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Wellness Tips from CoupleyFit to Transform your Lifestyle

Coupley Fit founders share wellness tips for transformative lifestyle changes.

How many times have you tried a restrictive diet in your life? If you’re the average American, you’ve tried several. In fact, the average person in the United States has tried 126 ‘fad diets,’ according to a poll

If this situation sounds familiar, it’s not actually you. It’s the diet.

“When we have people that come to us say I’ve been keto, for example, one thing that I ask is ‘Do you think that this lifestyle that you’re living currently is sustainable? Do you think that this is something that you can do every day for the rest of your life?’” Co-founder of CoupleyFit, Deanna Mangum, says.

A person sticks to a restrictive diet for six days before abandoning ship on average, according to the same poll. But it’s not about discipline, it’s about sustainability.

Leading a healthy lifestyle is just that—a full way of life. Social influencers and founders of CoupleyFit, Deanna and Kurt Mangum, have a better answer for you.


We had the amazing opportunity to chat with this inspirational couple in a recent podcast in ICONIC Hour where Deanna and Kurt shared some amazing wellness tips to help us learn how to simply and sustainably transform your life for a healthier you. Check it out below.


Kurt has his Master’s in Sports Science and Deanna is a Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant and Transformational Specialist. Although both are accomplished athletes, the two come from different backgrounds when it comes to approaches to wellness tips.

“For me personally, growing up in Michigan in the Midwest, I grew up in a household where you didn’t leave the table until you cleaned your plate,” Kurt told us. “There were many nights I would be at the dinner table past my bedtime because I didn’t clean that plate, so that routine and that mindset really stuck with me.”

Deanna’s family had a different approach. The daughter of collegiate athletes, Deanna’s family was naturally very active and gravitated toward healthy yummy recipes. 


These differences are what made Deanna and Kurt focus on generational health. Wellness tips that will have a lasting effect. Not only on children, but to the people around you too, which is how CoupleyFit started.

Around eight years ago, Kurt was working at a cafe in the Sky Harbor airport and would bring meal prep lunches. It caught the eye of a coworker, Marisella, who wanted to get healthy but wasn’t sure where to start. She asked Kurt to sit down with her to share his wellness tips.

A certified nutritionist, Kurt included Deanna and they shared their wellness tips with each other. It made all the difference, in fact, they noticed over the next year, Marisella dropped more than 70 pounds. Of course, other coworkers noticed and wanted to know the “secret” to her success. The demand only grew, and that’s what brought about CoupleyFit.

“That was really the catalyst, the start of us launching CoupleyFit. It was very organic, it just started by both of us having that same desire for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle and ended up being this synergy all the way across the board,” Kurt says.


Simplicity and sustainability is the philosophy behind CoupleyFit. The path to a transformation is one small SWAN step, a term coined by the couple.

SWAN stands for sleep, water, activity and nutrition. The idea is to think about each category and start writing down small goals you want to achieve.

“That was really the catalyst, the start of us launching CoupleyFit. It was very organic, it just started by both of us having that same desire for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle and ended up being this synergy all the way across the board,” Kurt says.

“We want to simplify and make it digestible,” Kurt told us. “So, when we say get your SWAN on, if you get a little bit more sleep, a little more water, a little bit more activity and a little bit more nutrition, which is just eating a little bit healthier or smaller meals more, we saw that people would transform.”


Deanna says it’s as simple as reflecting on the day before and thinking about what you want to accomplish today. Maybe you drank one bottle of water yesterday, so today, your goal would be to drink two. Or, maybe you didn’t get many vegetables in your diet yesterday, so try to incorporate some today. 

“It’s those small changes that add up and you’ll see over time that even just taking a water break in between zoom calls, just little changes like that and also celebrating those changes and giving yourself a pat on the back,” Deanna says.

Another important aspect: Having a buddy, someone who can help motivate and hold you accountable. 

“It isn’t just your spouse, it can be your pet, it can be your child, it can be your best friend,” says Kurt. “Using SWAN, after 21 days, people create a routine and start to self correct. They’ll say things like ‘I see that every time my dog wakes up and goes by the door, that means it’s time for us to go for a walk and I’m getting active that way’ It creates these habits and changes into routines.”

From athletes to personal trainers and nutritionists for boot camps, churches and corporations, Deanna and Kurt have now focused on being digital content creators. 

“One of the things we wanted from the beginning was to connect with people everywhere,” says Kurt. I think about all the people we’ve touched and in speaking engagements we’ve done in schools and things like that,  and we are grateful to be able to give the wellness tips and offer access to anyone that needs it.”

The two share yummy recipes, exercises, wellness tips and more through their Instagram. It’s your resource to find ways to get your SWAN on and change your life–all from the comfort of home.

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