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Innovation Meets Beauty | ICONIC Design Awards Winners Announced | Product Design

Design Awards 2023 Product design
Good design features great products. The ICONIC Design Awards presented by Monogram Luxury Appliances reveal stunning product design!

“Tonight, I reached for the stars with an illustrious panel of judges from around the country. Without any bias, any tampering or preferential treatment, our judges cut to the heart of great design. Thank you to our impressive judges,” Publisher Renee Dee says.

The product design part of the competition was judged by long-term luminaries in the design world representing ICONIC brands. Barbara Sallick, the founder of Waterworks got her start in 1978. Today, she is the company spokesperson for her brand, that was recently acquired by Restoration Hardware.

Christopher Peacock launched his fine, luxury cabinetry company in 1992 and today boasts showrooms from Jakarta to Cannes to Nashville to New York. Recognized as creating one of the most exquisite examples of fine millwork, Peacock set the bar high.

John Pomp designs some of the most artist lighting one could imagine, and his designs are highly coveted as objects of art.

Together this prestigious panel of judges came together to judge an impressive field of entrants.

Here is part four of a four-part series, sharing the winners in each category. Let’s celebrate the winners in the category of PRODUCT DESIGN.

EXCELLENCE IN product design   //   Lighting silver AWARD Creative Designs in Lighting

The Design Awards 2023 winning, vibrant Chihuly icicle chandelier pendant is suspended directly below the skylight to glow from within during daylight hours. After the sun sets, the lighting design goal was to make it magical in the evening as well. Several layers of lighting were introduced into the design starting with up lighting into the skylight cove to provide soft illumination from above to match the natural progression of light. An array of downlights within the skylight cove focuses tight beams of light into the glass elements with minimal glare due to Hexcel louvers. An additional spiral of rail lighting is suspended close to the ceiling to accent the artwork on the stair wall beyond and the central table below. The striations of shadows of the Chihuly from these different light sources provides additional interest to the focal point. The track rail was specified to be two circuit to allow alternate dimming zones for maximum contrast in lighting levels. This centerpiece of the entry experience exemplifies the elegance of illuminated artwork in residential environments.

Resources: Chihuly, David Dick Architect, Fannin Interiors, Kats Electric, Dan Madison Builders

Design Awards 2023 EXCELLENCE IN product design // Lighting silver AWARD

EXCELLENCE IN product design   //   Lighting gold AWARD Creative Designs in Lighting

There is something magical about this Design Awards 2023 winning lighting fixture. Shadow patterns on the ground were created by moonlight through the trees. Typically, the patterns are random yet still pleasing. To take control of this effect, Creative Designs in Lighting came up with some elevated art pieces that mimic the magic. The patterns in shadow were emulated using projectors with custom gobo patterns to mimic the shade structures above in two locations and the decorative Moroccan luminarias in a third location. The gobo patterns were designed in CAD and then fabricated into laser cut steel discs custom made for the accent spotlights. The gobos are installed at the focal point of the LED lights so that the shadow patterns can be focused into sharp, crisp images. The viewer has the sense that the lighting in and around these decorative features is casting the beautiful shadows, but it is the custom crafted gobo designs that harmonize with the elements.

Design Awards 2023 EXCELLENCE IN product design // Lighting gold AWARD

EXCELLENCE IN product design   //   Furniture silver AWARD Peter Thomas Designs

Design Awards 2023 winner, Peter Thomas Designs uniquely crafted Infinity table was inspired by family. Struck by the cyclical nature of life and reflecting on the idea that thoughts, traditions, and ancestral legacies through generations, the idea took root.

The solid woodblock construction symbolizes stability, individuality and an enduring uniqueness that no two blocks are alike. The table’s asymmetrical shape represents life’s inherent imbalances, the captivating allure of its unpredictability and the journey through the ups and downs of life’s seasons.

The table is created from a beautiful black walnut. Its inherent beauty, elegance, strength, and understated grace make it the perfect representation to be a cherished heirloom, passed down through generations. Inspired by family, this table embodies the timeless connection between past, present and future.

EXCELLENCE IN product design   //   Furniture gold AWARD Paul Rene Furniture

This stunning Design Awards 2023 winning piece began with a well-traveled client from South Africa and a fantastic collection of worldly artifacts to consider for inspiration. The client was reserved and provided minimal input regarding the design of a custom desk and its accompanying shelving unit. Paul Rene Furniture approached the project by requesting a home tour to take pictures and ask questions about random things that are eye catching. A discovered item was an old antique Dogon door with repeating glyphs commanding significant presence in the client’s space. The door was photographed and reimagined as one of the geometric carvings for a desk. The choice of walnut wood was suggested for its material. It was noticed in the photo that something had scraped a chunk off one of the carvings in a tiny section of the door, leaving a whitish residue. That scraping inspired the stainless steel found on the support of the desk, a detail that resonated profoundly with the client, resulting in their enthusiastic approval of the design.

Resources: Leslie Brown Furniture

Design Awards 2023 EXCELLENCE IN product design // Furniture gold AWARD

EXCELLENCE IN product design   //   Tile & Stone iconic AWARD Alfonso Verduzco

Design Awards 2023 winner, Alfonso Verduzco shares his inspiration for the Raices Black Collection, a one-of-a-kind line of decorative tiles using black clay from Oaxaca, Mexico. The collection arises from the deep-seated longing to represent his roots, culture, and history. It also serves as a conduit for the artisan community and a tribute to their craftsmanship practiced for generations. The uniqueness of the black tone in the clay is created by the smoke trapped inside the underground fire pit. This technique was discovered hundreds of years ago and is still practiced today. This collection has a sophisticated and luxurious aesthetic due to its black tone. It has a deeper meaning related to the material, object or technique applied by the hands of the artisan. The textures in the clay are acquired using materials such as corn cobs, lava rock, Agave thorns and Ocote smoke. Applying these techniques to each tile transmutes them into masterpieces of artistry making their uniqueness preserved and unrepeatable.

EXCELLENCE IN product design   //   Permanent Fixture gold AWARD Paul Rene Furniture

Design Awards 2023 winner, Paul Renee Furniture was truly inspired when creating this one-of-a-kind custom library for their client’s new home in Cave Creek. Captivated by the breathtaking setting of their modern house perched atop a mountain and seemingly guarded by cacti, the designer conceptualized the library’s design after visiting and capturing several photographs. The library’s perfect representation came to light, with wooden shelving resembling mountain peaks mirroring the undulating terrain and natural surroundings. The design team created functionality through consistent horizontal shelving planes, cleverly interspersed with nooks and corners that added an element of visual intrigue. The chosen wood color seamlessly blends with the flooring to become a natural extension of the space.

Resources: Leslie Brown Furniture

EXCELLENCE IN product design   //   Permanent Fixture iconic AWARD Janet Brooks Design

Design Awards 2023 winner, Janet Brooks Design had a distinctive vision when creating this statement powder room, including a bespoke carved wooden sink. Inspired by this hillside home’s natural desert surroundings, the designer drew inspiration from the concept of a dried-up mud puddle when crafting this basin carved from walnut wood. The sink suspends on a ledge stone wall, intertwining the home’s other intricate woodwork, including stained doors. The designer was fortunate to find a local millwork shop that flawlessly translated the concept into reality using advanced CNC machining. While the sink is undoubtedly a natural embodiment of artistry, its appeal extends beyond aesthetics. Its functionality complements its unique beauty and natural appearance, making it completely waterproof due to its marine finish, ensuring durability and performance over time.

Thank you to our amazing sponsors. The ICONIC Design Awards are presented by Monogram Luxury Appliances. Our automotive sponsor is Sanderson Lincoln and our awards sponsor is Linear Fine Woodworking. Our premiere sponsors are Benjamin Moore and Cornelis Hollander. Our night of awards sponsors are Crestron, Eggersmann, Oasis Smart Homes, Reece, Underfoot Luxury Flooring and Windsor Windows. Our Celebration Lounge sponsor is Brown Jordan. Thank you everyone!

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