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What We’re Craving in October | 6 Best Luxury Bands for Your Apple Watch

List of luxury designer Apple watch bands by ICONIC LIFE

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Looking to add a little luxury touch to your wrist? Check out our list of the best designer Apple Watch bands on the market today!

Whether you’ve adopted a new fitness routine or can’t check your phone during the day, there’s probably a reason to bring a new Apple Watch into your life. Count your steps, quickly check your messages, monitor your heart rate—everything and more done from a device strapped to your wrist.

The watch itself is pretty luxurious, but you know ICONIC LIFE always loves to take things to the next level. We’ve curated a list of fashionable, designer Apple Watch bands so that you can elevate your look and lifestyle.

Whether you’ve adopted a new fitness routine or can’t check your phone during the day, there’s probably a reason to bring a new Apple Watch into your life.

This pink Apple Watch band is one of our favorites! The light, pastel shade adds a pop of color to your outfit without being too in-your-face bold. Crafted in leather with hand-sewn pick stitching, this Tory Burch design is stunning.

designer luxury Apple watch band by Tory Burch

Tory Burch

designer luxury Apple watch bands


Black accessories pair well with most outfits, so we felt it was only necessary to include one in our list of luxury Apple Watch bands. This iconic band is extra-long, wrapping twice around the wrist, creating a unique and stylish look. Designed by artisans in France using buttery-smooth Barenia leather, textured Epsom leather or supple Swift leather.

Last but not least, this watch band known as the Milanese Loop is shiny, gold and magnetic. Designed with 19th Century Milan in mind, the band was woven on specialized Italian machines. The Milanese Loop is fully magnetic, meaning it becomes the perfect fit for any wrist.

designer luxury Apple watch band by Milanese Loop

Milanese Loop

designer luxury Apple watch band by Casetify


Want to really make a statement? Try something red and hot! We love this collection of luxury Apple Watch bands so much we had to include it twice, this time in a much bolder color. Casetify describes it as the world’s first universal adaptor, compatible across Apple Watch Series 1 to 6, and SE and interchangeable with any watch that uses a 20mm or 24mm watch strap.

Crafted from textured polished pebble leather signature to Coach, this choice on our list of luxury bands was made specifically for the use with 38mm Apple Watch. We love the simple, brown shade, as it appears both professional and fashionable.

designer luxury Apple watch band by Coach


luxury designer Apple watch band by Alvear


The Alvear Apple Watch Band is accurately described as a “bold new statement where Technology and Rugged Sophistication intersect.” Alvear uses the same leather crafted by artisans of the company’s belts and other fine leather products—100 percent Premium Vegetable Tanned Cognac Leather.

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