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Through bold reflective surfaces, curvilinear and rectilinear lines mixed with a variation of textured materials, our closet design portrays elegance inspired by the ripples of a water droplet. The reflective elements emulate flickers of liquid’s opulence with glints of the contemporary. Subtle curvilinear lines parallel the graceful shape of a droplet falling into a cool pool. The soft undulating lines paired with sharp vertical and horizontal edges mimic those found in the surroundings of water found in nature.

The variation of materiality was selected to echo the light and shadow found between the water’s folds. By selecting mirrored surfaces, designing moments of gentle interactions between curving versus linear moments and a fluctuation of distinctive finishes, we created a sophisticated design that parallels the quality of a droplet cascading into a basin of clear water.

Design Outside the Lines Scottsdale Arizona

Design Outside the Lines Interiors is a boutique, residential interior design studio created in 2011 by owner and Principal Designer, Ashli Shields. Earning a full-ride scholarship, Ashli graduated Magna Cum Laude from Arizona State University, where she received a Bachelors of Science in Interior Architecture and Design. Ashli has worked for both a high-volume commercial architecture firm and prestigious residential interior designers, contributing and designing on more than 100 projects of all kinds. This deeper knowledge of interior design from a scientific and logistical point of view, along with the ability to create technical construction documents and eye-catching photo realistic renderings, allow the designers at Design Outside the Lines to take on more complex and intricate projects.

Specializing in reading and understanding construction documents, fabrics, furniture, color theory, materiality and space planning and creating one-of-a-kind spaces has earned Design Outside the Lines Interiors the opportunity to work on new construction, extensive remodels, restaurants and full home furnishings. Selecting pieces that focus on form and function, incredible attention to detail, and building strong and meaningful relationships with their clients sets Design Outside the Lines Interiors apart. The team is committed to showcasing the beauty in all things by finding different ways to view them that will allow our clients to love them for years to come.

Design is a formal response to a strategic question. -Mariana Lopez


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