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And the Award Goes to… | ICONIC Design Awards Winners Announced | Landscape Design

ICONIC Design Awards 2023 Landscape Design
The inaugural ICONIC Design Awards presented by Monogram Luxury Appliances reveal outstanding landscape design!

In a category that has fewer awards opportunities than most, the brilliant
minds behind outstanding landscape design were honored this year at the ICONIC Design Awards. Celebrating the desert landscape and the opportunity to experience indoor/outdoor lifestyle of the Southwest, landscape architects and designers were awarded for outstanding work outside from specialty structures, to pools to courtyards to entire residential spaces.

Judges Richard Hartlage, Robert Wyllie and Travis Gramberg evaluated
projects for overall beauty, design balance, use of plants and hardscape
design. This year’s field of award entrants brought their games inside,
donned tuxedos and celebrated an elegant evening.Here is part three of a four-part series, sharing the winners in each category.

Let’s celebrate the winners in the category of LANDSCAPE DESIGN.

EXCELLENCE IN landscape design   //   Front Elevation Design gold AWARD Berghoff Design Group

The front yard of this Design Awards 2023 winner is a masterpiece of intricate details, seamlessly blending to create a truly enchanting sight. As guests and visitors arrive at the home, they are welcomed with vast swathes of emerald lawn that gracefully frame the front walkway. At its heart and nestled amidst a carefully arranged flowerbed, three antique flowerpots emerge from the planter bed as if they were destined for this very spot. The captivating floral motifs found in the antique pots find their echo in a masterfully crafted front gate, a testament to the perfect harmony between the yard’s geometric precision and its organic allure. Alongside the lawn sit specimen agave and bougainvillea, accompanied by other plantings, creating a tapestry of greenery that complements the entire landscape. The branches of the majestic Palo Verde tree reach skyward, gracefully inviting rays of sunlight to dance upon the garden. Amidst this picturesque setting, other cacti serve as reminders that this story of a fairy-tale garden takes place in the southwest.

Resources: Candelaria Design, Desert Star Construction, Vallone Interiors

Design Awards 2023 EXCELLENCE IN landscape design // Front Elevation Design gold AWARD

EXCELLENCE IN landscape design   //   Backyard Space Up to 10,000 Square Feet gold AWARD Berghoff Design Group

In the spirit of this Design Awards 2023 winner worldly explorations, this homeowner sought to bring a slice of Cabo to Paradise Valley. The pool’s angular edges and the pavement’s sharp lines, which partition the yard’s various sections, work together to echo and amplify the home’s polished geometry. The home’s contemporary flair serves as the ideal backdrop for rows of cacti, clusters of succulents and towering coral aloe that stretch towards the heavens. Throughout the backyard, small touches like a water feature nestled within the pool, gaps in the paving studded with white rocks and antique Spanish pots enhance the ambiance. During those exceptional instances when the interior wet edge pool mirrors the radiance from the home’s expansive windows, and a southwestern sunset gracefully blankets the sky, any desire to venture beyond this desert sanctuary simply fades away.

Resources: Architect: BIEGNER-MURFF. Builder: Stone Creek. Interior: Terese Messina

Design Awards 2023 EXCELLENCE IN landscape design // Backyard Space Up to 10,000 Square Feet gold AWARD

EXCELLENCE IN landscape design   //   Backyard Space Up to 10,000 Square Feet iconic AWARD The Green Room Landscape Architecture

Located within the Central corridor, this Design Awards 2023 winner, Northview is a mid-century modern bungalow. Drawing inspiration from the distinctive architectural character and the client’s desire for a practical and welcoming atmosphere, the objective was to craft a garden that embraces a sleek and contemporary material palette, alluring friends and family to immerse themselves in a lush, California-inspired landscape. The vision was to sunbathe while enjoying the reflection of the large established elm trees, lush succulents and sky. Adjacent to the pool and outdoor dining table is a custom, cast-in-place grilling station that showcases a cantilevered bar top overlooking the landscape beyond. Both areas are encompassed with charcoal colored stabilized decomposed granite. Low-water-use grass was proposed at the back of the yard to allow for safe outdoor play and serve as a dog run for the family’s rescue. Each outdoor space is connected by architectural concrete pads with interesting specimen accents and layered plants around every corner.

Resources: Lead Design/Project Manager: Matt Thomas. Design Collaborators: Charlie Ray, Zac Pekala

EXCELLENCE IN landscape design   //   Backyard Space 10,000 to 20,000 Square Feet silver AWARD Berghoff Design Group

This exquisite yard is designed to cater to the homeowners’ passion for hosting guests, , this Design Awards 2023 winner offers numerous gorgeous areas and thoughtful details to captivate their senses. Throughout the landscape, antique planters filled with a vibrant assortment of flowers and succulents while intricate iron gates partition various entertaining spaces. From the patio, one can relish the soothing melody of birdsong while gazing upon the breathtaking Camelback Mountain view. A leisurely afternoon walk through the citrus grove invites you to savor the refreshing aroma. The pool’s allure is heightened by the deck jets that facilitate an air of relaxation. There is also a notable collection of specialty cactus in the courtyard. This property is a feast for the senses, a truly captivating and enchanting space that will leave a lasting impression on all who visit.

Resources: Architect: Candelaria Design Associates. Builder: Desert Star. Interior: Vallone Design

Design Awards 2023 EXCELLENCE IN landscape design // Backyard Space 10,000 to 20,000 Square Feet silver AWARD

EXCELLENCE IN landscape design   //   Backyard Space 10,000 to 20,000 Square Feet gold AWARD Venetian Outdoors

This unique property is nestled up against the base of Mummy Mountain. With the natural grade progressing close to eight feet from the patio to the rear, a creative approach was adopted. Design Awards 2023 winner, Venetian Outdoors created a unique reverse negative edge feature that sits just off the patio. Above the pool, a perimeter overflow spa was introduced, boasting a unique seating area where the spa water flows into the adjacent firepit. The views of Camelback Mountain over the house from this location are nothing short of breathtaking. To enhance the visual cohesion and aesthetic appeal, a custom-made glass tile was created for this project and seamlessly integrated into the pool, spa, and negative edge to unify the multiple bands of surface area flanked by fire pits.

Resources: Homebuilder: DRRL Construction. Designer: Matt Coyle

Design Awards 2023 EXCELLENCE IN landscape design // Backyard Space 10,000 to 20,000 Square Feet gold AWARD

EXCELLENCE IN landscape design   //   Backyard Space More Than 20,000 Square Feet silver AWARD Venetian Outdoors

Nestled within the valley between Camelback and Mummy Mountains, , this Design Awards 2023 winner offers a breathtaking backdrop of Mummy Mountain against the sweeping valley views. The homeowners envisioned seamlessly blending the ultra-modern aesthetics of their house with a distinctive outdoor entertainment space. At the heart of this vision stands a stunning black-bottom pool featuring perimeter overflow and a mesmerizing negative edge, serving as the focal point of the outdoor area. Positioned against the floor-to-ceiling glass, a basalt spire fountain commands attention as it also serves as a perimeter overflow, welcoming visitors upon entry. The pool shows off a one of a kind “floating” fire feature. With the water literally disappearing into the edge of the fire, the illusion of fire floating on the water was created. The intricate layers and tiers that compose this elevated pool design contribute to its distinct and unparalleled charm.

Resources: Homebuilder: DRRL Construction. Designer: Matt Coyle

Design Awards 2023 EXCELLENCE IN landscape design // Backyard Space More Than 20,000 Square Feet silver AWARD

EXCELLENCE IN landscape design   //   Backyard Space More Than 20,000 Square Feet gold AWARD Creative Environments

Located in the fast-growing town of Queen Creek, , this Design Awards 2023 winning home is situated in a gated Bridle Ranch luxury community. The collaborative effort of design and construction was spearheaded by Creative Environments to transform this backyard into a masterpiece. The construction of this model presented a notable challenge, requiring the use of cranes to position the roof structures precisely. This model boasts unique and exceptional features, including a floating cantilevered barbecue counter, a modern entertainment pavilion, and suspended swing bed structures. The pool offers a striking blend of design elements, featuring a negative edge on one side and a zero edge on the other. Meanwhile, the stand alone spa serves as both a water feature and an enchanting backdrop, with a floating firepit adding an extra touch of allure. The architectural structures within the yard are strong and commanding while aligning with the clean lines of the home.

Resources: Dan Waters, Jim Lucas

Design Awards 2023 EXCELLENCE IN landscape design // Backyard Space More Than 20,000 Square Feet gold AWARD

EXCELLENCE IN landscape design   //   Courtyard gold AWARD Berghoff Design Group

The interplay between concrete structures and a vibrant, whimsical landscape creates a visually striking contrast that captures the eye. This Design Awards 2023 winning home has sharp lines and minimalist design of the cast-in-place walkways and walls sharply contrast with the colorful, organic beauty of the cacti and succulents that populate the courtyard. The landscaping is planted on a stage that begs the viewer to watch the delicate performance of nature as it blooms and grows through all seasons. Outdoor seating invites relaxation and enjoyment of Camelback Mountain views. A playful touch is added by a Willy Guhl Hankerchief pot, which gracefully unites the two elements. The tension between the opposing elements creates a captivating and multi-dimensional landscape that evokes a sense of intrigue and curiosity, making it a unique and memorable courtyard.

EXCELLENCE IN landscape design   //   Courtyard iconic AWARD The Green Room Landscape Architecture

ICONIC award winner of the Design Awards 2023, Monk View is a contemporary green, sustainable landscape reminiscent of the native hillside. The design intent was to bring the Sonoran Desert habitat of the surrounding foothills back onto the property. Salvaged Ironwood and Foothill Palo Verde trees were selected by the design team to bring the scale of the structure down to provide habitat for native wildlife and create shaded micro-climates in the interior courtyard. The design team focused on the juxtaposition of the clean lined but textural concrete slammed into a wild, lush landscape full of strong organic forms. The sunken fire pit was conceptualized as the heart of the courtyard and the intersection of the more formal hardscape and the organic landscape. Large boulders were selected for use as seats in combination with a concrete sitting wall that surrounds the fire feature and bridges the gap between nature and architecture. Monk View is a contemplative space, designed for reflection, decompression and gathering in an immersive Sonoran Desert experience.

Resources: Architect: LGE DesignBuild. Builder: LGE DesignBuild. Landscape Architect: The Green Room Landscape Architecture. Lead Design/Project Manager: Matt Thomas. Design Collaborators: Charlie Ray, Brian Kissinger, Zac Pekala

Design Awards 2023 EXCELLENCE IN landscape design // Courtyard iconic AWARD

EXCELLENCE IN landscape design   //   pool silver AWARD Creative Environments

Within the confines of the luxurious gated community of Caleda in Queen Creek, Design Awards 2023 winner, Creative Environments undertook a project that pushed the boundaries of creativity and design. This endeavor introduced several distinctive concepts, all seamlessly coexisting in harmonious unity.

A standout feature of this project is the unique circular pool, an unconventional choice that presented its own set of challenges. The pool’s design incorporates a hanging fire wok, adding an element of intrigue and warmth to the setting. Notably, cantilevered circular steps lead to the pool, enhancing its aesthetics and accessibility. The pool itself is an elevated negative-edge design with a Lautner-edged trough, resulting in a sleek and contemporary appearance.

The exterior trim, slightly raised from the ground, exudes a retro-modern ambiance, setting it apart from any conventional above-ground pool. In a departure from the conventional linear pool layouts, this circular pool is a refreshing touch of harmonious shape, only punctuated further by the floating round steps to the water. The design pairs well with the bold angled multiple water spills that surround the perimeter.

Resources: Dan Waters, Jim Lucas

Design Awards 2023 EXCELLENCE IN landscape design // pool silver AWARD

EXCELLENCE IN landscape design   //   pool gold AWARD Berghoff Design Group

Design Awards 2023 winner, Berghoff Design Group crafted a stunning landscape. In this serene oasis, the grandeur of the dazzling views and finely manicured landscaping pale in comparison to a true masterpiece of design—the infinity pool. As the heart of the space, it effortlessly anchors the surroundings with its remarkable presence. As one rests on the bench seamlessly integrated into the pool’s outer wall, the enchanting fire pit mesmerizes while the pool’s unrivaled tranquility evokes admiration. The angular shape of the pool and its echoing water feature pay homage to the home’s architectural planes. With features like the in-pool jacuzzi, carefully placed custom lighting within the water returns, and a striking water feature that also circulates the pool’s water, this space is always ready to welcome guests. Whether it’s the gentle reflection of an iconic Arizona sunrise or the warm hues of a sunset, the pool provides an enchanting backdrop for every moment.

EXCELLENCE IN landscape design   //   pool iconic AWARD Refined Gardens

This raised infinity edge pool sits on the side of the iconic Camelback Mountain. The Design Awards 2023 winner’s design goal was to create a reflective pool that boasts incredible views while showcasing unique sculpture pieces. The pool is raised on all four sides with seating on the left side and a linear 20 ft. firepit on the other end. The reflective surface of the water doubles the value of the creative art pieces as well as the statuesque Saguaro cactus on the pool’s perimeter. The lighted stairs that lead to the deck, as well as the colorful pool lights add to the mood and personality in this clean and light-hearted outdoor space. The linear fire pit doubles its warming glow as the water gently spills over the edge of the pool and reflects the flames perfectly.

Resources: General Contractor: Mark Benz Custom Building

EXCELLENCE IN landscape design   //   specialty garden iconic AWARD Refined Gardens

High above on the side of Camelback Mountain, the Design Awards 2023 winning landscape, Sanctuary House was built on a difficult-to-navigate desert area with large boulders, specimen cacti and beautiful fauna running through the lot. Upon approach to the main entry, a contemporary water feature and gorgeous organ pipe cactus pave the way toward the front door. Opening to the backyard, the infinity edge swimming pool is the key feature as it faces out towards spectacular views of the city. Smaller spaces were designed throughout the lot to provide unique hangouts. The style of planting in the backyard pays tribute to the architecture by keeping it simple, gridded, and contemporary. The pattern of the planted cacti provides an organized and relaxing garden view from all the different vantage points created. Then the perfectly curated combination of plants that fills the rocky outcropping reminds one that the desert is still a world of its own.

Resources: General Contractor: Nance Construction. Architect: Will Bruder

Design Awards 2023 EXCELLENCE IN landscape design // specialty garden iconic AWARD

EXCELLENCE IN landscape design   //   Water Feature silver AWARD Berghoff Design Group

A meticulously maintained lawn bordered by metal edging provides a sense of structure and leads your gaze to the most captivating feature of this Design Awards 2023 winning desert oasis. A water feature appears to emerge seamlessly from a bed of river rock. The water feature, crafted from black granite, appears almost weightless as it floats in the center of the space. The surrounding landscape is equally stunning, with rows of cactus and agave carefully arranged to highlight the beauty of the water feature. A sculpture that resembles white ribbon sits on the other end of the space, catty corner to the water feature. The placement of the two features creates a sense of balance and harmony in the yard, with the ribbon sculpture and water feature serving as visual anchors for the surrounding landscape. The water flows gracefully, creating an almost imperceptible sound that contributes to the sense of tranquility in the space.

EXCELLENCE IN landscape design   //   Water Feature gold AWARD Creative Environments

Situated in Fountain Hills, this , this Design Awards 2023 winning outdoor living area boasts a distinctive water feature that stretches from the sleek, black-tiled spa to the sunken firepit in the side yard. The striking contrast between its dark tones and the light porcelain tiles add a sharp contrast that highlights the water feature even more. Yuccas and Blue-Elf aloes surround the first half of the water feature, grabbing inspiration from the desert scene surrounding the backyard. In a smaller space, the desire to design something different can be challenging. The sharply angled moat that winds through the backyard rises to the challenge beautifully. Its shallow water flow, accented by dark stones and linear floor tiles, creates a harmonious balance. This clever structural design not only contains the water but also enhances the yard’s visual appeal while preserving the breathtaking mountain views in every direction.

Resources: Dan Waters, Jim Lucas

EXCELLENCE IN landscape design   //   Specialty Structure silver AWARD Berghoff Design Group

A stunning contrast to the precisely arranged arcs of cacti and sleek, light steps, lies a custom water feature that evokes the essence of a monument in both height and drama. This , this Design Awards 2023 winning landscape was created with the intention of making a statement at the grand entrance, the feature is more than an aesthetically pleasing amalgam of tiles. It forms a privacy wall, separating the front courtyard from the home’s entrance. The textured tiles allow water to flow in irregular patterns, adding a sense of organic beauty to the otherwise angular water feature. This remarkable structure is both a functional work of art and an enigmatic masterpiece, bringing together its various elements to create a timeless marvel that amuses the senses. This structure captivates your attention as soon as you enter the circular drive.

EXCELLENCE IN landscape design   //   Specialty Structure gold AWARD Sonora West Development

In this breathtaking backyard nestled in the Sonoran Desert, an absolutely magnificent conversation pit commands attention. , the Design Awards 2023 winning landscape offers the unique experience of being both in the pool and out of it simultaneously. The elevated pool area provides various spots for peaceful relaxation, but the highlight is undeniably the sunken fire pit.

The journey to this extraordinary space commences with an elevated stone pathway, creating the illusion that you can walk on water, or at least come remarkably close. Upon entering, you’re greeted by plush, cushioned seating encircling a linear fire table, radiating enough warmth to entice guests to linger well into the night, gazing up at the stars and beyond.

Surrounded by lush green lawn and the majestic desert stretching beyond the fence, this oasis is a vision to behold. The adjacent waterfall feature only adds to the captivating allure of this outdoor haven.

Resources: Greey-Pickett

Thank you to our amazing sponsors. The ICONIC Design Awards are presented by Monogram Luxury Appliances. Our automotive sponsor is Sanderson Lincoln and our awards sponsor is Linear Fine Woodworking. Our premiere sponsors are Benjamin Moore and Cornelis Hollander. Our night of awards sponsors are Crestron, Eggersmann, Oasis Smart Homes, Reece, Underfoot Luxury Flooring and Windsor Windows. Our Celebration Lounge sponsor is Brown Jordan. Thank you everyone!

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