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Perfecting a Golf Swing: 5 Tips

ICONIC LIFE'S tips for how to improve your golf swing
Ready your putter and take note of these golf swing basics to elevate your skills.

The famed professional golfer, Arnold Palmer says, “Success in this game depends less on strength of body than strength of mind and character.” He may be correct, but to really elevate your game it also takes a practiced and poised swing. Even impeccable golf equipment can’t always make you a better golfer, it’s all about perfecting your swing, and really knowing how to swing a golf club, that is the most important weapon in any golfer’s armory.

Before booking your next golf trip to one of these world-class courses and securing your functional and design-forward golf attire, you will want to make sure you follow these golf swing basics. One small mistake can throw the entire flow of your swing off and could end up costing you the game, so it’s important to make sure you’re getting it absolutely right each and every time. However, this is much easier said than done, and getting your swing to a level of perfection takes time, effort and concentration.

As with most things, there are small intricacies that will help you fine-tune and improve your golf swing. ICONIC has put together five useful tips based on some of our own experience and with guidance from our friends at Birdies Crazy Golf on the golf swing basics that will help you iron out the details and leave your competitors in the dust.

This golf swing basic means that your swing needs to move with a certain level of fluidity, almost like a dance move, and getting the power balance correct from the minute you step up to the ball.

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When you think about how to swing a golf club when it comes to watching the pros, it’s easy to believe that the more power and force you put behind the impact of your swing, the further the ball will travel. However, smacking the ball with a huge amount of force will only lead to a stunted shot that will cause the ball to veer off in the wrong direction. Too much power can also cause you to miss the ball altogether, which is an embarrassing mistake no golfer needs.

These mistakes are usually caused by a misplacement of power, with all of your force going into your arms rather than being distributed evenly throughout your arms, torso and hips. This golf swing basic means that your swing needs to move with a certain level of fluidity, almost like a dance move, and getting the power balance correct from the minute your step up to the ball will ultimately dictate the outcome of the rest of your swing.

So, instead of putting all of the power into your arms, try to concentrate on keeping them steady but fairly relaxed. Shift a bit more power into your torso and hips and move your body with the club on the upswing and downswing. You’ll be surprised at the impact this will have when the club makes contact with the ball.

Proper golf clubs to improve you golf swing


According to Lucas Wald, the professional golfer-turned-teacher, it’s about creating speed in your golf swings, which equals distance, but ensuring you take your time to get there is necessary in perfecting your golf swings making this one of our recommended golf swing basics. Remember that old saying ‘slow and steady wins the race’? Well, the same theory can be applied to your golf swings.

Whilst it’s true that you need to move at a fairly rapid speed when you carry out your golf swings, especially on the downswing, you also need to make sure that you’re not moving so quickly that you’re missing some of the essential movements or are standing in the incorrect position.

When you approach the ball to take your shot, take a moment to observe your surroundings, the direction of the wind and any glare from the sun that might be in your eyes. Use this time to adjust your position accordingly, or to put on some sunglasses in order to give you a clear view of the ball and of the target ahead.

In addition, allow yourself enough time to get your basic golf stance and swing posture correct, then run through your sequence of movements in your head before carrying them out. Taking this time to slow down and approach your swing with some thought will definitely ensure that your golf swings are as effective as possible.


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Another essential golf swing basic is to remember is that it’s super important to make sure that you’re holding your golf club correctly, and with the correct amount of pressure. If your grip is too firm, the flow of the club as you bring it down to meet the ball will be too rigid and could cause a slice. Not enough of a grip, and you could find that you lose possession of the club altogether.

Spend some time practicing at home or at your local golf course to make sure that you’re holding your club in the correct position—not too tightly or too loosely. Taking the time to perfect your grip off the green will give you the chance to get your basic golf swing perfect on every shot next time you head to the golf course.

The less movement there is in your head, the more stable and accurate your shot will be.

How to improve your golf swing now

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Another mistake that a lot of golfers make when they carry out their swing is to look ahead at the target, rather than at the ball itself. Looking at the golf ball ensures that you make contact with it upon impact, and helps to deliver a powerful, square-on shot.

Something that can help you with this is by keeping your head still throughout your swing, all the way through to the follow-through. The less movement there is in your head, the more stable and accurate your shot will be.

To practice this golf stance and swing basic is by keeping your head still and in position by placing a golf tee between your lips and pointing it down towards the golf ball. Keep it pointed towards the ball throughout your backswing, and only move your head towards your target in that split second after you’ve made impact with the ball.

Need more help keeping your eye on the ball? Using a customized ball makes it easy for the golfer to find theirs on the green. The Titleist customizable golf balls let you personalize each ball with a special message, a player number or a brand logo so your ball is easily identifiable.


Golf swing basics and ways to improve it

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Not all of us can be the next Rory McIlroy, who has one of the best golf swings in the sport, so instead of comparing yourself to the best, focus on where you are today, and keep your swing as consistent as you can. Suddenly changing it up will not only result in a negative outcome to your game but could also make you fall back into any bad habits that you’ve worked hard to get rid of.

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Practice makes perfect, so head to the driving range and keep working on following the exact same sequence of movements each time until your basic golf swing becomes second nature. That way you’ll be able to execute a killer shot each time, without any risk of making mistakes and you’ll perfect how to swing a golf club in no time!

The SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor offers real-time practice and a play station, so you can also enjoy the game of golf from the comfort of your own home. The monitor and simulator premium package allows you to customize all of your environmental factors, like monitoring the weather and course conditions, so you can skip the driving range on those cold winter days and swing on your own time.

A golf swing is a highly technical skill to master and getting your swing to a level of perfection that you’re happy with might take a bit of time and patience. However, we’re certain that following these golf swing basics will help you get your swing to an expert level, help lower your handicap and make you king or queen of the green!

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