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Best Tech Home Office Must Haves!

best home office tech 2020

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So, we aren’t beaming our clients into our home offices like the Jetson’s, but some of the modern innovation we hoped to see is here.

Ilive a blessed life where I enjoy both a home office and business office environment, and truth be told, I’m wicked productive from my home office. That’s why I get excited when I find technology to make me even more productive and efficient. Plus, I’m a little geeky about gadgets that make my life better. Here are a few of my favorite home office must-haves.

Felix Gray blue blocking glasses

Felix Gray

To kick off our list of home office must-haves, we’re starting with eye protection! We’re just starting to really talk about what all this screen light from our phones, computers and tablets are doing to our health, particularly our sleep. Simply put, that blue light emitted from our devices tricks our bodies into not following the natural rhythm to get tired as it gets dark outside interrupting our sleep or even the ability to fall asleep. Felix Gray Blue Blocking Glasses have blue-blocking lenses that filter out some of this light. Don’t wear them in the morning, as you want as much natural light as possible, but as the day goes on, these should be what you wear when you are in front of your computer and other glowing work-from-home equipment. As the day goes on, you might opt for amber-colored glasses, even stronger for nighttime use. These glasses come in non-Rx, prescription and readers, so there are strengths for everyone.

I love having lists up on my white board as I work and leading a meeting with a white board amplifies my ability to communicate and share with others.

Kaptivo best home office tech 2020


Sometimes you don’t need the coolest gadgets to get the job done. So don’t even get me started on how much I love my whiteboards! Yes, I used the plural of that word. I love having lists up on my white board as I work and leading a meeting with a white board amplifies my ability to communicate and share with others. For years, my daily white board use was matched with iPhone shots of the board to save.

Well, that is so yesterday as smart whiteboarding has gotten more sophisticated and much more affordable. Plus, you can use any white board with Kaptivo, which is a smart-capture of my existing whiteboard with a camera that looks like a showerhead. I can save images, lead live meetings with sharing and email a progression of the whiteboard session with several images in a row. My meeting attendees in the room or out of town can all see my board via their computers or phones.


phone soap best home office tech

Photo by Jackie Mercandetti

We wrote about PhoneSoap previously as it is a home office must-have that you’ll wish you bought sooner. It’s such a simple solution to a super germy problem that it’s worth repeating, and since our story, I think I’ve personal purchased five or six as gifts for germaphobe friends and family members. With all the places your phone goes, it needs a bath…sanitization for sure. The UV light kills up to 99.99 percent of the bacteria and germs on your phone, better than any other disinfectant. Plus, this device serves as a charger, too.

mophie wireless charging pad best tech 2020


I’m loving this compact Mophie Wireless Charging Pad that recharges my iPhone or the wireless charging case for Airpods. Just put your device on the pad to get a steady charge, no plugging. Plus, it makes my office look more high tech.

best home office tech scan snap


If you need to scan a full-page document, there is no easier way than with the ScanSnap Evernote Edition. You can scan a photo, drawing or business card as well. Push one button and your scanned image goes into your Evernote inbox for easy organization. We love that it doesn’t take up as much space as a traditional scanner. Once you start using it, you’ll be scanning every day.

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