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Explore the Kallos Furniture Collection by Paul Rene at Bentley Gallery

Photography by Paul Moore

Art By: Michael Marlowe

Paul Rene Furniture Kallos Collection at Bentley Gallery Hero

Paul Moore

Inspired by greek philosophy, Paul Rene Furniture showcases their latest Kallos furniture Collection at the Bentley Gallery. 

The best accomplishments are often the ones created over time. It was nearly 30 years ago that Paul Jeffrey, founder of Paul Rene furniture in Phoenix, began his career as a designer of concept cars for Ford Motor Company. Today, Jeffrey is an inspiring creative and pioneer in the furniture design industry.

The award-winning company recently presented The Paul Rene Kallos Collection at the acclaimed Bentley Gallery in Phoenix. Jeffrey says the collection captures what it means to be home. “This furniture line is our attempt to help make a house a home by redefining what home is,” he notes. “We all live in a house, but do we have a home? Home is a sacred place where we find peace, love and acceptance.”

The Kallos Collection utilizes the components of what the ancient Greeks believed beauty to consist of symmetry, proportion and harmony. Kallos is a culmination of the beauty of physical appearance and virtue of the soul, says Jeffrey. It strives to evoke that feeling through unique shapes, colors and proportions. The new line features nine dining and living room pieces.

“We decided 18 months ago that we were finally going to pull the trigger on the furniture line,” Jeffrey says. “A few months ago, a friend of mine who is a sculptor met Bentley Calverley, owner of Bentley Gallery. During their conversation, he mentioned that I was getting ready to open a showroom down the street from her.

Calverley exclaimed: “I know Paul, and I love his work.” She further shared that she’d provide artwork for Paul Rene’s showroom down the street from the Bentley Gallery. 

“I was flattered that Bentley knew of Paul Rene Furniture. A few weeks later, I got the invitation to meet with her. Then, I got a call from her gallery manager that she would like to debut my furniture line in her gallery. I was floored by that invitation. In fact, it moved me.”

Paul Jeffery with Paul Rene Furniture

Rob Ballard


Throughout Jeffrey’s career, he persevered and built his empire into what it is today. Great things aren’t built overnight, but “when magical things happen, it’s like a miracle,” he says.

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