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ICONIC Design Awards Judged by an Illustrious Panel of Design Experts from Around the Country

Meet the judges
For trustworthy results, ICONIC LIFE turned to national design luminaries to name winners.

"Tonight, I reached for the stars with an illustrious panel of judges from around the country. Without any bias, any tampering or preferential treatment, our judges cut to the heart of great design. Thank you to our impressive judges,” Publisher Renee Dee says. It was indeed a grand night and the culmination of a year-long journey to create an event that our design industry deserves and an awards competition with integrity.

“For years, I’ve felt there is room for improvement with awards competitions. Awards shouldn’t be given out in a preferential, biased way, by people who know less about design than the potential recipients of the awards.

“The greatest compliment is to be fairly judged by a jury of peers in a challenging competition that means something when you get an award. We had almost 200 entries in our competition, that means that every level of award has great meaning…to be in the top three of each category is an impressive feat with that field of entrants,” said Dee, who wanted these awards to mean something.

A huge thank you to our 14 judges who gave their time and treasured experience to judge these awards. Meet them here.

 Barclay Butera

Since 1994, Barclay Butera, founder of Barclay Butera Interiors, has been the creative force behind his ICONIC design firm and showroom in Newport Beach, California. Renowned for his approachable elegant and glamorous coastal-chic interiors. He has grown an impressive lifestyle enterprise known and sought after worldwide. He has opened two additional showrooms in Park City, Utah, and Corona del Mar, California. 

Butera’s passion for interior design began two decades ago and the grand architecture across the U.S., Europe and the Far East often inspires him. He readily credits old Hollywood and West Palm Beach among his greatest muses. 

In 2016, Butera achieved an incredible career milestone when he released his “Yacht on Wheels” edition of the Rolls-Royce Dawn at the internationally renowned Concours d’Elegance auto event in Pebble Beach. Butera was also honored as the first designer commissioned to design a room at the prestigious Hearst Castle since William Randolph Hearst hired architect Julia Morgan in 1919. 

Butera’s venture into licensing has landed him partners, including Bradburn Home lighting, Castelle outdoor furniture, Eastern Accents bedding and luxury down, Jaipur Living area rugs, and Kravet indoor and outdoor textiles and carpets. In the fall of 2023, he will launch his seventh furniture collection with Lexington Home Brands. 

A media favorite in print and TV, Butera has appeared on NBC’s Today Show, Extra!, HGTV, and the CBS, ABC and Fox networks. He’s been published in House Beautiful, ELLE DÉCOR, Veranda, Architectural Digest, Traditional Home and Robb Report, among others.

Barclay project

Donna Johnson

Donna Johnson, the visionary behind Luxury-Designer since 1981, is a trailblazer in the international design scene. Johnson has accumulated an impressive portfolio with projects spanning premier resorts, hotels, private residences, and high-end developer projects.

Rooted in a philosophy of collaborative design and principal attention to detail, her work reflects a personalized touch that resonates with her clients’ lifestyles and personalities.

With a background in fine arts, Johnson integrates her designs with a unique flair that marries architecture, art and ecology. Her passion for cultivating sustainable ecosystems and her commitment to exquisite craftsmanship make her a revered figure in the industry. 

Johnson demonstrates vision and creative execution in her sophisticated interiors for an elite clientele encompassing A-listers of entertainment, sports and Fortune 500 companies. As a full-service design firm, Johnson and her team liaise between the developer and architect, developing floor plans, specifying interiors and providing furnishings.

Much of her inspiration is drawn from a diverse mix of architecture from coast to coast, Europe and the Far East, as well as high-fashion runways. With offices in Orange County and Las Vegas, Luxury-Designer is expanding this fall with a new showroom featuring Johnson’s favorite brands and partners.

Donna J project

Sarah Kennedy

Sarah Kennedy, Principal and Director at CLB Architects, is crafting interior environments that pull from  natural surroundings. Sarah Kennedy finds her design inspiration in its sights, smells and sounds. She composes evocative details, furnishings and material palettes in conversation with a specific place, renegotiating the threshold between exterior and interior. 

Raised around the construction industry in Sydney, Australia, Kennedy grew up familiar with the many professionals that contribute to the building process. After spending her youth surfing, she found her way into the design field as a natural extension of her creative intuition, curiosity and love of travel. 

Kennedy received an interior design degree from Australia’s Whitehouse Institute of Design in 2002 and earned an advanced diploma from Design Centre Enmore. She fine-tuned her skills in various professional settings around the world, from Sydney, where she worked in design, space planning and detailing at the interior architecture firm ODCM, to London and New York City, where she managed high-end residential interior projects. Eventually, she returned to Australia, where she worked as a senior interior designer and project manager. 

Drawn by memories of family trips to Wyoming, Kennedy relocated to Jackson, Wyoming and joined CLB in 2017. After six years at the firm, she became a principal, leading the interiors team and working synergistically with architects and contractors to envision holistic, place-inspired projects. 

Kennedy draws on her world travels to forge a uniquely cross-cultural approach to design. Inspired by places as wide-ranging as Japan, Scandinavia, Brazil and the Chilean desert, she filters these experiences through the specifics of a site and into crafting each interior detail. The designer brings her site-sensitive, big-picture approach to every project—from luxury residences to hospitality to retail spaces.

Sarah K project

Donna Mondi

Donna Mondi, leader of Donna Mondi Interior Design, is an acclaimed interior and product designer, is known for fusing classicism with modernity in her designs, beautifying premier resorts, hotels, private residences and upscale developer projects. 

A recipient of numerous ASID Design Excellence Awards, Mondi’s remarkable achievements are a testament to her ability to create bespoke, sophisticated spaces that reflect her client’s vision and lifestyle.

Founded in 2001, DMID is one of Chicago’s top 20 interior design firms, forging spaces with soul. Mondi started the firm with a love for design and a determination to cultivate a truly personalized client experience. As a passionate advocate for developing unique, immersive spaces, her work speaks volumes about her creativity, innovation and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Mondi was inducted into the prestigious Design Leadership Network (DLN) and the Institute of Classical Architecture + Art, underscoring her leadership and influence in the design world. A testament to her indelible mark on the industry, she was inducted into the Leaders of Design Council in 2022, a select group that champions design’s value across various sectors.

She is regularly published in Architectural Digest, Forbes, WSJ Mansion Global, Elle Decor, Luxe Interiors + Design and ICONIC LIFE Magazine.

Donna M Project

Louis Kaufman

With over 35 years of experience, Louis Kaufman, Principal of De Reus Architects, has led and designed a wide range of projects, from bespoke private residences and ranches to cultural, large-scale commercial and institutional projects. His work includes a boutique Norwegian resort hotel above the Arctic Circle and multiple interior environments within the U.S. and around the globe.

Born in Panama, Kaufman grew up in Southern California before moving across the country to attend Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts and eventually graduate from Harvard University. His East Coast experience led to an interest in history and the possibilities of relating design to its context. Eschewing a form-based approach to design, Kaufman sees architecture as an experience.

The architect marries the visible and invisible qualities of the land to carry the story of his clients and their site. His work is noted for its timeless character, emphasizing clarity of purpose, meticulous craftsmanship and quiet poetry.

Kaufman is engaged in all facets of the practice, including design, management and business development. His work on large-scale projects has focused on translating the experience of place through the intimacy of scale and kinesthetic responses to space. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from UCLA and a Master of Architecture from Harvard University.

Louis Project

Brian Korte

Brian Korte, partner at Clayton Korte, is a visionary architect whose designs combine authenticity, practicality and artful innovation. As the firm’s leader, he spearheads projects that encompass residential, ranches and vineyards across California, Hawaii and Texas.

Korte’s commitment to authenticity is evident in his work. This quality has earned him accolades, including the 2011 AIA Institute Honor Award for Interior Architecture for Armstrong Oil and Gas in Denver. Projects such as Saxum Vineyard Equipment Barn, and Hill Country Wine Cave, have received numerous AIA Small Projects Awards, embodying his dedication to well-crafted, regionally sensitive designs.

In February 2020, Korte was elevated to The College of Fellows of The American Institute of Architects, an honor awarded to only 3 percent of all AIA members and acknowledges personal achievements, architectural excellence and architects who have made a significant contribution to architecture and society on a national level.

Armed with a Master of Architecture from The University of Texas at Austin and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Architecture from The University of Texas at San Antonio, his extensive education and affiliations further solidify his status as a respected authority in the field.

Korte has served as a juror for the AIA Small Projects Design Awards, Architizer A+ Awards, Residential Architect Design Awards, Your Modern Cottage Design Awards and others.

Brian Project

Brett Moyer

Brett Moyer, Principal of Richard Beard Architects, is an architect with a passion that runs deep. Moyer approaches his work at Richard Beard Architects as an art form that enhances lives. With a refined aesthetic cultivated over 25 years in the field, Moyer shapes spaces that capture design’s essential and poetic aspects to life. From his roots in Pennsylvania, he embarked on his architectural journey gaining experience at notable firms in San Francisco including Backen & Gillam Architects, and Feldman Architecture. He says a life in architecture is less a career choice than a passion he can’t resist.

His career highlights encompass an array of exceptional human-centered spaces across the U.S. With projects featured in renowned publications like Architectural Digest and Dwell. Moyer’s work is celebrated for its contemporary approach to space, craftsmanship and context. His role at Richard Beard Architects has also helped take the firm’s footprint beyond the Bay Area into Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and Florida.

Moyer’s commitment to collaboration, conceptual rigor and authentic materials has shaped his philosophy. Known for a body of work defined by a contemporary approach to space and a deep understanding of context, Moyer brings connoisseurship to each of his projects, where craftsmanship and warmth combine to shape environments that live well and promote well-being. 

Brett M

Horst Noppenberger

German-born and California-based Horst Noppenberger, AIA and Founder of Horst Architects, is a highly acclaimed architect with an unwavering passion for residential design. Armed with a Bachelor of Architecture from Cal Poly Pomona, his journey has been marked by creativity, innovation and a strong connection to his surroundings.

Horst Architects was founded in 1990. The practice has evolved into a multi-disciplinary group producing work that bridges technology with cultural and environmental awareness. The firm’s approach to design affirms the possibility of fulfilling the client’s requirements while engaging in a spirited and robust dialogue with the project site and adhering to the principal ethos of modernism. This approach leads to spaces characterized by the sculptural interplay of light, material and form.

Noppenberger’s work at Horst Architects has garnered recognition from prestigious publications such as World Architecture, and Vogue. With a keen eye for situational design, he crafts spaces that reflect the client’s uniqueness and the site’s context. Drawing inspiration from literature, travel and meditation, his plans blend seamlessly with the natural landscape and are conceived to enhance the human experience.

The architect’s leadership as the City of Laguna Beach Design Review Board chairman and his commitment to creative intuition make Noppenberger a local favorite. A love for fitness, swimming and surfing the coast of California keeps his sophisticated designs rooted in organic forms by maintaining a connection between man and nature.

Horst Project
Meet the Judges Product and landscape design

Travis Gramberg

Travis Gramberg, co-founder of Koheid Design, with his wife, Aubree Boul Gramberg, is a licensed landscape architect with an unwavering commitment to designing beautiful spaces that blend architecture, art and ecology. His boutique landscape architecture firm is dedicated to cultivating environmentally sustainable designs ranging from new builds and extensive renovations to residential, commercial and public projects.

Armed with a background in fine arts, Gramberg marries artistry with practicality. From captivating native landscapes to integrating land art into projects, Gramberg’s approach stands out as a unique blend of imagination, innovation, and commitment to ecological balance. With a passion for designing spaces that resonate with clients and the environment, his influence as a landscape architect is a testament to his commitment to excellence.

Travis G project

Richard Hartlage

Richard Hartlage is the founding principal and owner of Land Morphology established in 2013. His award-winning innovative designs are renowned as emotive, immersive spaces that incorporate sophisticated horticulture, artful detailing and historical knowledge that heighten the human experience of the natural world. 

His passion for horticulture, cultivated after more than 15 years of working at public gardens and estates and managing a landscape architecture studio, is applied to each design from the conceptual phase through the development of maintenance protocol and beyond. 

Land Morphology is a studio of 15 people working in eight states on private residential landscape, public and commercial projects. 

Hartlage’s span of work includes the Seattle Waterfront, Leach Botanical Gardens, Herb and Vegetable Gardens at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, Chihuly Gardens and Glass, the Moore-Turner Heritage Gardens, the Century 21 Master Plan for the Seattle Center, and the Elisabeth C. Miller Botanical Garden, plus more than 1,200 private projects. 

His designs have been featured in the New York Times, Architectural Digest, Metropolitan Home, At Home, Connecticut Home and Garden, Fine Gardening, Horticulture and Traditional Home, among others.

Hartlage has given more than 500 lectures worldwide and serves on several advisory committees and design juries. He has two books published , Bold Visions for The Garden, and The Authentic Garden: Naturalistic and Contemporary Landscape Design.

Hartlage  grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, and graduated from North Carolina State University with a Bachelor of Science in ornamental horticulture.

Richard Project

Roderick Wyllie

Roderick Wyllie, FASLA and founding partner of Surfacedesign Inc., is a pioneering figure in landscape architecture, shaping immersive spaces that blend emotion, art and ecology. Wyllie’s innovative designs rise above convention and include such projects as the Uber campus, Bayfront Park, The Barnacles at Pier 9 restaurant, the Land’s End Visitor Center, and Expedia global headquarters in Seattle. With a background in music and art history, his creations are established in narratives that imbue meaning and discovery.

From his roots in music to his time at Harvard Graduate School of Design, Wyllie fuses art and horticulture in his work, which mirrors his reverence for the environment and commitment to craftsmanship, making him a trailblazing figure in landscape design. 

With an ability to create spaces that engage the senses and transcend boundaries, Wyllie’s influence is shaped by his horticultural knowledge and passion for material authenticity, craftsmanship and attention to detail.

The award-winning practice focuses on designing parks, plazas, waterfronts, civic landscapes and private gardens that cultivate a sense of connection to the built and natural world and push people to engage with the landscape in new ways.

Roderick Project

Christopher Peacock

Christopher Peacock, founder of Christopher Peacock Cabinetry, began his career in the early ‘80s, working at Terence Conran’s eponymous furniture store in London. He moved to the U.S. in 1987, where he served as a senior designer for a luxury British cabinetmaker. In 1992, he launched his own cabinetry brand, opening his first showroom in Greenwich, Connecticut. 

Since then, he has opened showrooms around the globe with locations in Greenwich, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, New York, Short Hills, Dallas and Nashville, as well as Cannes and the Cote D’Azur in France, and Jakarta, Indonesia. A Palm Beach location will open this year.

His company and brand are recognized as nonpareil in couture cabinetry and he boasts thousands of installations across the globe. Peacock designed the New York Kips Bay Show House kitchen a record eight times, has appeared on national television, and is regularly published in shelter publications internationally. 

Not only does his work grace hundreds of homes, but he is also a top choice of luxury property developers. To achieve this, every piece of cabinetry is made to order specifically for the client and his company proudly manufactures in the U.S. at his workshop. 

Peacock has worked on the homes of not one but two U.S. presidents, as well as many celebrity clients and business owners. His work has been imitated many times, but his cabinetry style, quality of work and jewelry-like hardware remain singularly his own.

Christopher Project

John Pomp

John Pomp, founder of John Pomp Studios,  grew up surrounded by the beautiful things made by his father. While attending Columbus College of Art and Design, he reluctantly registered for a glassblowing class upon the guidance of his high school art teacher, mentor and lifelong friend. 

Within moments he knew that’s what he would do for the rest of his life, blowing glass reminded him of the creative actions and flow states he experienced while skateboarding and action painting. 

As a design-driven artisan manufacturer focusing on imaginative abstracted organic works, the studio combines molten glass, warped metal and refracted light. Led by the designer, artist and glassblower and his partner, Anne Pomp, an in-house crew of more than 50 designers takes each piece from conception to completion. Everything is made from scratch in the firm’s 65,000-square-foot studio using modern techniques and old-world craftsmanship.

More recently, John discovered a love for the ocean through surfing, bringing him full circle to that first encounter with molten glass. He is now creating bodies of work inspired by the fluidity of fire and water and finding their place in the universe.

Pomp Project

Barbara Sallick

Barbara Sallick co-founded Waterworks alongside her husband, Robert Sallick, in 1978. 

The luxury bath brand, which began a revolution in the American bath industry, uses the time-honored European bath experience as a guide. The Sallicks imported and created the finest products available, bringing unprecedented performance and style to an overlooked area of the home.

Sallick has guided the design of Waterworks’ products from the beginning. Rather than responding to trends, she looks to history for inspiration. As the arbiter of Waterworks’ influential bath aesthetic, she oversees creative decisions that include everything from product development to the logistics of store layout. The ICONIC brand was acquired by Restoration Hardware in 2016. 

Sallick acts as a company spokesperson, and her voice and views are frequently sought as an authority on interior design topics. Additionally, she pens a weekly blog, The Perfect Bath, documenting her travels and vast design inspirations. In 2006, she published The Definitive Guide to Designing the Perfect Bath and Waterworks: Inventing Bath Style.

Sallick is on the board of directors at the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art, served as chair of the 2010 Arthur Ross Awards jury and presents design and product lectures at top architect and design firms across the U.S.

Sallick Project

Thank you to our amazing sponsors. The ICONIC Design Awards are presented by Monogram Luxury Appliances. Our automotive sponsor is Sanderson Lincoln and our awards sponsor is Linear Fine Woodworking. Our premiere sponsors are Benjamin Moore and Cornelis Hollander. Our night of awards sponsors are Crestron, Eggersmann, Oasis Smart Homes, Reece, Underfoot Luxury Flooring and Windsor Windows. Our Celebration Lounge sponsor is Brown Jordan. Thank you everyone!

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