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Day in the Life of Letitia Frye

Letitia Frye
Passion is Letitia Frye’s secret to success. As America’s foremost “Auctiontainer”, she has raised more than $200 million dollars for charities. She is also a motivational speaker, author, mother and always on the go. Here, she shares with us some of her local favorites that give back and what a day in the life of Letitia Frye is like.
Letitia Frye morning coffee

5:45 am
“I’m up and it’s straight to my Nespresso machine. I’m obsessed with Nespresso even though I drink decaf with just a sprinkle of vanilla regular.”

Letitia Frye dogs - the crew

“Wake up and tend to my two kids before anything else. Fresh-made breakfast for them (we do not own cereal, working mother’s guilt), then it is on to our four rescue dogs who are usually jumping up and down, whining by their bowls as if they have never been fed.”

“My breakfast of vitamins, a shot of flaxseed oil, a glass of cold pressed orange juice and a banana. Then I carpool my daughter and her bestie to Notre Dame Prep. I’m back before 7:45 a.m. to kiss my son goodbye as he heads for the bus to middle school.”

Letitia Frye - running shoes

“I lace up my ASICS running shoes for my 6-day-a-week run. I try to run between 6-12 miles, depending on my available time.”

Refuge Coffee

“At this point I am either heading to the airport for an out-of-town auction or driving to one of at least four meetings. If I am at the airport, I will literally enter through Terminal 4 even if I am leaving from another gate just to stop at Refuge Coffee. They have the most friendly staff, amazing coffee and a wine list, too. You have to try the Veteran Roast if you drink regular coffee, they employ out-of-work veterans in AZ to roast their coffee beans!”

food at Joy Bus Restaurant

“I am almost always on the move and can barely stop for lunch, so nine out of 10 times you are going to find me in any AJ’s in the Valley grabbing a seared tuna sashimi and a bowl of fruit to go. If I do have time for a lunch meeting or a second to myself, you will find me at the Joy Bus Diner. Any business that gives back, that is the business I am choosing. Joy Bus is an all-volunteer, farm to table diner with the best food; on Fridays, they deliver meals to cancer patients around the Valley. It’s is my go-to spot, plus, the food is AMAZING!”

Letitia Frye and Oscar

“My style is a huge part of my job. I try and meet with my style guru and dearest friend, Oscar De Las Salas, at least twice a month to go over the upcoming events. We have a secret weapon, Galina Mihaleva, and meet at her shop (Galina Couture) in Old Town. Galina is the best kept fashion secret in Scottsdale. She custom makes my gowns, as well as for huge celebrities around the globe. She works at lightning speed despite her demanding schedule teaching fashion at ASU and speaking around the world on sustainable garment design. Seriously, a Galina gown equals millions to my charities.”

“Across the street, inside Marc Reid Salon, is my hair and makeup maverick, Sarah Dellarocco. She does all of my looks for my big events. The woman is an artist in every way!”

Letitia Frye at work

Change into a gown and out the door to my event!

“I’m home and have dinner with my kids. They have learned after more than 11 years that it is worth waiting to eat dinner with mom later at night. My son often gets home close to this hour from football as well. We do candles, cloth linens, a wonderful home cooked meal, and play, “Roses and Thorns” to share our day.

Letitia Frye pets - Peanut and Mr Flowers

To unwind, I relax with a fabulous glass of red wine or the only vodka I will drink, Tito’s Handmade Vodka. They are vodka for dog people and have a foundation to spay and neuter dogs and cats around the globe. As someone with four rescues, this is the ONLY vodka you will find in my house.”

Peanut and Mr Flowers

“Lights out. Let’s face it, this is quite the pace for a single, working mom, but I would not trade it for anything.”

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