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Fashion Giants Enter the World of Furniture Design

luxury fashion brand Fendi Hero

Fendi Casa Sandia Sofa by Toan Nguyen

Discover the household name fashion brands that are entering the luxury furniture market.

IIt seems now more than ever that we are seeing ICONIC brands and entrepreneurs venture into new industries. Sam Fox entered the hospitality industry with the opening of The Global Ambassador, Kylie Jenner ventured into the retail clothing industry with her newest brand Khy. Now, luxury retail giants who have mastered the craft of clothing, shoes and accessories are beginning to make their mark on the furniture industry.


Household luxury fashion brand names such as Fendi, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Versace have created their own furniture lines that channel their brand identity into furniture. Each line is distinctly different and meticulously crafted. Any of these pieces would make for wonderful and inspiring statement pieces in a home.

Fendi Casa Efo Coffee Table designed by Peter Mabeo


Fendi Casa is the home furnishings and decor branch of the luxury fashion brand, Fendi. The inspiration behind Fendi Casa is to pervade places with the authentic and innovative spirit that Fendi is made of. In a partnership with Design Holding and other luxury designers such as, Atelier Oi, Toan Nguyen, Chiara Andreatti, Marcel Wanders, Peter Mabeo and others. Fendi Casa redefines luxury in a way that speaks to the home, a place where emotion and aesthetic collide. With homage to the logo and architecture of the Fendi headquarters architecture, the Fendi Casa line is distinct and sleek, yet artful with beautiful arches and curves that translate to highly innovative furnishings. 

Louis Vuitton Mirror Bomboca Couch by Campana Brothers

Louis Vuitton: 

The fashion brand to enter into the luxury furniture market is Louis Vuitton. As the number one luxury fashion brand in the world, it is no surprise that Louis Vuitton made the decision to dip their creative toes into the furniture industry. With abstract furniture pieces that boast color and high end design, Louis Vuitton has broken the barrier of what furniture should look like and created out-of-the-box designs fit for the modernists and art appreciators. For the Objets Nomades line, Louis Vuitton partnered with various highly acclaimed designers companies like Atelier Oi, Campana Brothers, Frank Chou, Raw Edges and more. 




If opulence was a brand it would be Versace. This luxury fashion brand is known for their extravagant patterns and gold accents, this brand is a staple in the realm of luxury. Their furniture line echoes that identity into finely crafted furniture that captivates attention and commands a room. Their use of branded accents on the furniture, superb materials and heritage patterns make the Versace furniture easily recognizable in a space. With precision, attention to detail and an artful touch the Versace furniture line is one that exudes opulence and sophistication.

Luxury Fashion Brand Hermès

Hermès Sarazine Table Lamp designed by Jean-Michel Sarazin


The elegance and timelessness of Hermès is something that is adored and sought after by many. The furniture line reflects these characteristics with smooth edges, clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic. With a high emphasis on sustainability, Hermès builds its furniture to last and be passed on through generations. Not only does Hermès craft their pieces to look sleek, comfort is also in the foreground when it comes to the design. The furniture is designed to be suitable for any buyer and fit well in any home regardless of the style or aesthetic. 

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