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For anyone in a creative career or who enjoys creative work for sheer fun, the most challenging part can be finding inspiration. In the book “House Industries: The Process Is the Inspiration,” the question “Where do you find inspiration?” is answered! An illustrative collection of stories and helpful tips, this book covers a wide array of topics like fashion, graphic design and even space technology.

The 400-page book embraces the authentic and irreverent style of House Industries, an American designer since 1993 with a focus in drawing, painting and lettering. House’s work is on display in a permeant collection in the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. The brand’s book explains that you do not have to wait for inspiration to strike, because there’s already inspiration waiting for you.

House turns numerous less-than-elite sources of inspiration into pure visual gold and platinum.

American contemporary artist and founder of the Obey clothing brand Shepard Fairey praises the House book for making complex creative topics easy to understand.

“House Industries display elite talent and craft in their design, illustration and production, but the real magic is that they are alchemists. If you get that alchemy means taking non-precious metals and turning them into gold and platinum, then you’ll understand it when I say that House turns numerous less-than-elite sources of inspiration into pure visual gold and platinum.

“It is easy for artists and designers to be precious, cryptic and mysterious while peddling themselves as speakers of a language too smart for the rest of us to understand. However, it takes real courage to do what House Industries does: speak a common, if not universal, language but in such an elevated, powerful and elegant way, that it reminds us how exhilarating it is to see a mastery of both the dominant and sub-cultural visual vernacular,” says Shepard.

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