Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets: Sophisticated Kitchen Essentials for Savvy Chefs

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Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets We’re Loving: A Savvy Chef’s Delight

Fabulous Kitchen Gadgets

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From cupcakes to coffee, if you are looking for the must have kitchen products, we have you ready to get cooking.

New products for the kitchen are always a joy. Here are seven products that are sure to impress. They are high-quality, elegant, and they really work. Some even help make the world a better place. All have been personally reviewed and tested out so we can share our findings of the cool kitchen gadgets you must have!

Nutrmilk Kitchen Gadgets

The Nutramilk is an incredible machine that creates alternative milks and butters easily and in mere minutes. Any seed, nut, oat, grain or legume can be turned into tasty drinks, spreads and butters. It’s super easy to use, and the best part is it’s a zero-waste appliance that creates clean, fresh, additive-free alternative delicious. Milks. It is a wonderful product for people who are health-conscious or dairy-free.

It comes with an amazing cookbook with more than 200 different recipes. I first made the plain cashew milk and then tried a few fancier options. I found the outcome to be delicious, nutritious and best part everything was all natural, no additives and chock full of taste.

ESPRO P7 Coffee Press

Perfect for a summer picnic, the Espro Press P7 is an elegant French Press created with vacuum-insulated, double-walled mirror stainless steel that truly does keep beverages hot for hours. Its fabulous double micro-filter works well, and the result is a smooth coffee without any mess or grit. The buffer between the filters, also helps ensure a superior, consistent, non-acidic taste. The coffee I brewed was smooth, and the taste sublime. It truly works well. The Press P7 also is ascetically pleasing, so it’s pretty enough to leave out on your counter which is why it makes our list for must have kitchen gadgets.

REVOL culinary porcelain

REVOL is a French family-owned business created in 1768, which manufactures elegant and useful culinary porcelain in Saint-Uze, France. Its CEO, Olivier Passot, is currently the 11th generation to run the company, which produces stylish, non-porous porcelain and enamel made from 100-percent natural products.

One of their newest products is the Solstice Collection, which is stunning. The bowls and plates are created out of black clay, and with real gold and every piece is finished by hand. These sparkling pieces can be used to decorate a table, showcase a meal or for centerpieces filled with sweet or savory delicacies.

Cupcake Creations liners

Cupcakes Creations cupcake liners are created with greaseproof paper and are so sturdy that there is no need for a muffin pan. When baking, just pour the batter into these high-quality cupcake papers and place them on a cookie sheet and bake.

Cupcake Creations are natural, eco-friendly, and the company uses food-safe dyes that don’t fade. They have hundreds of gorgeous designs and even will create private label ones too. The paper itself comes from Forest Stewardship Council certified forests.

Besides Cupcake Creations having one of the most superior cupcakes liners on the market, the company manufactures the papers in the USA. They also provide employment for hundreds of people with disabilities who package the cupcake liners.

Brim Coffee Pot Kitchen Gadgets

Summertime demands ice coffee, and the Brim 8-Cup Pour Over Maker creates the perfect cup of artisan coffee. This coffeemaker uses a slow and even pour over process with a water pump and shower head. It brews at 200°F, and the extraction time is between 8 and 12 minutes. The filter is perhaps the best I have ever seen, it is so fine that it only allows the right amount of coffee oils to pass through it. The result is a flavorful full body cup of craft coffee. The coffee machine also meets the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) Golden Cup Standard.

Summertime demands ice coffee, and the Brim 8-Cup Pour Over Maker creates the perfect cup of artisan coffee.

Hampton Salt company

Sprinkle a little Hampton Salt onto a meal, and it will be obvious why all salts were not created equally. They offer an array of raw salts, flavored salts and smoked salts from around the globe. Each salt has a unique taste and retains their natural minerals too.

Hampton Salt Company creates its flavored salts by taking natural sea salt and combining it with all-natural ingredients to produce powerful flavors. Each one tastes differently, and depending on the meal, you can dress up a salad, sprinkle over fish or meat, and they are even great to dress up a margarita, too. A great option to try out is the “Globe Trotter,” which includes four-ounce jars of Himalayan Pink, Bali Pyramid, Cyprus Flake and Hawaiian Black.

If you are looking for a sweet treat this summer to cool you down, try the Yonanas machine. It is a great way to create yummy, healthy and dairy-free desserts, if you opt for it.  The machine uses frozen bananas and transforms them into what tastes like ice cream- without all the calories. You can add in many types of frozen fruits, spices and chocolates to make more decadent desserts, too. The recipe book enclosed comes with a variety of ideas, and I found it fun to experiment with the frozen bananas adding a little chocolate and cinnamon, too.

Yonanas best kitchen gadget

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