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Dana Dray

Brown Jordan

bistro patio ICONIC HAUS 2020 by Dana Dray for Brown Jordan

Paul Moore

Inspired by the stunning modern Mediterranean architecture and a vision of a timeless black and white portrait, Dana Dray from luxury outdoor furniture manufacture Brown Jordan was moved to create luxurious outdoor spaces that elegantly wove new designs with the unbothered aesthetic of Mediterranean life.

The home’s private courtyard fuses together the legacy of Walter Lamb Aluminum collection, a design from the 1940’s reimagined with new life and innovation, with a fresh new take on woven design from the moody Oscar collection. The resulting space provides comfort and intrigue within the monotone aesthetic of the two mix materials collections.

Playing off the bold mosaic accents, the pool deck follows suite by paring chaise lounge chairs from the modern Still collection with sophisticated Fire Tables and Brown Jordan’s newest collection – H. Named for the first letter of the word “hoy”—“today,” in Spanish—the H collection takes a classic mix of materials for a new spin with its 3-inch diameter rope creating a dramatic sculptural effect against the collection’s streamlined aluminum frames. The combination of these outdoor spaces and enduring design creates the perfect gathering areas to make timeless memories in luxury and comfort.

Brown Jordan Parkway collection

Chris Loomis

Brown Jordan’s origin story coincides with the birth of the American Dream—the birth of the life well lived. It was 1945, those serving the military were coming back home, America was sprawling and expanding, and for the first time in our history, there was a thing called leisure time. As a culture, we began to understand the life-affirming power and profound joy of creating a beautiful outdoor space to be with the people you loved most. Cocktails and canapés under a brilliant blaze of sun or a big bowl of stars became the things to do—the place to be became the place you already are. And Brown Jordan furniture made sure that place was effortlessly beautiful and impeccably designed—that the life you were living was indeed a very good life. That is the world we come from. And that is the world we carry with us wherever we go.

At the core of Brown Jordan’s design philosophy is a very simple question: does it work? By that, we mean does it work aesthetically? Does it work functionally? Does it work over the long haul? Does it work to make moments better? Does it work to enable people to gather, connect, communicate, share, be, come together and experience the very best that life has to offer? If it doesn’t, it is not worthy to carry the Brown Jordan name.

In order to create “the good life,” one needs to start with a solid foundation. A foundation built on quality that will last the test of time. A foundation built on premium materials that appeal to the eye as well as the soul. You need to apply an unwaveringly high level of craftsmanship, so every stitch, every joint and every junction holds true.

"For more than seven decades, Brown Jordan has partnered with the most innovative, forward-thinking designers from around the world. Each creator personifies an enriched taste for beauty and an unwavering commitment to iconic outdoor design." -Brown Jordan


Dana Dray

Kim Sedgwick


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Brown Jordan

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