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Inside ICONIC HAUS Winter 2020: Live Beautifully Here

photography by PAUL MOORE

ICONIC HAUS Winter 2020 main living area dining room
Behind every great ICONIC HAUS is an abundance of designers with beautiful visions that make the HAUS a home, as seen in the main living areas of ICONIC HAUS Winter 2020.

ICONIC HAUS Winter 2020 is here, and we’re taking you inside each and every room—20 spaces. Here, we’re taking you through the main living areas, each crafted by designers who are unique, detailed and full of passion for beautiful interiors. Every designer expressed their look with elevated interiors, stunning wall and window treatments, fine art and accessories they’ve never been able to showcase until now.

Luxury light fixtures and sconces were provided by Circa Lighting throughout the home. Brizo was selected to exclusively provide the luxury plumbing for the HAUS, and Emtek handled the door handles. Dunn-Edwards provided luxe paint in many shades, and Hunter Douglas provided the shading systems, as well as a newly debuted drapery line used in many rooms. Home automation controlling the lighting system, music, televisions and home office communications was provided by Crestron. Stunning Italian tile was used throughout the home from Solstice Stone. Thank you so much to our sponsors who supported ICONIC HAUS.

While every space showcases unique design approaches in ICONIC HAUS 2020, the design is still cohesive throughout the HAUS, tying into the greater “Mod-iterranean” theme, designed by our partners Candelaria Design and built by Temac Development.

Here we share each designer’s inspiration behind the main living areas, provided by the designers themselves. For bios on each design firm and a complete of resources, go to ICONIC LIFE. And to enjoy ICONIC HAUS on the go…download ICONIC HAUS app from the App store.

ICONIC HAUS Winter 2020 main living area grand entry

GRAND ENTRY GALLERY | Isabel Candelaria & Nikka Bochniak, Earth and Images
We were honored to design two spaces in the main living areas of ICONIC HAUS 2020. We wanted to create “galleries,” where one can enjoy their stroll to each room. The word gallery inspired us to source fine art. We can display artistry of so many trades and crafts, where the gallery can weave other rooms through the house together exploiting European tones with accompanying modern touches inspired by the Mod-iterranean architecture. Materials mimic the textures of the antique pots at the front door.

The floors feature hand-woven textile rugs, passed down the ages with new modernized patterns. Iron lighting itself combines old world technique with modern style.

The inspiration of the space is much like the Earth and Images motto: comfort of the past and thrill of the future.

White clay pots from local artists pay homage to silhouettes that have carried on through eras of European history while artwork from Costello Gallery lines the halls in a stunning way.

The harmony of the colors, textures and unique treasures creates a sophisticated welcoming space and a true center of the home.

GREAT ROOM | Kerri Foreman, Vallone Design
This modern Mediterranean great room from Vallone Design is an eclectic mix of classic Old-World details with a clean modern twist in the main living areas. ICONIC HAUS 2020 boasts a Mod-iterranean style that has an emphasis on earthy warmth with natural materials, blending the indoor-outdoor living we cherish in Arizona.

Playing off the feel of the vintage bourbon bar, modern furnishings are deftly mixed with antique treasures to create a uniquely collected interior. Leathers, bouclé, linens, a mix of metals, antique pottery and washed woods create texture and depth. A vintage Oushak rug from David E. Adler grounds the space. A stately camel colored leather sofa with hair on hide upholstery is mixed with two uniquely detailed neutral lounge chairs, one from Kravet.

ICONIC HAUS Winter 2020 main living area great room

The coffee table is artfully adorned with a mix of books, vintage collectibles and earthy objects. Two antique Senufo African stools lead into a welcoming spot by the fireplace flanked by low modern metal frame leather chairs and a soft boucle covered ottoman. A Karen Bezuidenhout painting from Wild Meyer Gallery takes center stage above the modern black concrete fireplace surround. Stunning antique Spanish pots from Studio Resource bring the corner a little warmth of the Mediterranean. This room was the setting for the cover of the print edition of ICONIC LIFE.

The harmony of the colors, textures and unique treasures creates a sophisticated welcoming space and a true center of the home.


ICONIC HAUS Winter 2020 main living area kitchen

CULINARY KITCHEN | Janet Brooks Design, Janet Brooks Design
A graceful Mediterranean style home takes on a Mod/Boho vibe in the most-used main living area of ICONIC HAUS 2020…and the kitchen is no exception! It started out with a luxe Viking Range in Matte Black with Rose Gold accents, setting the stage for the color black to be a major theme in this home, and in our kitchen/breakfast area.

Black cabinets by Rysso-Peters are brought to the lighter side with countertops and backsplash of Calcutta marble from The Stone Collection.

The addition of natural rift cut oak cabinets adds natural warmth and contrast and compliments the warm terra cotta tones of the tile floor in the morning room.

MORNING ROOM | Janet Brooks, Janet Brooks Design
Natural rift cut oak cabinets compliment the warm terra cotta tones of the tile floor in the morning room. With a stunning view of the estate grounds and black-and-white-tiled, lagoon-style pool with arches of water, breakfast time offers the best seat in the HAUS.

With a nod to the texture and pattern of the eye-catching floor tile from Arto from Solstice Stone, we have added a lot more texture, with baskets, woven rattan dining chairs and pottery pieces.

ICONIC HAUS Winter 2020 main living area morning room

The woven black metal pendant light from Circa Lighting hangs from a beamed, vaulted ceiling, and a concrete tabletop by Peter Thomas Designs—all enhancing the playful lightheartedness that the “Mod” element of the home’s design aesthetic suggests.

ICONIC HAUS Winter 2020 main living area game room

GAME ROOM & BILLIARD’S TABLE | Worth Interiors for TOWN, Eddy Doumas, Angelo Tripkos & Ashley Harrington
Worth and TOWN’s design concept for the game room was to rethink how such a room should be used among fun amenities. Too often we fall into the trap of installing as many high-tech, advanced electronics and shiny things in a room like this. The goal for us was to translate those two words differently… Game Room.

We wanted guests who arrived into the space to feel a sense of peaceful energy. No TV will be found in this room. Mobile devices should be turned off. This is a space to take a step back from technology and enjoy precious moments with loved ones.

A good conversation, a game of a backgammon or pool on the billiard’s patio—table provided by Sawyer Twain. A contemporary interpretation of an Etruscan drawing room is where we drew our inspiration. With a moody wall color, luxurious textiles and finishes incorporated into multiple inviting seating areas, the intention was to create a sanctuary for friends and family. This is a room where technology is set aside in exchange for human interaction…something we have all missed in recent months.


With the overarching theme of the home being “Moditerranean,” my personal philosophy of blending classicism with modernity aligned well with this fusion of styles.

ICONIC HAUS Winter 2020 main living area open dining room

ELEGANT DINING & WINING EXPERIENCE | Donna Mondi & Scott Grooms, Donna Mondi Interior
With the overarching theme of the home being “Moditerranean,” my personal philosophy of blending classicism with modernity aligned well with this fusion of styles. In true DMID style, we wanted to add edginess but in a subtle way that allows the perfect backdrop for a desert setting.

Channeling the softer side of Mediterranean design, we started with a neutral color palette. When working with neutrals, the textures become critical elements in creating drama. The gritty surface of the cork wall covering is balanced with subtle hints of gilded gold.

Natural fibers of alpaca boucle and virgin wool are enhanced with passementerie an Italian couturier would be proud of.

The dining room in the main living area of ICONIC HAUS 2020 allowed the perfect forum to debut a new piece for our EnVie (French for “desire”) collection: a graceful dining chair. This beauty is dressed in shimmery velvet. Her leather corseted derrière grabs your attention as you enter. The chandelier with its fluidity of glass mimicking ripples of sand adds the decadence we are known for.

Carefully curated accessories enhance the space, while dramatic artwork from Parisienne artist Gregoire Devin adds the edginess we strive for. A partnership with Town Studios allowed us the procurement of many of the elements in our space.

Blending bespoke tailoring, natural materials and effortless beauty, our dining room is the perfect expression of Mediterranean fused with Modernity. Another interior with soul.

With so many more people working from home this year as their new normal, a home office is more essential than ever in the main living areas of ICONIC HAUS 2020. In this office, we created a light and airy environment with classic details and modern touches. In lieu of a traditional desk, a worktable is a great way to open up the space and allows the main office space to feel light, airy and uncluttered. A closet houses all the storage needed for file cabinets, supplies and equipment.

The beautiful glass desk top showcases ends of wine bottles cast into the glass on a simple metal base, while hand-blown glass crystal rondelles in the console table are reminiscent of beautiful stained glass windows.

ICONIC HAUS Winter 2020 main living area home office

Hand-made wallcovering is a subtle yet impactful statement to anchor the space and speaks to the overall tone on tone color palette. This helps to keep the room calm and restful to inspire creativity and productivity. Cozy guest chairs allow for family or clients to rest comfortably for any meeting. Beautiful drapery and window coverings by Hunter Douglas provide function and fashion for this space.

We are excited to debut technology in the main living areas that makes communicating from home better. With one-touch on a Crestron remote or mobile app, the Crestron HomeTime video conference system enables you to join and host Zoom meetings without a laptop, using the TV in the ICONIC HAUS 2020 home office. The Crestron HomeTime video conferencing system is, quite simply, the most natural, easy and enjoyable Zoom conferencing experience for the home.

With this home office, you might even be more inspired to sit down and tackle that to-do-list!

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