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iconic design awards 2023

An exclusive design awards
competition celebrating the best in Arizona designs, presented by Monogram.

Interior Design


Landscape Design

Product Design

iconic design awards

All winners will be published in the October AZ issue of ICONIC LIFE Magazine

  • More Than 96 Pages of Coverage
  • Highest Level: The ICONIC Award
  • Runners Up: Gold or Silver Prestigious Recognition

Renee M. Dee



Awards with Integrity



e are excited to present ICONIC Design Awards, a vision I’ve had since the inception of ICONIC LIFE Magazine. Our mission is to create the most exciting awards competition celebrating Arizona-based designers with a foundation of integrity, which is our highest priority.

We’ve lined up industry luminaries from around the country, most importantly NOT in Arizona, to serve as judges for our awards, specific to the categories. Architects will judge architecture and designers will judge design. These judges have shown expertise and excellence on a national level.

It’s important for to share a few distinguishing facets of our competition:

There is no popular voting to win these awards, no getting out the vote: winners are judged for excellence by our esteemed judges only. Entries are submitted anonymously, and are judged exclusively on the merit of their work.

The ICONIC LIFE Magazine team is not judging these awards, overseeing the judging process or “altering” the list of winners.

As the ICONIC LIFE Publisher, I am not voting, judging or adjusting any award winners. I will not even know who our winners are until the night of the event.

While we so appreciate the support of ICONIC LIFE Magazine through advertising, advertising is not taken into consideration as it relates to winning an award.

The special ICONIC Design Awards special issue that will be presented the night of the awards will be produced by one member of the ICONIC LIFE editorial team, sworn to secrecy and not allowed to share awards winners with anyone from the team. The rest of the ICONIC LIFE team will not be able to view any awards results or entries prior to publishing.

You can count on us to uphold the highest integrity in these awards.

renee m. dee


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Official Automotive Sponsor:

sanderson lincoln

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cornelis hollander

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Event Information

Saturday, September 30th 5:30pm – 10:00pm

Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts
7380 E 2nd St, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Black Tie

Valet parking is included

Key Dates

Awards Entry Portal: CLOSED

Elegant Black-Tie Live Awards
Ceremony in Scottsdale: September 30, 2023

napa valley



A01: Custom Home Up To 3,500 SF
A02: Custom Home 3,500 SF to 7,500 SF
A03: Custom Home More Than 7,500 SF
A04: Single-Family Home Up To 3,500 SF
A05: Single Family Home 3,500 to 7,500 SF
A06: Single-Family Home More Than 7,500 SF
A07: Renovation Up To 3,500 SF
A08: Renovation 3,500 to 7,500 SF
A09: Renovation More Than 7,500 SF
A10: Sustainable Design
A11: Attached Residence
A12: Multi-Family Housing
A13: Innovative Materials
A14: Historic Preservation
A15: Hospitality
A16: On-The-Boards 3,500 to 7,500 SF
A17: On-The-Boards 3,500 to 7,500 SF
A18: On-The-Boards More Than 7,500 SF


L01: Front Elevation Design
L02: Backyard Space for a Lot Up to 10,000 SF
L03: Backyard Space for a Lot 10,000 to 20,000 SF
L04: Backyard Space for a Lot More Than 20,000 SF
L05: Courtyard
L06: Pool
L07: Functional Garden
L08: Specialty Garden
L09: Fountain or Water Feature
L10: Specialty Structure
L11: Innovative Materials
L12: Sustainable Design


I01: Residence Up To 3,500 SF
I02: Residence 3,500 to 7,500 SF
I03: Residence More Than 7,500 SF
I04: Great Room or Living Room
I05: Kitchen
I06: Primary Bath
I07: Secondary Bath
I08: Bedroom
I09: Indoor/Outdoor Space
I10: Sustainable Design
I11: Storage/Closets
I12: Dining
I13: Special Function Space
I14: Transportation
I15: Hospitality


P01: Lighting
P02: Furniture
P03: Textile
P04: Flooring & Rugs
P05: Tile & Stone
P06: Permanent Fixture

Questions? Call 480.330.3737 or email marketing@iconiclife.com

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