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Over the past year, it’s likely you’ve done a few, dozens or even hundreds of workouts from the safety of your home. As we traded in our glamorous gym memberships for a yoga mat and a TV, we discovered a new era in fitness. Home gyms went from being a luxury to being a necessity.

We all found out, in one way or another, that the standard workout equipment can be a bit of an eyesore. If you are lucky, perhaps your quarantine activity was renovating a spare bedroom or bonus space into the luxurious home gym of your dreams complete with professional equipment, the latest workout tech and a bright, open space clad with floor-to-ceiling mirrors.

No company understands the need for high-quality, beautiful workout equipment more than PENT.

If your home gym is in a shared space with another part of your house, you likely realized how important it is to have equipment that is both beautiful and functional.

No company understands the need for high-quality, beautiful workout equipment more than PENT. The brand’s luxuriously appointed workout gear is handcrafted from the finest materials that complete the stylish look.

Quality and aesthetics are top priority for PENT, and you can see it really does make a difference. The high-end fitness company based in Poland has partnered with leading luxury hotels worldwide to create an elevated fitness experience in top resorts. Now, you can bring that experience to your home with their masterfully crafted kettlebells, dumbbells, weighted balls, push up bars, fitness mats, boxing bags and more.

Quality, natural materials like hand-stitched leather, walnut and black ash wood, stainless steel and bronze set this collection apart from everything else on the market. Created in collaboration with training professionals and fitness enthusiasts around the world, PENT’s top-of-the-line equipment and accessories are sure to take your workouts to the next level.

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