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At Dalton Interiors, the 14 principles of Biophilia are embedded into our company culture and all our endeavors. Biophilia, defined as the “passionate love of life and all that is alive” (Fromm 1973) has been proven to “reduce stress, improve cognitive function and creativity, improve our well- being and expedite healing” (Browning, Ryan, Clancy) when incorporated into interior design. Amidst a global pandemic and economic crisis, the restorative properties of biophilia are more important than ever.

Naturally, we gravitated towards the outdoor entertaining space. Oftentimes, we hear the term “bringing the outdoors in” to enhance an interior. Our goal for the space was to bridge the gap between inside and outside by creating a transitional space that integrates the living room with the pool area.

We sourced natural elements including the wood coffee and side tables, natural fiber area rug, plants and an organic glass sculpture. All while maintaining the interior aesthetic of the home with various pops of gold throughout. We envision this space to be the ideal spot for quiet coffee time, a glass of wine after a long day or an intimate gathering around the fireplace on a chilly winter night.

Kim Dalton of Dalton Interiors ICONIC HAUS

Kim Dalton is an award-winning interior designer and owner of Dalton Interiors. Kim fosters a collaborative and innovative work environment, where she continuously encourages her team to think outside of the box but have fun while doing so. At the core of Dalton Interiors are the 14 principles of Biophilia.

Together, we evaluate every aspect of a space and incorporate the use of natural textures, fibers, materials and, most importantly, the views to bridge the connection between the interior and exterior. This creates truly timeless spaces that evoke a sense of comfort and style. We believe being at home should feel effortless, like a retreat you never want to leave. As more people are staying home and working from home, having an outdoor sanctuary is more important than
ever before.

In addition to embedding every project with the principals of biophilia, Kim constantly seeks inspiration from the local design community. Dalton Interiors works hand-in-hand with various architects, developers, and other design partners and trades to create well-rounded projects. This holistic approach to design resulted in Dalton Interiors being named “Symposium Design Team of the Year, 2008” by FacilityCare Magazine for outstanding teamwork in reimagining Phoenix Children’s Hospital’s Newborn Intensive Care Unit with various partners. Similarly, real estate investor Robert Kiyosaki briefs in his book, “The Real Book of Real Estate,” “not only does Kim increase the immediate sales valuer of our projects, her work gives our home and business environment warmth (233).”

As a long-time partner with Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Kim continually advocates the important role nature plays in our health and wellbeing in healthcare environments. At Dalton Interiors, design is not just about what meets the eye; It is about promoting a higher quality of life by incorporating functional design with the power and healing properties of biophilia.

“The home should be the treasure chest of living.” — Le Corbusier

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