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Get Your Hot Chocolate On

On a chilly day, nothing is better than cozying up with loved ones with a cup of freshly made hot chocolate. The Hotel Chocolat Velvetisers–Copper Edition makes it even easier to enjoy hot chocolate weather by creating indulgent chocolate drinks and lattes in as little as 2.5 minutes. The best part is that Hotel Chocolat uses no powders or syrups in their chocolate beverages, only real chocolate flakes.

The in-home hot chocolate machine comes with a sampling of every flavor of hot chocolate the brand has to offer, including classic 70-percent chocolate and cooling peppermint tamed with 70-percent dark chocolate. There’s a total of 10 different comforting single-serve flavors to pick from, designed specifically to use with the Velvetiser.

In addition to the hot chocolate, each Velvetiser machine comes with two ceramic Podcups worth $25 and a one-year full parts and labor guarantee. To use the machine, simply add your liquid of choice, whether it be dairy, plant-based milk or even water, add your single-serve hot chocolate and press the button. With that press of the button, you’ll be able to enjoy a barista-style hot chocolate drink from the comfort of your home.

The creator of the in-home hot chocolate machine, Hotel Chocolat, first opened its doors as a chocolate shop in North London in 2004. Now the chocolate brand has expanded to encompass more than 103 shops, cafés and restaurants, three Copenhagen boutiques and a hotel in the Caribbean. Their hotel is housed on the working farm where Hotel Chocolat grows their own cacao—and the brand is one of the few chocolate makers in the world to do so. The chocolate makers follow their vision of “More Cacao, Less Sugar,” which results in some of the most decadent chocolate out there.

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