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First Lady | At Home with Trish Coury

photography courtesy of MARK SACRO and REAL ESTATE PHOTO CO

Trish in Orange County
Everything starts somewhere! Thank you to my first friend in OC.

Indeed, all things have a beginning, like a wonderful foundation of friends. First, there was Trish Coury and soon her husband, Mike Gustafson, who introduced me to the community in Orange County and today, now look where we are! I’m so grateful for their generosity and friendship.

While we met in 2013, Coury’s time in Orange County took root in 2001 after attending USC. Born in Arizona, Coury met her then-to-be husband Mike, who attended ASU. They were married in 2010, and today they are active in the charitable community, the business community and in their church, to which they are devoted. 

This dynamic businesswoman is president of a family-owned business, after working in real estate in one of the hottest markets in the country. Gustafson is in commercial real estate, where he has seen great success. Together, they have two fur family members, Crystal and Scarlette, and are grateful for the lifestyle that Orange County affords them.

Trish in Orange County

We had the opportunity to visit with them recently and wanted to share the inspiration for their lovely Orange County home—with their beautiful kitchen cabinetry done by Cabinets by C&F—where they’ve enjoyed living over the last decade. 

“Our home represents who we are, how we live, why we care and what we love most about life,” Coury says.

ICONIC LIFE: What inspired the design perspective of your home? 

Coury: Travel! We have had the opportunity to spend time in so many beautiful destination locations where cultural, architectural and interior finish choices have transformed our vision of what our home could become. We like to combine elegant design with mementos from our travels and plenty of family photos.

Trish home

We have had the opportunity to spend time in so many beautiful destination locations where cultural, architectural and interior finish choices have transformed our vision of what our home could become.

ICONIC LIFE: Which room is your home is your favorite and why?

Coury: Our dining room is my comfort space, where elegance and style are best showcased. If you were to ask my husband, he would likely point to the family room where warmth, comfort and stylish finishes surround the room.

ICONIC LIFE: What décor piece in your home is the most meaningful to you? 

Coury: Our dining room table, a family heirloom which showcases my family’s heritage and style. We have had many family meals and countless chef-inspired dishes served on that table for more than 30 years.

Trish Dinning Table

ICONIC LIFE: How does your home lend itself to entertaining, and what do you love the most about entertaining at home?

Coury: The entry and grand foyer sets the tone for our home. The spiral staircase sets the backdrop to the 30-foot ceiling and domed skylight above the foyer. The area is flanked by the gourmet kitchen, living room and family room, where we do most of our entertaining. The exterior patio spaces are simply an extension of the kitchen and living areas where the rooms join. A Hestan grilling center and Alfresco pizza oven make outdoor entertaining fun! Whether inside or out, the interior’s oversized rooms and large exterior gathering area make entertaining magical. 

ICONIC LIFE: What was your inspiration?

Coury: A collaboration of metropolitan influences that offer a sense of grace, elegance and an elevated level of sophistication. Our home creates a sense of balance with an emphasis in contrast, rhythm and scale. We find it comfortable, relaxed and filled with wonderful memories.


Trish house

ICONIC LIFE: You are super community involved. What are you most passionate about?

Coury: We are so very blessed to have the life we do. It’s our honor and privilege to give back to the community, especially St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, which I have been involved with for more than 15 years. I am also dedicated to StandUp For Kids and Lung Cancer Foundation of America, and I am on the Board of Directors for both organizations. 

ICONIC LIFE: What do you love about living in Newport Beach?  

Coury: So many things! The weather is great! We are close to shopping, our favorite restaurants and the beach. Plus it’s an easy drive to visit family and friends.

Trish yard
Trish house

ICONIC LIFE: What is ICONIC to you about Orange County?

Coury: OC offers sun-filled days and cool nights year-round—truly a destination experience. With its sophisticated charm, world-class dining and numerous beaches, it is easy to see why Orange County is considered a top-ten getaway location and a great place to call home. We feel blessed to be here.       

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