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Twist & Shake | Mythical Cocktails from DrnxMyth

DrnxMyth Cocktails
DrnxMyth is changing the way we make cocktails at home.

Forget the days of mixing your own cocktails. DrnxMyth offers an innovative way to enjoy a fresh cocktail with the brand’s unique, patented “twist to mix” bottle technology.

In the bottom chamber of each DrnxMyth bottle, there is cold-pressed, fresh juice with no preservatives or artificial flavors. Simply twist the bottom chamber, shake to mix the fruit juice with the above spirits and tinctures, and pour over ice for a fresh cocktail for two.

DrnxMyth’s unique bottle is the brainchild of co-founders and cocktail aficionados Brandon Schwartz and Lawrence Cisneros, who became friends after meeting in college.

“We always wanted to start a business together,” says Schwartz. “We talked about the prospect of starting up a bar centered around all these fresh juices, but ​​I wasn’t the type to be able to build a lifestyle business like a bar. We quickly thought about how we could bottle this up—no pun intended—but that’s what led us to the idea.”

DRNXMYTH Cocktails

Their goal was to package a craft cocktail that has the same quality and freshness as one you can order at the bar.

“We went to the store and did some competitive analysis on the other businesses in the market,” Schwartz says. “It was cans, cream-mixed liquids, preservatives, colorants, no fresh juice, and the taste just isn’t quite as what you’d get with your favorite bartender.”

Each DrnxMyth cocktail flavor variety is created by a different notable bartender from around the country, which is where the inspiration for the bottle’s unique name comes from. The brand has 14 different flavors to choose from, the most popular and best-selling of which are Bourbon Sour, Strawberry Mojito, Rum Punch and East Side.

“We like centering the bartenders, but we didn’t wanna call it ‘Bartender,’ and we tried to think of some other terms that are similar,” Schwartz says. “DrnxMyth is the one that came to mind—it’s always been something that felt kind of mythical.

DrnxMyth cocktails are available for local delivery via their website, and the convenient bottle is a popular choice for virtual happy hours, events or team meetings.

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