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Happy Healthy Hair

Lush Shampoo
This concentrated puck of shampoo from Lush is brimming with essential oils and fresh ingredients to keep your hair happy and healthy.

Shampoo with no container may sound like a mess waiting to happen, but the Lush Seanick solid shampoo bar eliminates the need for a plastic bottle. By making it a solid, Lush reduces the environmental impact of their hair care and saves unnecessary plastics from entering landfills. One shampoo bar also contains enough product to replace up to three 350 milliliter bottles of traditional liquid shampoo, for 80 total washes.

Lush has 10 different varieties of solid shampoo bars, including Seanick, which is made with nourishing ingredients from the sea. Japanese nori seaweed and Irish moss seaweed combine to soften the hair, while the added sea salt gives much needed body and volume to flat hair. Mineral-rich sea salt is not only great at giving volume, but it’s also effective for softening and deep cleansing your scalp’s skin.

The brand describes the scent as, “soft florals with a touch of bright lemon; like laundry hanging to dry in the sun.”

Lemon oil is also added to provide a lustrous shine and fresh smell. For a natural scent, Lush includes a blend of floral oils that keeps your hair subtly fragrant all day long. The brand describes the scent as, “soft florals with a touch of bright lemon; like laundry hanging to dry in the sun.” When choosing ingredients, Lush only purchases from suppliers who do not test on animals, and their finished product is not tested on animals.

How do you use a solid shampoo? Simply rub your hands against the bar to create a lather, or directly in your hair, massage and then rinse. Since the bar is a solid instead of a liquid shampoo, it’s ideal for travel because there won’t be concern over messy spills. Lush has reusable tins that perfectly fit the shampoo bars for easy organization and transport. When you’re using your shampoo bar at home, you can simply keep it somewhere dry with drainage when it’s not in use.

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