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Inside ICONIC HAUS Winter 2020: Beautiful Bedrooms

photography by PAUL MOORE

Explore the ICONIC HAUS Winter 2020 bedrooms and the inspiration behind every detail as described by the incredible designers themselves.

ICONIC HAUS Winter 2020 is finally here, and we couldn’t be more excited. Each design team brought something different yet cohesive, trendy yet unique to the bedrooms of the MOD-iterranean Paradise Valley estate. And what better way to explore each bedroom than through the words of the designers?

Luxury lighting fixtures and sconces were provided by Circa Lighting throughout the home. Brizo was selected to exclusively provide the luxury plumbing for the HAUS, and Emtek handled the door handles. Dunn-Edwards provided luxe paint in many shades, and Hunter Douglas provided the shading systems, as well as a newly debuted drapery line used in many rooms.

Home automation controlling the lighting system, music, televisions and home office communications was provided by Crestron. Stunning Italian tile was used throughout the home from Solstice Stone. Thank you so much to our sponsors who supported ICONIC HAUS Winter 2020, designed by our partners Candelaria Design and built by Temac Development.

Here we share each designer’s inspiration behind the bedroom areas, provided by the designers themselves. For bios on each design firm and a complete of resources, go to ICONIC LIFE. And to enjoy ICONIC HAUS Winter 2020 on the go…download ICONIC HAUS app from the App store.

Keep reading for the inspiration behind every detail and ounce of love put into the master and guest bedrooms.

The ICONIC HAUS Winter 2020’s Mediterranean architecture lent itself to statement black shutters, as well as a feature fireplace clad in black granite slab.


MASTER RETREAT | Anita Lang, IMI Design
Intentional design was the impetus of this evocative master bedroom. Tapping into energetic forces of the universe, the room manages to combine natural elements with celestial patterns including sacred geometry.

An ancient science, sacred geometry is based upon energy patterns that comprise our universe, which reveal and unify all things. A custom laser-cut trim draws the large-scale pattern of intersecting lines circling this room of ICONIC HAUS Winter 2020. Its intricately carved pattern of shapes and lines commonly found in nature is reflective of energy within the world around us.

Underscoring the celestial motif, black woven Phillip Jeffries wallcovering creates a backdrop reminiscent of the night sky. An oversized light fixture in the center of the room provides a functional work of art. Furnishings are kept low to the ground for an intimate and casual feeling.

Continuing the conversation around mindfulness and intention, Anita Lang’s custom line, Design 528, debuts a sustainably sourced bed linen collection ethically crafted from hemp, the world’s oldest textile fiber, and embroidered with sound frequency patterns of the words “love,” “joy” and “beauty.”

The ICONIC HAUS Winter 2020’s Mediterranean architecture lent itself to statement black shutters, as well as a feature fireplace clad in black granite slab. Oversized, mixed media artwork adorns the fireplace, as well as the opposite wall above the bed for a space that feels elegantly comfortable.

MASTER CLOSET | Ashli Shields, Tracy Johnson & Melike Surmen, Design Outside the Lines
Through bold reflective surfaces, curvilinear and rectilinear lines mixed with a variation of textured materials, our closet design portrays elegance inspired by the ripples of a water droplet. The reflective elements emulate flickers of liquid’s opulence with glints of the contemporary. Subtle curvilinear lines parallel the graceful shape of a droplet falling into a cool pool. The soft undulating lines paired with sharp vertical and horizontal edges mimic those found in the surroundings of water found in nature.

The variation of materiality was selected to echo the light and shadow found between the water’s folds.

Design Outside the Lines ICONIC HAUS 2020

By selecting mirrored surfaces, designing moments of gentle interactions between curving versus linear moments and a fluctuation of distinctive finishes, we created a sophisticated design that parallels the quality of a droplet cascading into a basin of clear water.

ICONIC HAUS winter 2020 bedroom by Rosemany Hallgarten

GUEST BEDROOM 2 | Rosemary Hallgarten, Rosemary Hallgarten Inc.
Dramatic, elegant and textural, this guestroom was designed to invoke comfort and luxury in a strikingly bold approach. Midnight blacks, moody blues and rich grays pair with creamy highlights and soft textural elements to bring a sense of balance and place.

With the Zermatt Shearling rug underfoot, there is a grounding that sets the stage for the rest of this space in ICONIC HAUS Winter 2020. Hellman Chang nightstands and Robert Kuo lamps flank a bed that is enticing and elegant. The headboard, upholstered in Rosemary’s Isla performance fabric, brings a gentle woven pattern while the watercolor bedding drapes flawlessly. The Hellman Chang Paloma Swivel armchair upholstered in Rosemary’s signature Ombré Alpaca Linen fabric brings dual functionality into the room while adding another element of juxtaposition.

Drawing your eyes throughout the remainder of the room, you will find complimenting textiles and accent pieces that continue the masculine and feminine pairing that envelopes this room in an experience of texture filled with rich drama and soft comfort.


We believe that a home should be a place of security. A place to create memories. A place to feel comfortable in. And, most importantly, a place where you are most uniquely you.


GUEST BEDROOM 3 | Shannon Harris and Calli Alberts, Fuse Living
At Fuse Living, we create spaces that allow you to live in a healthy home that is functional, beautiful and long-lasting. All of our designs are developed to a sustainable Green Building program with our residents, clients and communities in mind. We believe that a home should be a place of security. A place to create memories. A place to feel comfortable in. And, most importantly, a place where you are most uniquely you.

Sustainable design begins with a recognition that our natural world is paramount to our well-being. We are invested in all aspects of design, and we consider the many facets that go into creating a space where you can feel truly at home.

We were thrilled the theme of ICONIC HAUS Winter 2020 is MOD-iterranean, as this perfectly captures all our inspirations. A nod to history, raw materials and handmade, while looking fresh and rich with pattern. The nod to handmade and raw materials encapsulates all that we embody with striving to produce non-toxic interior solutions through and through. Bringing in a fresh new take on history’s most well-thought visions is simply where Shannon finds herself feeling most complete in a space.

Cheers to MOD-iterranean coming to life!

ICONIC HAUS Winter 2020 bedroom by Interior Essentials

GUEST BEDROOM 4 | Laurent Bernard, Victoria Larsen, Johnna Kamenchuk and Kaley Condon | Interior Essentials
The Mediterranean, the inspiration for ICONIC HAUS Winter 2020, is a place where the past is very present and centuries ago meets the new age, every day. Old World spaces are morphed to host our current culture, an electric and eclectic one. The Med Sea is beyond vast and encompasses many cultures. Luckily for us, Laurent sails off the southern coast of France, and the pride in his home made us partial

Our deepest desire for our space was to celebrate art, new and ancient—collaborating with artists who have rose-tinted our personal travels throughout the area. Victoria and Laurent discovered the radiance of Atlelier Martin Berger’s custom Marquety Wallpaper on a buying trip and got to experience where he creates striated perfection.

LA Artist Victor Wilde designed the Victor Vaserelly-inspired Optic Art bolster pillow on the bed, topping off the coziness of layered linens, reminiscent of bleached sheets strung above paved stone passages Coté Sud. He also enlivened our appreciation of the distinct vivid blue of the sea. The sale of his pop of childhood wonder will benefit Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Teddy is available on our website.

We aimed for modern. As Dahli said, “Have no fear of perfection. You’ll never reach it.”

Treasure in the Detail featured in ICONIC HAUS

GUEST LOUNGE & GALLERY | Kirsten Holmstedt, Treasure in the Detail
As cohesive designers, we wanted to infuse the “Mod-iterranean” feel of ICONIC HAUS Winter 2020 inside the bedroom areas through creating a space with neutral elements, refinement, warmth and texture.

For the gallery hallway, we accentuated the arch ceiling detail by finishing it in a beautiful greyish green hue to bring a moodier edge of class, sophistication and uniqueness. The wall sconces and chandelier from Circa Lighting have a classic, modern feel to them, as they frame the gorgeous paint stroke artwork on either side of the hallway. We grounded the hallway with a vintage-inspired rug that brings the textures and tones together beautifully.

For the guest lounge, we thought it would be unique to carry the arch character detail that is highlighted throughout the home into the space by creating a focal wall statement that frames the glass sideboard and television. This helps drive cohesion and a special unanticipated twist into the space.

The cane detailing on the side chairs and the arching detail on the arms was another subtle but intentional design decision. We love how the furniture selections are refined yet inviting. The open black shelves bring airiness to the space with the incorporation of warm terracotta finishes from our design team’s home décor shop known as Homes to Treasure.

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