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Dolce & Gabbana and Donnafugata’s Exclusive Sicilian Wine Collection

Photography courtesy of Donnafugata

Dolce & Gabbana Wine hero image

Dolce & Gabbana teams with fellow Sicilian artisans, Donnafugata Wine, on a special collection of wines to celebrate Italian craftsmanship and creativity.

Thanks to the wildly popular White Lotus television series, Americans are obsessed with all things Sicily. Just in time for fall and winter fashion unveilings, Sicilian brands Dolce & Gabbana and Donnafugata Wine have teamed up to bring wine and fashion lovers a specially curated collection of Sicilian wine.

While on the surface wine and fashion may not have a lot in common, it’s the idea of transforming a simple thread into haute couture, or a grape into a complex, sublime drink that binds the two worlds  together. Add in a commitment to using only the best ingredients or materials and masterful  craftsmanship, and it’s easy to see the connection.

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Design Details

A whopping 85 percent of people pick a bottle of wine based on the label so you can bet the D&G Donnafugata Collection will fly off the shelves. The fashion brand designed the look of the bottles for the four wines in the exclusive collection drawing inspiration from traditional Sicilian motifs and styles. 

Dolce & Gabbana Logo

For the Rosa and Iolano wines, the Sicilian Cart– an ornate, colorful horse or donkey cart native to the island– served as inspiration. The Cuordilava wine label is a tribute to the source of the grapes, Etna and draws inspiration from the color of lava. The Tancredi pays homage to the 1960s movie “The Leopard,” emphasizing the contrast between tradition and modernity.  

“The partnership with Dolce & Gabbana was born from a deep love for Sicily and a shared passion for attention to detail,” José Rallo, CEO and Co-Founder of Donnafugata Wine says.

Donnafugata’s long-standing association with the art world laid the foundation for this collaboration.”

Sicilian Wine

In the last few years, Sicilian wine has been wowing the industry. No longer in the shadow of the famous Tuscan wine region, Sicily is captivating oenophiles with its grape diversity, quality and cultural heritage. 

The region has over 70 indigenous grape varietals, rich and diverse terroir and a mix of climates all work together to allow the small island to produce a wide variety of wines. Some of the region’s popular varietals that are featured in the Dolce & Gabbana collection include Nero d’Avola, Carricante, and Nerello Mascalese. 

“We have seen Sicily emerging as a leading wine region due to the exceptional quality of the wines, and the captivating stories that are associated with each bottle,” Rallo says. “We take pride in sharing the island’s rich history, traditions, and artistry through our wines to create a unique and compelling narrative that has resonated with wine lovers globally.”


The Donnafugata D&G Collection

Drawing on both brands’ passion for Sicily, craftsmanship and tradition, the four bottles in the Dolce & Gabbana Collection bring wine lovers the culture of the island in the bottle.

The Cuordilava is a fiery red made of 100 percent Nerello Mascalese from Eastern Sicily. The wine exudes an aroma of red fruits, orange zest, plum and both spicy and lavender notes. It has well balanced tannins with elegant minerality. It’s a great pairing with either red meat or beefy mushrooms. The Tancredi is a red blend of native Nero d’Avola, Cabernet Sauvignon and Tannat from southwestern Sicily. The intense red has notes of red fruit and eucalyptus with subtle hints of cocoa and sweet tobacco. Its integrated tannins and structure make it a great wine to age or  let breathe and enjoy the next time you grill out. 

Perfect for a hot Sicilian day, the LIolano is a white Carricante from Eastern Sicily. One smell of its citrus nose accented with Mediterranean herbs, and you’ll be instantly transported to the island. The wine has excellent minerality thanks to the volcanic soil the grapes grow in. Lolano makes for a great pairing with shellfish, fish and vegetarian dishes. 

It was spending a month in the Mediterranean that made me fall in love with rosé wine so it’s no surprise that the Rosa represents the epitome of Sicilian viticulture according to Rallo. Blended from two native grapes, the Nerello Mascalese and Nocera have floral and stone fruit notes and fresh minerality. It’s the ideal wine for your Italian aperitivo.

The partnership between Donnafugata Wine and Dolce & Gabbana is a long-term collaboration with some exciting new things coming in 2024 according to Rallo.

“Unconditional love for Sicily unites Dolce & Gabbana and Donnafugata in a collaboration in which creativity, tradition and innovation are intertwined,” he says. “The result is a collection of wines with a strong Mediterranean personality, extraordinary ambassadors of Sicilian colors, aromas and culture in the world.”

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