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Celestial Wonder | Total Solar Eclipse on April 8th

Total solar eclipse

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Everything you need to know about the total solar eclipse on April 8th.

On April 8th at 11 a.m. a unique celestial event is set to take place, a total solar eclipse. As the moon makes its way between the Earth and the Sun, it will cast a shadow, momentarily dimming the sunlight across all of North America and revealing the sun’s, otherwise imperceptible, corona. 

Originally, eclipses in ancient cultures were seen as an omen for death and catastrophe, a sign of anger from the Gods that brought chaos to many civilizations. However, as science evolved, we have come to understand eclipses for what they really are, rare yet awe-inspiring cosmic occurrences. 

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Total solar eclipses are some of the most unique astronomical events, occurring approximately once every 18 months somewhere on Earth. A total eclipse won’t return to the continent  for another 20 years.

Total solar eclipse path to totality on North America

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For those looking for a more memorable watch experience it’s best to go to one of the multiple locations in the eclipse’s path of totality, stretching across the continent all the way from Mexico to Canada. Major cities like Dallas, Austin, Burlington and Little Rock will offer residents a front row seat to this cosmic spectacle.

People watching total solar eclipse with a telescope

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While Arizona is not on the path of totality there are still enjoyable venues to observe this unique event. The ultimate eclipse watch party will be taking place at the International Dark Sky Discovery Center in Fountain Hills, Arizona. This event will gather together spectators, community members and leaders to witness the eclipse, a DJ will also be present to spin some popular sci-fi tunes. 

If you are planning on watching the total solar eclipse, safety should be a top priority. Viewing the eclipse directly with no eye protection can cause permanent eye damage, so make sure you have specialized solar protection glasses or eclipse glasses at your disposal. 

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Woman wearing protective eyewear to watch total solar eclipse

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Whether you are an experienced astronomer or simply an individual passionate about exploring the wonders of the universe, the total solar eclipse on April 8th is an event not to be missed!

Get ready to experience the natural beauty of the cosmos.

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