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Gifts for the Important Support People in Your Life

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Tis the season for gift giving. Here are some adorable gifts to give to those important people in your life. 

Shopping season is finally upon us! It’s time to stock up on tape, wrapping paper and bows and get in the spirit for gift giving. What’s better than seeing massive grins on the faces of the important support people as they unwrap their gifts? Probably nothing, but, I think we can all admit we have been stumped before when trying to figure out that perfect gift for the important people in our lives.

In an attempt to aid in this year’s seasonal shopping fiasco, I have listed some small gifts for the important support people that help make our everyday lives a little bit easier. 


For Travelers

Got friends or family who never seem to stay in one place for long periods of time? Why not make their traveling excursions easier with this next gift?

gifts for important support people travel gift


The Carry On Pro Plus by Monos is a handy and sleek carry-on suitcase that has a plethora of organization and handy features such as a front opening compartment made special for laptops and flat essentials. The handy suitcase that will make traveling a breeze for the important support people in your life. 

For Self Care Fanatics

We have important support people in our lives who take pride in their morning and nightly self-care routines. Whether they have a two step routine or 20, here is a gift that is sure to elevate their self-care experience.


The Keenray Towel Warmer is a great gift for anybody who values relaxation and is wanting to take their post-shower or bath time to another level. Simply place the towel into the bin and press the button that activates the warming process, jump in the shower and when you get out wrap yourself up in a luxurious warm towel, there is also a scented aroma that you can place in the warmer so your towel is not only feeling great, but smelling great, too.


For the Michelin-Star Home Chefs 

For those who are crafty in the kitchen, a new kitchen utensil or tool to aid in their concoctions would be perfect for the important support people in your life. Whether they cook regularly or for special occasions this gift is sure to put a smile on their face. 

gifts for important support people


The Courtly Check Enamel Utensil Set  by MacKenzie-Childs elevates the style of your cooking tools. These beautiful pieces will look amazing showcased on a countertop rather than stored in a drawer and are an easy conversation starter with the family on the holidays. Your cooking lovers will not only have dishes they’re proud of, but tools they’re proud to use as well. 


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