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how to make healthy coffee with benefits

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If coffee is a great friend of yours, it’s about time you take your friendship to the next level with lots of healthy coffee benefits. And all our picks are available for delivery to your home.

Beyond the beloved caffeine energy boost, wellness pros have found opportunities to make our morning java even more powerful. From superfoods to adaptogens, we rounded up our five favorites to show you how to make healthy coffee loaded with benefits to be among the wellness wonders we’re coveting.

make healthy coffee from home with Vita Cup

Vita Cup Coffee
Adding benefits to your morning cup of Joe does not mean you have to sacrifice convenience! If you love your Keurig©, you’ll love VitaCup. A simple swap with your typical coffee pods, there is a VitaCup healthy coffee blend for whatever benefits interest you, each packed essential vitamins. We love the Genius Blend, for energy and focus, the Probiotic Blend, for digestive health and the Beauty Blend, infused with collagen for hair, skin and nail health.

muchroom healthy coffee from Four Sigmatic

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee
With a list of blends, elixirs and coffee packed with benefits, Four Sigmatic has quickly become one of our favorite wellness brands. Especially the Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Mix with Cordyceps and Chaga. While each coffee mix and blend is packed with various adaptogens which help the body adapt to stress, this particular mix is coffee infused with Lion’s Mane for brain function, stabilized with Chaga for immune support and an adaptogen, wild rhodiola root. Worried your healthy coffee will taste like Mushrooms? Don’t fret, this mix meets the approval of our ICONIC LIFE team, simply mix with your creamer of choice!

Bulletproof healthy coffee from home

Bulletproof Coffee
It would be nearly impossible that you have not yet heard of Bulletproof Coffee, whether you’re familiar with the benefits, and know how to make healthy coffee, the lifestyle or have just heard the name it has truly become a wellness phenomenon. Packed with collagen for hair, skin and nail and a boost of protein, zero sugar, brain octane oil to curb cravings and fuel your body with fat burning energy, grass fed butter for higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids and more. We love the Bulletproof Cold Brew Coffee for convenience!


The Laird Superfood Creamer is a newly found favorite of our ICONIC LIFE publisher, who loves the Cacao flavor in her morning coffee.

Laird Superfood Creamer
The Laird Superfood Creamer is a newly found favorite of our ICONIC LIFE publisher, who loves the Cacao flavor in her morning coffee. We love finding simple ways to incorporate healthier choices into our lifestyle and this powder creamer is a super simple swap with your typical coffee creamer! It’s made from all-natural whole food ingredients like raw, cold-pressed cacao, MCTs, no artificial flavors or refined sugar, organic extra virgin coconut oil, turmeric and more.

ICONIC TIP: A frother is a great way to blend your creamer into your healthy coffee.

Laird Superfood healthy coffee creamer
La Colombe Coffee healthy coffee

La Colombe Draft Latté
While we love a good health benefit, we certainly consider convenience as a benefit. Which is why we love the La Colombe Draft Latté, made with lactose-free milk, cold-pressed espresso and naturally sweetened. If an iced latté is your drink of choice, this healthy coffee is a must-have in your fridge. It’s convenient without sacrificing the texture and frothy foam layer of your favorite latté, plus it packs 9 grams of protein!

how to make healthy coffee from home with Glowing Fridge

Make Your Own
Already have a specific coffee brand you love? No worries, you can whip up your very own coffee with benefits at home and we’ll show you how to make healthy coffee. Head to your nearest health-food store and stock up on superfood powders like cacao, maca, turmeric and coconut oil to make your own morning elixir! We love this Superfood Coffee Elixir from The Glowing Fridge.

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