest and span nationally. Earth and Images specializes in creative design, integrating interior space planning, material selection, as well as furniture and accessory procurement to create a personalized design package.

The studio’s mission is to provide elegant yet comfortable living spaces that represent clients’ needs and desires in a beautifully livable way. They are devoted to collaborative design that is highly interactive. Every project is defined by its uniqueness, reflecting the personality, aspirations and dreams of their clients. Clients inspire the design team to create a memorable experience while designing aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces.

The designers are committed to creative processes, project management and attentive client service. Their documentation and methodology are often praised by previous clients and contractors, and they are constantly improving their procedures to produce quality designs.

Every project is defined by its uniqueness, often through the combination of contemporary ideals with elements reminiscent of the past. As a team, they collectively strive for each space to embody “the comfort of the past and the thrill of the future.”

“Design is intelligence made visible.” – Alina Wheeler


Isabel Dellinger-Candelaria

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