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Publisher’s Letter | Loving Going Back to School for Life


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Publisher Renee Dee shares her point of view on going back to school and becoming a life-long learner.

I love back-to-school time even more than the start of a new year. While I’m no longer in school, the beginning of the season inspires me. There are new things to learn, new events to attend and new “kids” to meet going back to school sans the cafeteria and banging lockers.

If you’re not learning, you’re not growing.

I have had a new perspective on education since I finished college, and I am embracing the joy of being a life-long learner, but in a self-driven way. I am seeing the same thing mirrored in my son. His head is buried in books for the first time ever, and he’s learning so much from online resources.

To use his words, “I’m seeking wisdom, mom, and things that I really need to know. I want to learn things that really matter to me, that I can use and apply to my life.” And it was exciting to see him embrace learning in real life.

Like my son, I am loving the opportunity to learn more about things that interest me. I just completed an interview with two space pioneers who lived in Biosphere 2 about 30 years ago. Now, I must read their book and learn more. I’m a little obsessed with finally becoming a great griller, and I’m burning through cookbooks and videos!

If you’re not learning, you’re not growing.

I can’t stop talking about MasterClass, it’s like going back to school, where luminaries in every field teach us about their lives and their journeys to success. Early in the pandemic, I binged MasterClass more than anything. The bite-size lessons, the snappiness of the content and the draw of the instructors makes me feel like traditional education could take a cue here.

I’ve even gained education from the arts—who didn’t learn something new about American history from Hamilton? And who is eager to see the Van Gogh immersive experience?

I’m a big podcast lover—even producing my own podcast—and I make my car my mobile university, learning between meetings. I don’t really read fiction, I’m more of a health and wellness, cookbook, leadership, personal development kind of reader, and I approach my books with more enthusiasm than any textbook I read going back to school.

For sure, I worked hard in school and enjoyed it, and I value that awesome foundation of my education. However, the real joy and adventure of all there is to learn in life year after year? The best is yet to come!

Find something to inspire you, teach you or motivate you today in pursuit of a life Lived Beautifully.

With Gratitude,

Renee M. Dee

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