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There’s a Chef in Your Kitchen! Book a Private Chef with Cheferbly

Photography courtesy of Cheferbly

Cheferbly makes each occasion special with a private chef.

Elevated dining is about more than just the quality of the cuisine prepared—it’s about curating a thoughtful experience that excites guest’s taste buds. And what could be more exciting than a private dining experience?

Cheferbly makes it easy to invite a private chef to your next event. The web-based platform is a simplified booking solution that makes private dining accessible to everyone, from curious foodies, to families and businesses. Explore the possibilities of private dining with a comprehensive and visual directory of local private chefs and caterers and their bookable private dining and pop-up experiences, complete with courses and pricing.

At Cheferbly, they are changing the way people celebrate special occasions by partnering with top private chefs to bring elevated culinary experiences into your home or your choice of venue.


Meet three of our favorite private chefs available for booking on Cheferbly:


“I love being a private chef, the level of relationship that I get to have with my clients and guests is definitely a whole lot different from my experience that I’ve had working in restaurants,” Chef Kenneth says. “I get to bring my creativity and inspiration to the table on a regular basis.”

Chef Kenneth began Kreations Event Services after graduating at the top of his class at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Hollywood, California. This incredible venture in fine dining and culinary creations allowed Chef Kenneth to become a personal chef to celebrities such as Tim Allen of Home Improvement, Rondell Sheridan of That’s So Raven and Earth, Wind & Fire’s Ralph Johnson. Entertainment powerhouses such as Kitty Landers Company and Brillstein Entertainment have recognized Chef Kenneth’s incredible ability to create superb dishes and culinary atmosphere that tantalize the guest and leave them wanting more. 

“With Cheferbly, each client is a new opportunity to be able to express myself as a storyteller through food and and share my experiences with travel, and the way that travel, food, culture and the people of my travels have impacted me as an artist,” Chef Kenneth says.

Chef Kenneth has also starred in several episodes of a television pilot based on his company Kreations, Food Network’s SuperMarket Stakeout and more.


“I love the freedom to truly express myself through my food, I love seeing the reaction whenever a client takes the first bite,” Chef Tony says. “But what I love the most is when everything on the plate is finished, it’s the best feeling ever.”

Chef Tony began his career in the food industry at age 18. After graduating from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, Chef Tony became head chef at the age of 19. Chef Tony is 100 percent committed to making sure you and your family have the best culinary experience possible.

“I always knew I wanted to work with food, I was always in the kitchen growing up trying to figure out how to make stuff—and eating too,” Chef Tony says. “I want the world to fall in love with my cooking. So, I’m doing that one dinner party at a time.”

“What I love about working with Cheferbly is that it’s always new, it’s always different,” Chef John says. “You’re in a different location, you get to change the menu so you’re not constantly making the same item over and over.”

Chef John is a seasoned culinary professional with more than 10 years of experience in the restaurant industry. He began his career by attending culinary school at the Art Institute of Orange County while working at notable restaurants such as Charlie Palmer, Catal Restaurant, Anqi Gourmet Bistro and Tiato Catering. In 2013, he began working with Chef Carlos Salgado to open Taco Maria, which later received a Michelin Star in 2019. This experience and mentorship further inspired his culinary career. Chef John was later recruited as the executive chef of Royal Hen in Newport Beach, where he earned recognition from the Orange County Register for his culinary skills and was awarded “Burger of the Year” in 2017 and “Best Brunch Menu” by LOCAL Magazine. In 2019, he took on a leading role as the executive chef to open Trenta Pizza e Cucina, which has since gained vast attention in Orange County for its creative pizzas and authentic pasta dishes. 

After opening his last restaurant in 2019, Chef John’s current focus is providing amazing food to amazing people with private dining, catering and restaurant consulting.

“I’ve been in restaurants for a while, and with the whole pandemic, I decided to branch out and become a private chef,” Chef John says. “I’ve always done catering, so stepping into being a private chef was a very easy transition,” Chef John says.

This story is sponsored by our friends at Cheferbly.

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