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Dr. Jesse Greer

Dr. Jesse Greer, a Scottsdale native, is a visionary in preventive healthcare. His career has taken him from the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to the front lines in Afghanistan as a Special Forces physician and Green Beret, delivering care to some of the most elite soldiers in the world. These experiences have provided him with a unique perspective on the importance of proactive health management and have fueled his passion for democratizing and personalizing preventative healthcare.

After his military service and work at a large medical facility, Dr. Greer founded Preamble in his hometown of Scottsdale. The mission for Preamble was to prioritize proactive patient care, emphasizing prevention and performance enhancement over merely providing temporary solutions. Preamble’s healthspan and longevity membership program tackles the phenomenon of Medicine 3.0, addressing the imperative need for a revolution within the healthcare industry where, traditionally, American healthcare has operated reactively. 

At the moment, as it has been for as long as we remember, symptoms present, diagnoses are made, and treatments are prescribed. This model, while essential for acute medical issues, often overlooks the power of prevention. The cost? A society burdened by chronic diseases, many of which are preventable with early intervention and lifestyle adjustments. As just one example, approximately 97.6 million American adults have prediabetes, which is more than one in three adults​. By 2025, it’s projected that 53.1 million Americans will have diabetes​. Effective screening could significantly reduce the Type II diabetes diagnoses.

Catching Health Problems Before They Catch Us

Preventative medicine—using strategies tailored to individual health profiles and predictive data—promises a future where illness can be intercepted before it takes root. Preamble is dedicated to proactive rather than reactive healthcare, focusing on improving performance and helping people live longer, happier lives. The program offers aging-aware patients cutting-edge health assessments and data-driven clinical care. This approach enables patients to see into their future, discover potential health risks, and learn how to get ahead of these problems through a high-touch program. 

The Preamble Process

Preamble’s comprehensive approach begins with a detailed Patient Evaluation. This includes a thorough examination encompassing over 60 biomarkers in a blood test panel, an InBody scan that provides a body composition analysis, monitoring of blood pressure, and the configuration of wearable technology, such as a glucose monitor. These elements help the medical team understand the individualized functioning of each patient’s body.

The next step is the Health Intelligence Report. Patients receive a detailed report that applies data collected during the evaluation to show an honest assessment of their current health status. This report covers key healthspan systems, including preventable death risk, metabolic health, hormones, body composition, fitness, and overall well being.

With this information in hand, patients then engage in the Healthspan Strategy Build and Risk Profile. During this phase, they meet with the medical team to review and establish health priorities. Together, they build exercise, nutrition, and various lifestyle strategies, setting a plan that is reviewed quarterly.

Preamble also emphasizes ongoing education. The medical team guides patients on the health issues affecting them the most, providing resources and support for continuous improvement. This is complemented by regular reassessments, where critical markers are retested after six months to document optimal health and catch any new issues as soon as they surface. Patients also receive an annual executive physical and reevaluation to ensure they remain on track.

For those seeking even more comprehensive support, Preamble offers advanced membership options. The Co-Pilot program offers the most extensive support, including unlimited access to the medical team and specialists, advanced treatment protocols, prescription management, and in-depth testing, such as DEXA scans. This tier also includes the use of wearable technology for continuous health tracking, frequent check-ins, and biometric evaluations. Co-Pilot members benefit from quarterly evaluations, hormone replacement, weight loss support, advanced risk mitigation, and performance therapy.

A Proactive Approach to Health

Embracing preventative medicine is more than a shift in healthcare; it’s a commitment to a healthier society. It’s about making a choice to invest in our future well-being, rather than accepting the inevitability of disease and dependence on pharmaceutical interventions.

At Preamble, prevention is always better—and cheaper—than a cure. The hyper-personalized health plans and proprietary Health Intelligence Report build a profile that uncovers silent risk factors and discovers opportunities to vastly improve the quality and length of life. This shift not only helps to lower lifetime illness risks but also changes the way we view and experience medicine.

Preamble is paving the way for a future where personalized care is the norm, and individuals are empowered to take control of their wellbeing. Through this detailed and systematic approach, Preamble is redefining the future of healthcare, offering a new paradigm that focuses on prevention, performance, and longevity.

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