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Chad Morgan

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Chad Morgan

Chad Morgan embodies everything clients look for when purchasing a luxury vehicle. His commitment to excellence and elevated customer service shines through in everything he does. His long-term client relationships are maintained due to his passion for not only Ferraris but also his drive to ensure that his clients get nothing short of their dream cars.

Morgan’s passion for Ferrari stemmed from the cherished memories he shared with his late father. At an early age, Morgan and his dad would work on racing vehicles in their garage in Texas. Morgan’s passion never faltered, leading him to accept a position in the valley with Penske at Scottsdale Ferrari. Morgan’s natural ability to establish authentic relationships with clients led him to climb up the corporate ladder to the position he currently holds, the general manager.

With Morgan’s finger in the pulse of the happenings in Scottsdale, his natural gift to connect with others and his ability to solidify relationships make him a key influencer in the valley.

Morgan leads by example not only with his impressive client portfolio but with his values when it comes to giving back to the community, he is known for giving back to local businesses to help them thrive.

The cemented memories Morgan made with his father ignited his passion, now Morgan can share their mutual love with others, allowing them to fall in love with Ferrari the same way he and his father did.

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