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Biggest Night Ever for ICONIC LIFE | ICONIC Design Awards Winners Announced | Architecture

ICONIC Design Awards 2023 Architecutre


The first-ever ICONIC Design Awards presented by Monogram Luxury
Appliances reveal outstanding architecture!

In what was a rigorous competition, four impressive judges from across the
country awarded the best of the best in our community.“It was an impressive night with lots of excitement,” Publisher Renee Dee says. “The night truly celebrated what design excellence means in the desert.”

Horst Noppenberger, one of our illustrious judges, presented one of the awards of the night, commenting on the beauty of the desert.

“I’ve always had a love for the terrain of the desert, the unique plantings here and how the light creates a mode that is quite magical.” Noppenberger says. “Even more, it’s a special opportunity when an architect can collaborate with nature to bring out the organic beauty that can’t be replicated beyond the desert. The way that this natural environment informs design is intriguing to me.”

Here is part two of a four-part series, sharing the winners in each category. Let’s celebrate the winners in the category of ARCHITECTURE.

EXCELLENCE IN architecture   //   Custom Home 3,500 to 7,500 Square Feet gold AWARD Candelaria Design

This ICONIC Design Awards 2023 winning home is nestled to the north of the Paradise Valley Country Club. The unique lot offered breathtaking mountain views calling for a home design that could seamlessly blend sophistication with comfort. The primary challenge was to create a floor plan that offered a formal, yet comfortable layout which took advantage of the stunning views. The central structure of the floor plan is an H-shaped layout, strategically designed to usher in natural light from multiple angles while enhancing the overall ambiance. The main house features five bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, two powder rooms and an office. The southern facing backyard boasts a diving pool with spa, covered patio space, gardens, a second-floor deck and room for a sport court. The stunning two kitchen design features Taj Majal countertops and sleek oak cabinetry and a fully equipped back kitchen or breakfast room with a pantry and walk-in cooler.

The Casita is a flex space with a laundry room, kitchenette and a private gated entry. For the main house, there’s a three bay garage with a dog wash and a temperature controlled two bay garage, both of which the ceiling heights allow for car lifts. This property blends comfort, luxury and functionality in a way that truly defines modern living.

Resources: Builder: Arcadia Custom Builders. Landscape: Berghoff Design. Interiors: Katie Bowe Designs. Architect: Tyler Bulriss. Team: Candelaria Design

ICONIC Design Awards 2023 EXCELLENCE IN architecture // Custom Home 3,500 to 7,500 Square Feet gold AWARD

EXCELLENCE IN architecture   //   Single-Family Home Up to 3,500 Square Feet ICONIC AWARD Kendle Design Collaborative

In the heart of the Paradise Valley, this ICONIC Design Awards 2023 winning pavilion stands as a testament to harmonious architectural design. This microstructure complements the existing Desert Wash residence while completing the original vision for living within a desert garden. The material palette and massing allow for the structure to blend into the site while framing the natural wash that runs between the house and pavilion. To complement the residence, the pavilion is composed of a similar palette of naturally weathered steel, stucco, glass and dark bronze metal accents. Glass walls invite the desert in while framing views. A cantilevered open roof extends from the pavilion while defining an outdoor garden and relaxation space.

Beyond the glass walls, a sunken entertainment area allows for the homeowners and their guests to enjoy a fire on a cool Arizona evening while overlooking the wash. The flex pavilion is sensitive to where architecture meets nature by seamlessly integrating itself with the surrounding environment.

Team: Kendle Design Collaborative, ADVOCATE: Residential Construction Advisors, Ownby, and Brimley Development

EXCELLENCE IN architecture   //   Single Family Home 3,500 to 7,500 Square Feet gold AWARD Drewett Works

Modern vibes meet Palm Springs style in this ICONIC Design Awards 2023 winning 6,200 sq. ft. Paradise Valley residence. Setting the tone for contemporary living, Stone Radius is ahead of the curve with low, linear architecture, limestone cladding, and soft curves. The residence mimics the radius of the circular cul-de-sac on which it sits. The curved walls create architectural interest inside and out, define view corridors and showcase the unique stone pattern.

White Freska limestone imported from Turkey embellishes the walls with beautiful brick-like forms in various sizes and patterns into massive textural art. Vast expanses of glass, clerestory windows and high alder ceilings keep the open-concept spaces light and bright.

This ICONIC Design Awards 2023 winning home exudes a calming ambiance with its warm neutral color palette inspired by the surrounding landscape. Designed to create a backdrop for the homeowners’ art collection, the interiors are elegantly furnished. With its abundance of glass walls and pocket doors in main spaces, the home allows for a seamless transition between indoors and out.

Resources: Builder: Bedbrock Developers. Architecture: Drewett Works. Interiors: Ownby Design. Vendors: Roadrunner Glass. Photography: Werner Segarra. Team: Drewett Works

ICONIC Design Awards 2023 EXCELLENCE IN architecture // Single Family Home 3,500 to 7,500 Square Feet gold AWARD

EXCELLENCE IN architecture   //   Single Family Home 3,500 to 7,500 Square Feet ICONIC AWARD Kendle Design Collaborative

This ICONIC Design Awards 2023 winning contemporary residence features dynamic forms and a refined material palette which exquisitely melds into the surrounding pristine desert terrain. Nestled behind a unique rock outcropping, the home is designed to celebrate the beauty of the natural landscape. The home’s design is strategically oriented to maximize the expansive natural open space on the property. To offer unobstructed views of the stunning nearby mountains, the social areas are thoughtfully positioned on the upper floor.

Upon arrival, the main entry and garage gracefully lead to an exceptional entertainment area. This space features a terrace, primary bedrooms and an office, all of which boast unparalleled views of the tranquil desert landscape. Notably, the primary bedroom and bathroom have been meticulously crafted to embrace the innate beauty of the adjacent rock outcropping just outside.

This Desert Jewel home is a testament to the seamless coexistence of human innovation and nature’s grandeur. This masterpiece is suited to the region, showcasing its modern architecture while maintaining a deep reverence for the surrounding environment.

Builder: Mackos Architecture and Construction. Interior Design: Ownby Design. Team: Kendle Design Collaborative

EXCELLENCE IN architecture   //   Sustainable Design iconic AWARD AFT Construction

The goal of this ICONIC Design Awards 2023 winning project was to be NetZero, which means that the home produces as much energy as it consumes. With many building science techniques, including triple pane glass and a well thought out design, AFT Construction achieved NetZero with an abundance of contemporary style and design that keeps the secret. Although you see the amazing finishes and beautiful design, this home is one of the most energy efficient homes in Phoenix even supporting a beautiful negative edge pool. The interior spaces exude modernity and aesthetics of the highest caliber with the added bonus of maximum efficiency. Sourcing light woods for the ceilings and floors, the airy aesthetic is complemented by white countertops and striking dark cabinetry at the kitchen.

Builder: AFT Construction. Architect: Cosan Studio. Interior Designer: K&Q Interiors. Vendors: Arizona Fireplaces, Arizona Hardwood, Builders First Source, Cambria, Circa Lighting, Crestron, Expressions Home Gallery, Fox Blocks, Heat & Glo Fireplaces, Kohler, Louisiana Pacific, Pella, Solstice Stone, Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove

ICONIC Design Awards 2023 EXCELLENCE IN architecture // Sustainable Design

EXCELLENCE IN architecture   //   Historic Preservation gold AWARD PHX Architecture

ICONIC Design Awards 2023 award winner, PHX Architecture had the honor of renovating one of Arizona’s most ICONIC resorts, the Arizona Biltmore. The team preserved Frank Lloyd Wright’s influence on the property while adding a contemporary twist to many of the designs. The timeless architecture was enhanced in a modern fashion without trying to change the mood. The 15-month project restored this famous bar lounge, the family pool known as the Paradise Pool, and the iconic cottages. The 200,000 sq. ft. property of stunning indoor spaces and glamourous outdoor design looks majestic against the Piestewa Peak backdrop. The sultry tone of the stone façade in the interior is thoughtfully complemented by the muted furnishings and warm textural layers. The classic pattern of the wood floor is given an intricate design that elevates the space and cannot go unnoticed.

Resources: Creative Designs in Lighting, Virserius Studio, Whiting-Turner

ICONIC Design Awards 2023 EXCELLENCE IN architecture // Historic Preservation

EXCELLENCE IN architecture   //   Lighting Design gold AWARD Robert Singer and Associates

This ICONIC Design Awards 2023 winning, impeccably designed residence was sited to frame the awe-inspiring views of Los Angeles. Open floor plans are enhanced by disappearing walls of glass for indoor and outdoor living. Board form concrete and modern forms are juxtaposed with warm woods and soft plaster. Mimicking this direction, the lighting engages with the forms of the architecture with linear lighting grazing walls with up and downlight slot details. Flangeless downlights blend seamlessly into the ceilings minimizing their visual presence. Reserved use of decorative lighting as bold accents leads to greater impact due to their rarity throughout the spaces. Unique details in the stair and wine display enforce the sense of luxury.

Extensive pool spaces along with areas for lounging and dining al fresco blend seamlessly with the interior spaces. The use of similar lighting concepts inside and out created a cohesive and inviting atmosphere.

The lighting and the architecture work together harmoniously to create a stunning retreat.

Resources: Architecture: Walker Workshop. General Contractor: Builder’s Team. Photography: Joel Danto

EXCELLENCE IN architecture   //   Lighting Design iconic AWARD Robert Singer and Associates

Conceptualized as an assembly of structures on the banks of a hillside, the ICONIC Design Awards 2023 winning home’s purposeful design focuses on the views and experiences within the home. Long expanses of glass use decorative screens to control daylight and create privacy. Opposing the glass are spans of gallery wall illuminated with accent lighting that can accommodate numerous art installations. Maintaining a clean, modern look while creating a comfortable environment was accomplished with flangeless downlights and concealed linear sources to reduce glare while complimenting the architecture.

Accent lighting is used sparingly and for specific purposes with details added only where they would be most impactful. Good lighting accentuates good architecture and punctuates the personality of a home. Exterior lighting accentuates the outdoor spaces, beckoning inhabitants to flow from the interior and experience the open environment.

Resources: Architects: Saota, Woods+Dangaran

ICONIC Design Awards EXCELLENCE IN architecture // Lighting Design iconic AWARD

EXCELLENCE IN architecture   //   On-The-Boards Up to 3,500 Square Feet gold AWARD Kendle Design Collaborative

Dancing Light Library and Reading Pavilion this ICONIC Design Awards 2023 winning home is a freestanding companion piece to the award-winning Dancing Light residence in Paradise Valley, Arizona. This unique structure was specifically created to house the owner’s extensive collection of 6,000 books for daily use in scholarly pursuits. The organically composed forms of cast-in-place concrete, ribbed metal surfaces, glass and steel provide this structure its own purpose-derived character while complementing the original Dancing Light residence.

The interior primary space contains custom-designed bookcases housing the owner’s assemblage of written knowledge. A perforated cast-in-place concrete shell hovers above the desert floor, creating a contemplative space for reading and scholarship where chards of sun dance around the room throughout the day. The structural glass countertop allows soft light to filter into the space, providing an intimate relationship with desert life while enhancing the reading experience. A full bathroom and concealed kitchenette offer the flexibility to transform the space into a guest casita when needed.

Landscape Architect: GB Two Landscape Architecture

ICONIC Design Awards 2023 EXCELLENCE IN architecture // On-The-Boards Up to 3,500 Square Feet gold AWARD

EXCELLENCE IN architecture   //   On-The-Boards 3,500 to 7,500 Square Feet silver AWARD Kendle Design Collaborative

This ICONIC Design Awards 2023 winning home is nestled amongst native vegetation. The Fairway Vista residence captures the eye with low masses defining private zones that contrast with a dynamically folded metal plane. Low walls of layered earth guide one up to the front entry where a fractured rammed earth tower establishes an exterior foyer, creating a powerful and welcoming presence. An organically patterned metal sunshade cast playful spots of light and shadow while a vertical trellis screens the interior space. Upon entry, the ribbed metal fascia transitions to warm wood, whose lines draw one’s eye back out to the exterior environment. The refined and sophisticated palette of earth-derived materials continues inside with natural stone floors, rammed earth accents walls and ground face block surfaces. A lush desert garden approaches the interior, its proximity heightened by a nearly frameless glass wall which dissolves any sense of boundary. A narrow pool reflects the sky while cascading down textured walls to compose a soothing harmony of sound and visual delight.

Creative Designs in Lighting, GBTwo Landscape Architecture, Holly Wright Studios

EXCELLENCE IN architecture   //   On-The-Boards 3,500 to 7,500 Square Feet gold AWARD Kendle Design Collaborative

The ICONIC Design Awards 2023 winning Desert Bridge residence, nestled on the slopes of Camelback Mountain, presents a host of challenges inherent to its arid surroundings. The resulting design turns the sites challenges into opportunities, orchestrating an experience between occupant, the mountain above, the wash beneath and the valley beyond. At the heart of the design lies a soaring bridge structure that spans a massive wash bisecting the property. The bridge is more than just a stunning visual centerpiece and also serves a critical function in the organization of the home’s layout, dividing the space into three distinct zones: the primary wing, the entertainment core, and the guest wing. The cast-in-place concrete pool, which appears to defy gravity as it floats above the desert floor, is another remarkable feat of engineering, minimizing the homes disturbance of the site to preserve the natural flow of the wash. To further mitigate the homes impact on the environment, solar panels, rainwater harvesting and passive cooling features are incorporated to reduce the home’s carbon footprint.

ICONIC Design Awards 2023 EXCELLENCE IN architecture // On-The-Boards 3,500 to 7,500 Square Feet gold AWARD

EXCELLENCE IN architecture   //   On-The-Boards 3,500 to 7,500 Square Feet iconic AWARD The Construction Zone

This ICONIC Design Awards 2023 winning Echo Canyon residence is perched on a hillside spanning an acre, offering breathtaking vistas of Paradise Valley, Mummy Mountain, and the Phoenix Mountain Preserve. Ascending a flight of stairs, the 5,500 sq. ft. main level is organized around a secluded courtyard featuring a pool, built-in spa and outdoor living spaces that are perfect for entertaining. The main house’s focal point is the great room, which seamlessly connects the courtyard to a balcony overlooking the city. This space is adorned with custom steel and glass floor-to-ceiling windows and generously sized sliding doors on both sides. The main wing of the house also includes the primary suite, a second full bedroom suite, private office, butler’s pantry and an elevator. The south wing contains a large fitness room and bath, a game room with bar and seating and a full guest house with private entry. The house is exquisitely crafted throughout with custom steel detailing, finely crafted millwork, exposed board formed concrete walls and stone floors.

TEAM: Drew Bausom, Eric Vollmer, Marissa Mendoza, Matt Muller, Michael Groves, Reed Byrnes

ICONIC Design Awards 2023 EXCELLENCE IN architecture // On-The-Boards 3,500 to 7,500 Square Feet iconic AWARD

EXCELLENCE IN architecture   //   On-The-Boards More Than 7,500 Square Feet silver AWARD Kendle Design Collaborative

Situated along the historic Cattletrack Arts and Preservation district in Scottsdale, this ICONIC Design Awards 2023 winning Cattletrack Compound features several buildings, each bearing a consistent contemporary agrarian-ranch inspired feel and rustic palette. The architecture showcases a high level of craftsmanship simultaneously demonstrating structural integrity through exposed structural elements of steel, concrete and wood juxtaposed against refined and meticulous detailing. As one enters the property, the multi-use car-barn is first discovered and incorporates an open space for displaying cars or hosting family or fundraising events. The main house, guest bungalows and outdoor pool pavilion draw the eye with structures that define and accentuate the sparkling pool surrounded by native vegetation. An integral characteristic of the Cattletrack Compound lies in paying homage to its history and its neighboring art galleries and studios by sensitively using scale and materials, not overpowering the neighborhoods character and encouraging artistic installations. Blending harmoniously with the neighborhood’s character, this compound establishes another sanctuary hidden amongst the trees.

Resources: Creative Designs in Lighting, GBTwo Landscape Architecture, Ownby Design

ICONIC Design Awards 2023 EXCELLENCE IN architecture // On-The-Boards More Than 7,500 Square Feet silver AWARD

EXCELLENCE IN architecture   //   On-The-Boards More Than 7,500 Square Feet gold AWARD Stratton Architects

Nestled within the secluded, hedge-lined community of Cameldale, this ICONIC Design Awards 2023 winning Saguaro Estate stands as a modern marvel. Its formal entrance and layout have been thoughtfully positioned to capture the majestic Praying Monk rock formation, guiding guests towards the resort-style oasis in the backyard.

The use of glass and water features threading through the property help define unique spaces and become a subtle wayfinding piece as you traverse the grounds. With its large monolithic stone elements and expansive overhangs, the estate takes on a sleek, horizontal design that maximizes the seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living. The architecture and integrated landscape design are a lush green desert oasis including tennis courts, English gardens and spa and wellness facilities. Located in the highly sought-after Paradise Valley area, this home epitomizes modern luxury at its finest.

Bedbrock Developers, Berghoff Design Group, Sofield Studio, Stratton Architects, Roadrunner Glass

EXCELLENCE IN architecture   //   On-The-Boards More Than 7,500 Square Feet iconic AWARD Kendle Design Collaborative

Nestled in the heart of the Montana wilderness, ICONIC Design Awards 2023 winning Hamilton Creek House stands as a prime example of living in harmony with nature, designed to celebrate the four seasons and embrace indoor-outdoor living. Inspired by the surrounding landscape, the home’s sculpted, rugged modern design seamlessly blends into its environment. Its unique roof design, resembling an eagle’s wings in flight, elevates the house to provide unobstructed views of the breathtaking mountains and prairies. The use of rustic materials, including Corten steel, board-formed cast-in-place concrete, glass and steel boldly face the forces of nature. The home features a multipurpose barn that houses solar equipment, motor toys, a tack room and animals. This barn, along with the main house, offers a perfect blend of luxurious living and sustainable design. The Hamilton Creek House is a testament to the powerful connection between nature and modern architecture, showcasing the natural beauty of Montana in a sustainable and innovative way.

ICONIC Design Awards 2023 EXCELLENCE IN architecture // On-The-Boards More Than 7,500 Square Feet iconic AWARD

Thank you to our amazing sponsors. The ICONIC Design Awards are presented by Monogram Luxury Appliances. Our automotive sponsor is Sanderson Lincoln and our awards sponsor is Linear Fine Woodworking. Our premiere sponsors are Benjamin Moore and Cornelis Hollander. Our night of awards sponsors are Crestron, Eggersmann, Oasis Smart Homes, Reece, Underfoot Luxury Flooring and Windsor Windows. Our Celebration Lounge sponsor is Brown Jordan. Thank you everyone!

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