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Inside ICONIC HAUS Winter 2020: Luxe Amenities Make It So Livable!

ICONIC HAUS Winter 2020 outdoor bar amenities

Paul Moore

Discover the inspiration behind the work of the 20 marquis designers who perfected the luxe amenities at this year’s ICONIC HAUS Winter 2020 luxury designer show house.

We’re taking you on another journey into ICONIC HAUS Winter 2020—a project we are so incredibly proud of, created by 20 design teams that we loved collaborating with every step of the way. Bedrooms and main living areas are places of comfort and serenity, but the luxe amenities of a home are where a lot of fun takes place.

Luxe light fixtures and sconces were provided by Circa Lighting throughout the home. Brizo Plumbing was selected to exclusively provide the fixtures for the HAUS. Dunn-Edwards provided top-end paint in many shades, and Hunter Douglas provided the shading systems, as well as a newly debuted drapery line used in many rooms. Emtek provided door hardware and Arizona Hardwoods provided stunning flooring throughout the HAUS.

Home automation controlling the lighting system, music, televisions and home office communications was provided by Crestron. Stunning Italian tile was used throughout the home from Solstice Stone. Thank you so much to our sponsors who supported ICONIC HAUS, designed by our partners Candelaria Design and built by Temac Development.

Here we share each designer’s inspiration behind the amenities, provided by the designers themselves. For bios on each design firm and a complete list of resources, go to ICONIC LIFE. And to enjoy ICONIC HAUS on the go…download ICONIC HAUS app from the App store.

From a bourbon bar to a pool oasis, this house puts the fun in functional living.

More than ever, homeowners are setting up personal environments with amenities for entertaining in the comfort of their own homes.

ICONIC HAUS Winter 2020 bourbon bar amenities

Carlye Klick

BOURBON BAR | Kerri Foreman, Vallone Design
More than ever, homeowners are setting up personal environments with amenities for entertaining in the comfort of their own homes. So enters the newest “wish list” item: the indoor/outdoor bar.

A popular spot at many of the local restaurants, including our personal favorite, the bar at El Chorro Lodge, was renovated and redesigned by Vallone Design and Candelaria Design in 2009/2010. A retractable window system to open the space and serve from the interior bar accommodates everything from an elegant evening cocktail party to a casual afternoon BBQ.

To bring in a vintage vibe to a modern-day concept, the black cabinetry and Neolith top are complemented with antique mirror, iron shelving and leather-wrapped handles. The raised white oak bar gives warmth to the space. A bar with this aesthetic calls for a mix of vintage and modern styling.

A little whimsy off the masculine vibe, we used two Icelandic Sheepskin Acrylic Bar Stools and the Kelly Wearstler Affinity Lamp. The exterior bar showcases modern woven barstools from Kettal. Spirits to make the perfect Old Fashioned are displayed alongside beautiful cut crystal decanters and glasses. The painting by Michael Carson plays into the vibe, and the wall sculpture by Holly Wilson was too amazing to not feature—both from Bonner David Gallery. Vintage-inspired Brizo plumbing provides an elegant accent.

ICONIC HAUS Winter 2020 bistro patio amenities

Paul Moore

POOL OASIS & BISTRO PATIO | Dana Dray, Brown Jordan
Inspired by the stunning modern Mediterranean architecture and a vision of a timeless black and white portrait, Dana Dray from luxury outdoor furniture manufacture Brown Jordan was moved to create luxurious outdoor spaces that elegantly wove new designs with the unbothered aesthetic of Mediterranean life.

The home’s private courtyard fuses together the legacy of Walter Lamb Aluminum collection, a design from the 1940s reimagined with new life and innovation, with a fresh new take on the woven design from the moody Oscar collection. The resulting space provides comfort and intrigue within the monotone aesthetic of the two mixed materials collections.

Playing off the bold mosaic accents, the pool deck and outdoor amenities follow suit by paring chaise lounge chairs from the modern Still collection with sophisticated fire tables and Brown Jordan’s newest collection: H. Named for the first letter of the word “hoy” (“today” in Spanish), the H collection takes a classic mix of materials for a new spin with its 3-inch diameter rope creating a dramatic sculptural effect against the collection’s streamlined aluminum frames.

The combination of these outdoor spaces and enduring design creates the perfect gathering areas to make timeless memories in luxury and comfort.


BUTLER’S PANTRY | Isabel Candelaria & Nikka Bochniak, Earth and Images
We were honored to design two spaces in ICONIC HAUS. Our inspiration for the butler’s pantry was to complement the main kitchen while mixing Old-World sensibility and a modern twist. Herringbone violet and gold tile, unique to this space, adds a modern flair yet is keenly parallel with Mediterranean colors of royalty. Rorschach-like paintings are a nod to modern-day use of abstract art, contrasting Old-World style. A HAUS become a home with amenities that are fun.

Perfect proximity to the dining room and kitchen, this full-service butler’s pantry, complete with Brizo plumbing, is ready for an elegant host or catering team to provide a beautiful experience.

ICONIC HAUS Winter 2020 butler's pantry amenities

Paul Moore

ICONIC HAUS Winter 2020 powder room amenities

Paul Moore

POWDER BATH | Paige Lewis, Paige Lewis Design
The powder room should be a show-stopping moment in every home. “You want guests to think “WOW!” when they enter. Materials and finishes need to be unusual. Ideally, they should be things that visitors haven’t seen before or used in an unexpected way,” says Lewis of Paige Lewis Designs.

Keeping that in mind, we chose fish-tail tile in black, gray and white hues, using an ombre installation from Solstice Stone by Arto. It’s very dramatic rising from the dark floor and creeping up the wall. The ceilings are high, so we had a custom mirror made for above the super-cool cement floating vanity. It reflects a lot of light back into the space since there is no natural source.

The wall-mounted faucet is an unexpected style and finish. That’s why the builder chose Brizo designer plumbing fixtures for this HAUS. The fabulous sconces from Circa Lighting are another attention-getting moment-very architectural. The Llama framed canvas is intentionally oversized and makes you smile.

The powder room design should make your guests comment when they rejoin the party. You want them to be inspired to go home and re-do their own powder rooms!

A study in contrasts, materiality and an understanding of surrounding influences creates the perfect gathering space.

ICONIC HAUS Winter 2020 outdoor patio amenities

Paul Moore

ENTERTAINING COURTYARD | Donna Mondi, Donna Mondi Interiors
With the beautiful architecture of ICONIC HAUS Winter 2020 as the backdrop for designers, our goal was to bring in aspects of Modernity in a way that beckons guests to gather and stay with the amenities. A central element of fire is surrounded by clean-lined furniture in durable fabrics that mimic natural fibers.

We are proud to introduce our new collaboration with world-class architectural stone purveyors Materials Marketing. Our inspiration for the collection derived from modern totem poles blended geometric shapes and contrasts in the elements themselves, all the while embodying the classical modernity we are known for. Nero Marquina and Charcoal Limestone play off each other offering sophistication and grit that creates beautiful tension.

A study in contrasts, materiality and an understanding of surrounding influences creates the perfect gathering space.


At Dalton Interiors, the 14 principles of Biophilia are embedded in our company culture and all our endeavors. Biophilia, defined as the “passionate love of life and all that is alive” has been proven to “reduce stress, improve cognitive function and creativity, improve our well-being and expedite healing” when incorporated into interior design.

Amidst a global pandemic and economic crisis, the restorative properties of biophilia are more important than ever. Naturally, we gravitated towards the outdoor entertaining space amenities.

ICONIC HAUS Winter 2020 covered patio amenities

Paul Moore

Oftentimes, we hear the term “bringing the outdoors in” to enhance an interior. Our goal for the space was to bridge the gap between inside and outside by creating a transitional space that integrates the living room with the pool area.

We sourced natural elements including the wood coffee and side tables, natural fiber area rug, plants and an organic glass sculpture. All while maintaining the interior aesthetic of the home with various pops of gold throughout. We envision this space to be the ideal spot for quiet coffee time, a glass of wine after a long day or an intimate gathering around the fireplace on a chilly winter night.


Paul Moore

LAUNDRY HAVEN & MUD ROOM | Kacie Lilley & Stacie Scharf, K & Q Interiors
We wanted this laundry room and mud room to be functional yet fabulous! All laundry rooms deserve design love, no matter their size. Instead of treating this hardworking space as an afterthought, unique and vibrant materials were utilized to create a lively atmosphere that becomes one of the luxury amenities of the HAUS.

A bold color palette, an attention-grabbing textural wall surface, courtesy of Surface Refinements, and whimsical accents were the motivation behind the design of this space. This dog wash inspired our decor, as this laundry room doubles as dog space with the beautifully tiled dog wash with luxe fixtures.

Outside the laundry room, we did an artistic wall treatment with a stenciled message by Surface Refinements that reminds us to find joy and happiness in life. Our mud room was designed to have a place for everything as this family comes home from work, activities and shopping. Our decor expresses the comfort of home and family. While functional, these spaces remain fabulous!

ICONIC HAUS Winter 2020 man cave amenities

Paul Moore

MAN CAVE | Celeste Wilson, FORM180
Inspired by Tim McCormac’s love of the American Hot Rod and Rockabilly culture, the man cave workshop was designed as a sophisticated interpretation of that era. The space is layered with saturated colors and textures, creating a functional practical environment for the modern classic car lover. Located between both garages, this space can serve as a workshop, mechanic’s space or simply an escape.

We partnered with Challenger Design to present matte black tool-box style cabinetry that is both durable and handsome for this space. The garages at ICONIC HAUS can hold up to eight cars (four on lifts) and an auto stacker lift from Bendpak holds the builder’s own vintage Hudson—one of the luxe amenties of the HAUS.

The lighting by Circa Lighting, flooring and door systems are all designed for the car lover. In fact, the wall between the garage and game room was constructed to handle a full glass wall for the car lover who wants to gaze upon his/her collection in the garage from the game room.

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