Wondrous Wardrobes | Creating Your Dream Closet

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Wondrous Wardrobes | Creating Your Dream Closet

Photography courtesy of eggersmann Studio Scottsdale

From the classiest of closets to the most wondrous of wardrobes, a beautiful and functional closet can transform your bedroom.

From the lighting to the shelving, the mirrors to the decor details, so much can be done to make a closet feel like a luxury retreat. We sought out the experts in crafting wondrous wardrobes—eggersmann Studio Scottsdale—to learn all about transforming an ordinary closet into a functional and beautiful space.

Located in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale, eggersmann brings luxury German craftsmanship to the area, offering bespoke living and organizational solutions for every room of the home.

“We have the ability to do a lot of custom things with fabric and leather details, the hardware and the lighting,” Hugus says. “Whatever the client might be displaying in their wardrobe we specify exactly where the lighting is placed, it’s tailored to what they want and need.”

Bringing your soul and interests into your wardrobe, eggersmann offers wardrobes by Schmalenbach Designs, working with clients to personalize the space to make dressing and attire a special occasion.

“We do a lot of custom jewelry inserts that are tailored to the amount of earrings you have,” Hugus says. “We also offer a lot of customization when it comes to hat storage—our clients may collect hats or have a lot of hats from different businesses that they may be a part of. We have a really cool electronic storage piece that spins 360 degrees so that you can have, say, 12 hats on this piece, push the remote and it spins around and you can grab the hat that you want to wear, and it also displays them at the same time.”


Your wardrobe should not only be a display of your favorite clothing and accessories, but should work for you and make your life easier—that’s why eggersmann focuses on both form and function.

“We offer electronic pull-down rods, so you can have storage way up high but not have to worry about reaching it. You access it by a push of a button,” Hugus says.

For the more sentimental or expensive items in your collection that you want to keep safeguarded, protect it with a Bluetooth lock that only you can access.

“We offer electronic Bluetooth locks, so if you want to have a lock on a particular cabinet where you might be afraid of somebody like stealing your handbags you can simply add a Bluetooth lock to that to that particular door,” Hugus says, “You can access the lock from your phone and unlock the door.”

Or, go a step further and install a hidden safe within your wardrobe.


“We offer hidden electronics safes,” Hugus says. “You can have a leather panel raised and lowered in front of a safe so that your valuables are hidden away and no one would ever be able to find them.”

From hidden safes to wine coolers, there’s no end to the customization options when it comes to creating the perfect walk-in wardrobe.

“It’s anything you can imagine, that’s what makes it fun and that’s why people come to us,” Hugus says. “As long as we can draw it, we can do it, which is what makes us unique and what makes us special.”

This story is sponsored by our friends at eggersmann Scottsdale Studio Showroom.

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