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Custom Comfort Mattress | Redefining Luxury Sleep

Photography courtesy of Custom Comfort Mattress

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Sleep like royalty with Custom Comfort’s tailored mattresses.

The fast-paced lifestyle adopted in our culture today has many of us neglecting an essential need: a good night’s rest. Sleep is a fundamental pillar of our well-being, impacting everything from our aging process to our physical and mental health. Good sleeping habits are crucial to our health, which is why Custom Comfort Mattress prioritizes creating tailored mattresses that provide peaceful sleep for everyone.

This family-owned business in Southern California is dedicated to creating high-end, personalized mattresses that provide the ultimate comfort for their clients. They produce top-tier mattresses using the best natural and locally sourced materials and maintain traditional upholstery methods. 

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Gary from Custom Comfort

Gary Trudell, CEO and founder of Custom Comfort Mattress developed a passion for the industry from a young age. As the ninth child in a family of ten, Trudell began working at a local factory at an early age to help his parents. He learned the art of building mattresses by hand. These original techniques are vital in mattress-making, and he still follows them today. 

Custom Comfort Mattress stands out not only because of its high-quality Californian Cotton and classic upholstery techniques but also because of its customization capabilities. The process starts with taking a client’s measurements and fitting a mattress to them based on their weight, predominant sleeping position and any health conditions they may have. The mattresses are then manufactured to ensure optimal sizing and firmness, including one-on-one comfort split mattresses, which provide couples with a sleeping experience tailored to the individual.

Getting a good mattress that equalizes your body pressure and matches your body type is only the first step to achieving an optimal sleep routine. You can do several things to ensure your bedroom is the perfect “sleep haven.”

 “It’s the simple things like a blackout shade, aromatherapy and soft noise that can help us sleep better,” Trudell says. “The biggest thing I do is unplug the television in my bedroom.”

While there is no secret to consistently achieving a good night’s rest, you can create a tranquil space with a custom comfort mattress, which will allow you to stay still and cozy all night.

"It's the simple things like a blackout shade, aromatherapy and soft noise that can help us sleep better," Trudell says. "The biggest thing I do is unplug the television in my bedroom."

“When we start tossing and turning, we get uncomfortable and fall out of our REM sleep,” Trudell explains. “Your REM Sleep is when your body is healing, so you want to ensure you stay in the same position for as long as possible.”

Custom Comfort Mattress blends traditional American craftsmanship with locally sourced materials and tailors mattresses through innovative engineering to provide everybody with the comfort level to achieve the perfect night’s sleep.

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